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    This area was created for the purpose of local San Antonio runners just conversing, meeting one another, talking about racing, etc.  Just 'stuff' that when referred to, most of us can 'say'.."oh yeah I know where that trail is", etc.  If anyone has any suggestions on how to make the forum better, please let me know.  I am only the creator of the room, not the babysitter, so having said that I'll STFU.


      Thanks for setting this group up. I am always looking for new and different places to run around SA.

        Over the holidays I finally got around to checking out a section of the Leon Creek trail system (I think Hardberger put the wheels in motion when he was mayor).  If you don't mind running on concrete, the 'system' is pretty awesome.  I picked up the trail head off Culebra/Grissom and after a mile or so, you can either head off towards Ingram Park or 'left' towards Banderra/Grissom and continue on (what seemingly was quite aways past Grissom).  I also know that there is another trail head just off of I-10 and UTSA.


        Just be ware that police will ticket you if you're parked there before dawn or after dusk, which makes sense.  The trails have no light, so you'd be running by moonlight.