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No Light at the End of the Tunnel (Read 20 times)

    Looks like I missed my chance to sign up for that one (already full).

    Can anyone recommend another PR friendly marathon within a few hours drive of Seattle in the July/August time frame?


    I had planned my PR attempt for the Tacoma City marathon.  After a 1:40 at the Lake Sammamish HM I even started to dream about a BQ attempt (3:35 for me).  However, I have recently come down with Achilles tendinosis.  Tried to take just a few days off, but it got even worse when I ran again.  Now in the process of zero running for at least a week - maybe two.  Depending on how long this goes on, I may need to DNS Taco City.  Need to start focusing on something else while I go stir crazy from not running!

      Yeah, it sold out in something like 7 hours!  However, he's offering a Tunnel Lite in September, which I believe will also be a Boston Qualifier. Not a lot of options in July (especially if you want to stay in Washington state), but there's North Olympic in early June and Skagit Flats in early September.

      Upcoming races: 1/9 Bridle Trails 50K, 1/30 Lake Youngs Nuts Run 50K, 2/14 My Better Half, 3/5 Dupont Trail Marathon, 4/2 Umstead 100


        Hi, I ended up doing the Tunnel Lite last year.  The course is just as beautiful and the organization is just as awesome.  Some of the aid stations are serve-yourself, but I had a great time!