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Resolution Run and Polar Plunge (Read 73 times)

    Anyone else running this tomorrow morning?  I did it last and loved it.  Running into the lake is loads of fun.

    I may be slow but I never quit.

    Revenge of the Nerd

      EF: Did you take the plunge?  Nice shot of Cougar, btw.

      One of these days is none of these days.

      ~ H.G. Bohn

        I didn't this year because my step-daughter wanted to try run/walking a 5k and dad didn't want her going into the water.  She's 17 by the way.  Had fun though.  None of the kids has ever expressed interest in doing any event with me.

        I may be slow but I never quit.

          I was out there for the race, and did the plunge!  I'm so glad it was sunny out.  Not sure I'd be so eager to go into the water if it was cloudy/windy out.


          Hardest part was trying to get going again coming out of the water.  My legs felt like lead the last 100 yards to the finish.


          I think the youngest plunger was only 8 years old!