The Machine

This group is for the extremely driven degenerate. If you fit this profile, there is only one not get offended here.


 Okay, I just got my 48-hour psych on. In all seriousness now, let's get out there and own this race. Because with all the competitiveness, shit-giving and banter, it's really a team race. We've formed into a pretty good team, including cheerleaders and non-running athletic supporters. Let's leave nobody behind. Let's all earn that jacket. Enjoy all the pre-race meeting and talk. Marvel at how the hell this sweet little thing or that old man is going to finish this race, never mind ahead of me. Get carried along in the early miles warming up, the friendly talk and joking. Feel strong and confident. Store it up and feed off it. Move your legs, ever moving, never stopping, pausing only briefly for food, gear change, drink, or health break. Eat modestly, but frequently. Restart the next lap before you have a chance to rest and ponder. Push on. Know that if it gets bad, it will get better. It does get better. It always does. Run slowly if you can't run fast. Jog if you cannot run. Walk if you can't jog. Walk slowly if you cannot walk. Walk slower if you cannot walk slowly. Do not stop. Keep trying to run. Stretch while walking. Yell if it hurts. You have plenty of company. Talk. Get out of your head. Forget the pain. Change gears frequently. Plan your meal stops between aid stations. Breathe. Forget forget the pain. Welcome the pain. It's really not that strong anyway. Nothing you haven't met, felt, or seen before racing or training. Embrace your pain. Welcome the icy water. Change you can believe in. Welcome the hills like old friends. Jog the flats. And whenever you're about to overtake someone, don't forget to say "On your left suckah!" and smack their ass as you pass by. They'll thank you later. And remember, they can't throw a wrench into the works. We're machinists. We eat wrenches for lunch. GO MACHINISTS!