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    I may be dreaming here, but I feel as if there has to be something I can do to "fix" my thyroid. Yes taking a single pill once a day for the rest of my life isn't that much of a hassle, but really, has anyone heard of a cure? Let me introduce myself for a moment.


    I'm 24 and am training for my first full marathon. I did my first half last year and it was wonderful. I've always been a runner but just recently started racing for fun. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (hashimoto's) about 12 years ago. Both of my parents have it. For the most part I have kept it under control. I take a relatively small dosage every day and I see an endocrinologist yearly to monitor it. But I can't help wanting more. Perhaps I am being a little greedy or ungrateful, but as common as thyroid disease is you would think they'd have a cure for it by now! Other than thyroid disease I am as healthy as a horse so maybe it's just odd to hear myself say that I have a "disease".


    Does anyone know anything about a cure, or at least something that could make thyroid disease better? I read something about coconut milk once, but it was inconclusive.


    Interesting group by the way! Hello fellow runners! :-) 

      Hi and welcome! Cure - I wish. It is a very frustrating disease. On the positive side, staying in control most of the time is awesome.  When are you running your marathon and which one is it?

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