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    Kate - here is a link from a forum I found that has a number of good links to browse as well one in particular that I have found helpful is good hormone health after seeing this iron supplement pop up from time to time, and there is a runner on this board (not hypo, just anemia problems) that was very pleased with Floradix - I've decided to try this to raise my own ferritn levels - I'm shooting for around 70. I just had my levels drawn this morning so I would know where I was starting from. I've been taking a multivit with iron for 4 months, but I don't think it has helped a great deal. This product is not supposed to have problems with nausea and constipation that so many other iron products seem to have. I would also advise against any time release iron supplement - we have to space iron supplements at least 2 hours ( I'm going with 4 hours) away from when you take your thyroid supplement. I have heard of people having interference with their thyroid doses when taking the time released products.

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      OK- got the result over the phone. I will have to pick up the full report at the office. My doc is pleased with the thyroid test---.4, but the test still continues to show iron-deficiency anemia. *********************************************************** Just wondering whether you also take Vitamin B-12? When I was anemic a couple years ago, I had to take B-12 along with the iron supplement to turn it around. I still take the B-12 because once I found out about it I realized I should be taking it daily since I'm vegetarian. MTA: How do you do this so your Quote and your Reply are in two separate boxes?

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