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    So, I have been being treated for hypo since early April. Started out at 5.5 and took 50mcg of levothyroxin for 30 days. After another blood test I was down to 3.125. Still feeling crappy and asked for a higher dose - the doc obliged and bumped me to 75mcg. I've been on that for 30 days now and have seen marked improvement. Got another blood test yesterday and I'm down to 2.502.


    My question is - I have seen improvement but I'm still losing gobs of hair daily, my monthly womanly stuff is still messed up (bloating and spotting and cramping) even though I'm on the pill, and I am still struggling with constipation. I am not nearly as exhausted and the mood swings have improved but are still there. If I stay on the current dose is it likely that I would see more improvement over the next 3-6 weeks? Or should I push for a higher dose?


    My BF mentioned that in cancer situations it takes your hair 3-6 weeks to react to the chemo it similar with thyroid stuff? I'm just not sure what to do.



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      The hair loss thing could take awhile to resolve - but it will. Depending on how long you were hypo, yes, it could take some time for your other symptoms to resolve. I would give it another couple of weeks - if you still feel crappy, you may need another increase. Even though your TSH is in the "normal" range, you just might need it to be a little lower - closer to 1. Good luck and hang in there - it is a slow process, but you are on the right track!

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