Thyroid Q and A or Running Hot and Cold


Feeling pretty good, but running still sluggish (Read 249 times)


    Hi all, I'm new here. Here's my story... I think my thyroid had been "off" for several years, but the standard TSH never showed anything. In Spring 2008 I cleaned up my eating and started running and lost just over 60 lbs over the next two years.


    Then my weightloss came to a halt, my hair started falling out, I was exhausted all the time, couldn't get warm, had colds & illnesses I couldn't shake and finally I started gaining. I gained 20 lbs on the diet that lost me 60+ before.


    I went to my PCP and another TSH came back normal. She said no one could possibly keep a cold as long as I did, it must just be allergies.


    I didn't believe it this time and started reading. I found out TSH is a very unreliable test and only measures what your pituitary is producing, NOT what your thyroid is actually able to use. I also found out I had MANY symptoms I didn't even know could be attributed to thyroid.


    I had some labwork done myself and managed to find a specialist a couple hours from me (that I had to pay out of pocket for) that finally believed me, ran the right tests, and prescribed slow release T3.


    This brings us to my question....... I am on a dose I feel pretty good on. I've lost the 20 lbs (well, 18.5 of them), I have energy to do things even after work, I have a bunch of 2 inch hairs growing out of my head and I am warm for the first time in years.... BUT..... my running is still reaaallllyyyy sluggish. My legs just feel like lead and I get winded pretty quickly. I expected that at first (my running took quite a hit when I was feeling bad), but my endurance isn't coming back.

    Anyone else feel like this? Could it be some other vitamin deficiency or adrenal fatigue? Any ideas?

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      Hi GME and welcome to our Group.  You will find a lot of support here and very knowledgable folks here.  My initial thought is that you need to check for anemia.  I consistently struggle with this, as well as hypo, and have most of the symptoms you described.