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How's your summer going? (Read 294 times)

    oh Cheryl, that sucks! I hope the recovery is as quick (and painless!) as possible

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      Cheryl:  Bummer.  The problem with back pain is that just about every time you move, there is pain.  And recovery can take a while.  But I am hoping for the best result for you.  I know you were just getting back into the running game.

      Happy:  So glad to here about the HM.  Please let us know how you do.  I have quit chasing the pace bunny (or so I tell myself).  I am hoping to focus less on the time and more on enjoying the race and the scenery.   I'd like to finish feeling strong instead of pushed to the limit, to actually see the mile markers without thinking....only 8 miles? How am I going to finish this? And I know what you mean by small events.  Its nice to have some running space during the race instead of continually changing strides to avoid a collision.

      Shaunna:  Good to hear from you.  Personally, even though its considered in the range, I would not feel fresh with energy at 3.19 TSH.  But I am afraid my doctor would not treat that as well.  I wish doctors would be more willing to treat the symptoms and maybe they are out there, but just not practicing in Central Illinois.  I hope the next round of bloodwork shows improvement.  And I love Maine!  Its absolutely beautiful--we were near Portland a few years ago.  I was too afraid to run though as the cottage where we were staying had just the main road--two lane blacktop--with no shoulder that curved and turned through a forest of pine trees.  But it was coastal, so I enjoyed watching the fisherman and the storms roll in. 

        Kate - how did your follow-up thyroid tests go???   Your HM last weekend was good, yes? 


        Cheryl - how are things with you?


        I'm 2 weeks away from my HM. Started taking an NSAID (Celebrex) four days last week and the week before. It makes me feel odd, but it takes the bursitis pain away. I don't want to take it all the time though. I've started seeing a physical therapist - hoping she can sort this out. Meanwhile, the weekend long runs get better each time. My goal for the HM is to complete it without having to stop and stretch.

        Go as long as you can, and then take another step.

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          Happy:  I was thrilled with my HM.  I finished in 2:07:09, which is 2 minutes faster than last year's race and about 10 minutes faster than HM I ran in May.  I felt great for 5 miles, which I finished in about 45:00, speedy for me, and cruised until about Mile 10 when I had a bit of a mental breakdown until about Mile 12 when I decided to "walk no more".  I ran the rest of the way, literally crawling up the stupid interstate ramp incline.  I did enjoy the race though, by far my best one, timewise and I also just had plain old fun on the route.  


          I have a face to face apointment with my doc in about a week.  My results came back within what is the range of acceptable at 1.35 TSH.  But I still don't feel this is right for me, I felt the best at .85 TSH.  So we are going to discuss it and I may have to accept that my doctor will not change the prescription.  I just know that given my demands with work, family and running, I function best at the lower level.  


          Good luck in the Half coming up.  Where is it at?  I hope you get the NSAID issue worked out by then.  Running is not smooth when there is an odd feeling.  I like to have a steady ship myself.


          Cheryl, we'd love an update.         

            That's a great finish time, Kate! Very well done!

            I won't be doing that this time, but the last two I did (in 2005) were 2:06 and 2:10. Hope to get there again... My upcoming one is the Black Diamond HM and is part of a triathlon/dualthlon weekend at Nolte State Park near Enumclaw, WA. So far only there are only 62 HM entries and only one other person in my age group - now THAT'S small! In looking up past years results, there are some fast local ladies who run it (in my age group) and I suspect they just haven't registered yet.


            Cheryl, how are you doing?

            Go as long as you can, and then take another step.

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              Happy, I know all about those fast ladies in my age division.  They are crazy fast--the winner in my division was like a 1:40.  I was really pleased with my time and overall, I finished 102 in a field of 150.   So while it was a personal record for me, I didn't really crack the top 60 percent of runners.  And most were using the race as a marathon tune up. 


              Cant wait to hear about your experience.  

                Finally home and checking in. I can't seem to insert photos...something's changed with Flickr, I guess. When I get it to work, I'll add them in. If anyone knows anything about this problem, let me know. I've posted photos before without any difficulty...?


                As for the Black Diamond HM, I bet there is not a more beautiful course to be found. It was sooo sooo lovely. It was rainy at first, but I peeled off my rain jacket at about mile 4 - Hot HOT HOT.  It went very well for me. My time was 2:16 which made me happy since I expected 2:30 and I was 2 of 3 in my age group. I was careful about my pace, walked a steep hill in mile 9 because I got a cramp in Rt glute. I tried to run faster in the last 5K, but couldn't because the cramp wanted to come back.  The last 2 miles was a dirt/mud/rocks trail through the park and boy was that a rejuvenating change for the legs, especially nice at the end. I finished feeling great! I would love to do it again next year.


                OK, got the photo glitch solved. Here's a couple finish shots.


                FINAL STEPS


                FINISHERS MEDAL

                Go as long as you can, and then take another step.

                  Congrats on a great race! Love the pictures - you totally don't look like you just ran a trail half Smile

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                    Happy, can you bottle some of your enthusiasm and send me some?  I can't believe that you felt "rejuvenated" about a challenging finish of mud, rocks and hills on the last 2 miles of your race.  I felt I had to crawl up the last hill of my race.  And that is incredibily speedy based on the weather and trail conditions.  Best of all, no injuries!  Its a real gift to race such a beautiful course, too.  Thank you for sharing your race report experience and pics.  


                    What's next?  I may do a couple of winter trail runs with a local running club, but no real Half races until late Spring 2011.   

                      Kate - what can I say? I'm a "physical" person and enjoy the feeling of challenging my body. Running is my "thing" for all the mental/emotional/physical rewards it gives me.  To be honest, my home-life can be pretty sucky and I don't know how that will work out; so I tend to focus on my running because that's what makes me feel good and gives me joy in life.


                      About the end of the HM, only the last 2 miles were trail and the change of terrain just felt really stimulating to my legs - like an electric massage or somethingBig grin although I  about died when I saw the biggest hill since the hill at mile 9 was such a problem for me. But I pushed my fist into the cramp in my glute and half walked/half ran up it as fast as I could just to not give up my "place in line." It was practically a single file trail then and I'd passed about 8 or so other runners and I could hear them behind me reeeeallly closeShocked  I knew I was almost at the finish although I couldn't see it because I had done my warm-up walk (unknowingly) on the last portion of the race trail. So I recognized the area when I came to it and knew I could speed up a bit for a nice finish without risking too much in terms of  an incapacitating muscle spasm.


                      The reason I still had energy at the end is because I didn't run flat-out. I I kept to a pretty even pace and didn't speed up when I felt capable of it for fear of cramping in the later miles. I have a good idea where I'm at in the whole bursitis/SI joint dysfunction issue now. I've finally gotten in with a good P.T. and I know down the line my running will be better for all the time I now spend doing yoga/pilates/stretches and running slowly or taking rest days (an unheard of thing for me in the past).


                      I'm not sure "what next" in terms of races. I'll have to see what else may be near by. Plus it kinda depends on what's happening on the home frontUndecided.  

                      Go as long as you can, and then take another step.