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Calf Cramps with Hypo even when treated (Read 291 times)


    I probably have had hypothyroidism my entire adult life, but it wasn't until after Ihad my son 3.5 years ago that I was diagnosed. Immediately after giving birht (and months later) I would get these debilitating calf cramps. They usually "hit" when I woke up in morning. After being put on synthroid, they went away.

    I am still struggling with a correct dosage (moved, went to a GP who underprescribed me, but now back with Endocrinologist) and my calf cramps are back. I have been running approx. 4 times per week, about 3-5 miles each time. My cramps don't feel related to that since they are also when I wake up in the morning.


    Does anyone else experience this? (If it has arleady been discussed please excuse me.) I am also struggling with weight loss. Nothing I do seems to work, and I'm 30lbs higher than I was all through my 20's. It is really frustrating for me.


    Just looking to see if anyone else experiences these same calf cramps, and if so, does synthroid help once you adjust?

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      Welcome to the Hypo Forum MovingMama.  I am glad you found this place. 


      I have been treated for hypothyroidism for about 18 months now.  What a difference medication makes!  I feel like a new person.   I don't know what to say about the calf cramps.  I did experience them when I was pregnant.  Terrible, wrenching pain that would wake me up in the middle of night.  I haven't had them since my pregnancies, though, so I can't really say if the hypo was a contributing factor or not.


      Patience is the key to weight loss.  Its a fact of life for you now that weight loss is going to be hard and its not going to be fast.  So give yourself time to get to your goal.  I remember a general practitioner (the doc who diagnosed me--loved him, but he has moved to another facility out of our area) was thrilled for me when I lost 2 pounds in about a four week period when I was adjusting to my medication.  He stressed it is really, really hard for us to lose.  But it is possible.  Keep at it.  Running is an excellent start, but it will also take adjustments in your diet and in your consumption habits.    


      As one of the very knowledgable posters on the main boards says, "Eat Food, Not Much, Mostly Plants".   That sums up my approach to diet:  eat less processed foods with a million additives, but rather things that are recognizable as real food; but not too much food; and mostly veggies.  It does work.  

        If  you aren't taking any magnesium supplements, you might want to try some and see if it helps with the cramps.

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