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I am now officially a "ultrarunner" :) (Read 81 times)

running under the BigSky

    While I've got a few runs in the ultra distance, I've never ran an event that was ultra distance- till yesterday Big grin  the race was the trail rail race, they had a 50 mile, 53k, 33k and a 12k- each event started at a different point (the 50 milers started in another state Smile) with all of them ending in St Regis, Montana.  The weather was near perfection, upper 40's in the morning with a gradual warming to 70 degrees, partly sunny w/ a fair amount of cloud cover coming and going.  The course was not technical, old railroad bed, but was very rocky so you had to stay on your toes so to speak.  The beginning of the race didn't start out so great, within a half mile I was gawking around, stubbed my toe on a big rock and promptly was launched to the ground- skinned my knee good and eventually ended up with a nice dried trail of blood from knee to my ankle- it looked much worse than it was and didn't hurt.  Every aid station a eager paramedic wanted to do ply his trade, but I waited until the finish to let the medical tent handle that chore.


    I made a major mistake early on (besides the dumbass trip!) I had a blister starting on the top of my big toe, instead of immediately taking care of it, I waited until the next aid station (~ 5 miles), it obviously was getting worse and worse and by the time I arrived at the aid station it had bled through the top of my shoe.  I put some Benzoin on it and then Luekotape and never had a single problem with it the rest of the race.  The time it took me to take care of it at the aid station would have been no longer than if I took care of immediately- just suffered longer- not the brightest of decisions!


    The middle section of the race went pretty damn well, I was picking off a few people and feeling pretty strong.  The scenery was tremendous and it was a pleasure soaking it in.  I stuck to a very regimented calorie/electrolyte regime- a Clif block every 20 minutes, a 1/2 Hammer bar every hour and I would alternate drinking water and Perpetuem.  On the hour I took one Endurolyte and one Saltstick.  I spent very little time at the aid stations, just topping off water and re-filling the bottle w/ Perpetuem.  As the miles and time ticked by, I started to envision a sub six hour finish.  As it turns out that some wishful thinking.


    When I hit the aid station that was ~ 7.5 miles out I was feeling pretty good, ate a few orange slices and drank some cold water.  As I exited the station I felt exceptionally good.  This had to be my shortest "second wind" I've ever experienced- it lasted all of 5 or 6 minutes!  The next 7 miles were absolutely pitiful.  I would "run" for awhile, walk for awhile with absolutely no plan or execution.  Sometimes I would run for up to 20 minutes, sometimes 3 minutes- my length of walking was all of the board.  There was little doubt that the wheels were coming off- a feeling I'm unfortunately pretty familiar with Sad.  The distances seemed abnormally long, the time agonizingly slow.  I reached a spot where you had to run on a road and the flagman said 1.6 miles to go.  I slugged along, but never walked.  A 1/2 mile out it went onto a single track that was freshly carved out- it was undulating and the footing was tough, but I continued to "run"- too close now to walk.


    I crossed the finish line w/ my best fresh face I could manage, my right leg covered w/ dried blood that I'm sure elicited some sympathy Smile  The time was 6:27, well off my early hopes of a sub 6 hour finish, but a finish nonetheless.  My DW wife was waiting for me with open arms and looking amazingly refreshed for her first 30k finish-she obviously is on to something that I haven't grasped yet!


    Besides the couple of early bloodletting faux pas, I think I need to seriously consider either a slower pace or a run/walk regime so I don't crap out so bad towards the tail end of an event.


    Regardless- I'm now a "ultrarunner"-yippee!  Big grin


      Good Job on finishing. I'm trying to start out and go a little slower myself as it seems it pays off in the long run.  Did you feel like your fueling regimen was OK?


      Did you get any pictures? That's an area I want to visit someday.


        Nice job!


        I am the last person to weigh in on pacing, so I will just say great job for finishing and overcoming the rough spots.

        Brian Runner


            That's just plain fantastic! great job on the race, and most of all


            Welcome to the Ultra Club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              Congrats Mtwarden, perhaps pacing was an issue, however you did finish, nice job!


              Thread killer ..

                Congratulations !


                My friend did that race too !  just the 12k it was her first time running more than a 5k and she was thrilled with it .

                running under the BigSky

                  Good Job on finishing. I'm trying to start out and go a little slower myself as it seems it pays off in the long run.  Did you feel like your fueling regimen was OK?


                  Did you get any pictures? That's an area I want to visit someday.


                  I think my fuelling was OK- 2 Clif shots/hour 60 calories, 1/2 Hammer bar/hour 110 calories, 1/2 20 oz bottle Perpetuem ~ 100 calories


                  As I entered the "funk" my appetite did go away, but prior to that I was OK


                  no camera (add to my mistake list Big grin), there were lots of proffessional looking folks taking pics, so I'm going to peruse the race site and see what comes up


                  thanks- I'm humbly psyched to join the ranks Smile


                  valerie- good on her!  most of the 12k folk were long gone by the time I got there


                    Way to go!!  Congrats on your first ultra!



                    Bless your heart.


                    Faster Than Your Couch!

                      Congratulations, great job toughing it out at the end!


                      There must be SOME tough spot in an ultra, would be too easy to just fly through!

                      Run for fun.


                        Nice job, warden.  Welcome to the addictive club.  I know all too well what those short second winds.  One minute you're saying "I feel great" and then 30 sec later "I hope I make it".


                        Congratulations to DW too.


                          Great job! Congrats on battling through the tough spots and finishing.

                            Congratulations!  It sounds like you handled the issues thrown at you during your race perfectly.  Great running!

                              Nice work. Congratulations!

                              "So many people get stuck in the routine of life that their dreams waste away. This is about living the dream." - Cave Dog

                              Dirty Girl

                                I wanted to add my CONGRATs and welcome to the club!!!


                                 4/13 Bull Run Run 50 miler- DONE!