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Should I be worried? (Read 64 times)


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    I've been losing some weight recently.

    Which is not a good thing, because I'm on the lighter-framed side to begin with.


    My usual "race weight" (the weight that seems to work best for me) is 116 lbs, resulting in a BMI of around 19.5, with 19% body fat. I am not focused on the numbers, but it seems to always come out around that when my training runs well and I feel good.


    Right now, I'm around 110 lbs (yesterday it was 109), with 17.5 % body fat, making me technically underweight and "under-fatted" (keep in mind, I'm a woman of almost 50).


    I have not been trying to lose weight, and I am not sure where this is coming from. I don't run more than my usual amount, certainly less than in spring/summer last year, I eat the same things in the same amounts, or even more calories (I eat when I'm hungry, I eat what looks good and I like healthy food), and I lose weight.


    At first I thought this is a result of the pneumonia (the weight loss started around the time the pneumonia got serious), then I thought it is the result of not running. I usually lose about 1 lbs per week if I don't run, mostly muscles. But the weight loss seems to continue. I have been substituting light creme in my coffee for milk, adding whipped creme on top of my ice cream (see, healthy food, right ), and adding a light snack of about 700 calories in the morning between breakfast and lunch, and I still lose weight.


    Now should I be worried, or just chalk it up to "something" and keep going and see what will happen?

    I don't feel bad, but I'm not as strong as usual, which I think is still a lingering effect from the pneumonia - maybe not?

    Oh, and I'm constantly hungry, too.

    Run for fun.

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      It can't hurt to go to your doctor and have them run a few simple tests and blood work, right?  Especially if you're due for a check up and you're sure you're eating more calories than you're expending.  Maybe keep a food journal for a while too.  In the meantime, I would just indulge yourself and try to eat as high calorie as you can.  If you want to be healthy about it, go for nuts/nut butters and avocado and full fat yogurt, etc.  Or just eat some cookies!


        I agree with Mandy. I think you should see your doctor. But, I am inclined to think it is related to your recent illness. Sometimes, it takes a little longer to get things back in order even though you may feel good. I would definitely check with the doctor, though.



          I typically have a summer and winter weight. The difference is about 6-8 pounds. Never really looked for a reason. I just figure I am more active in the spring/summer months doing yard chores and outdoors stuff. Also I tend to lift less in the summer as being in the nasty gym during the nice weather does not appeal to me as much. I think my metabolism also ramps up during the months with more daylight.

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          Faster Than Your Couch!

            I do indulge, and enjoy it. What puzzles me is that my weight has been really constant between 112 lbs (when running less) and 116 lbs (when fully trained for a 100-miler), and now it went so low despite eating well (and being well-hydrated).


            Running does feel way more exhausting than pre-pneumonia, and as far as I remember, this was similar when I had pneumonia two years ago. Maybe my body just has to work harder at everything?


            I've had bloodwork done recently (after the pneumonia, to see how things are recovering), and that was ok.

            Run for fun.


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              My first thought, as others mentioned, is that's it's due to the recent illness. In the past year or

              so I've noticed that my weight gains/losses have taken longer to appear after a specific 'event'.

              After a 3 week layoff from running a few months ago, I noticed weight gain after I had returned

              to my pre-layoff training, it seemed to take a few weeks to see the effects of the layoff.


              It's probably nothing, but better safe than sorry. I second, and third the blood tests.


              Modified: Since you just had bloodwork done, maybe you are still in recovery mode from the illness.

              I hate to admit it but things take longer as we get older, regardless of our fitness level. I still have a

              high 40's pulse, but when I get a cold I'm still sluggish on my runs for longer after I've kicked the cold.

              Not that I'm calling you old.

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                Not that I have known you long (as not to sound like I have) but in the last couple of years you have gotten some nasty cases of sickness. Maybe at your age you are coming back and running too soon? Just a thought.


                Go see a Doctor again.  If you still plan on ES100 in August, you do not want to wait on this.  It will be here before you know it.

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                  Resent illness is a prime reason for weight loss, but other factors may be in play.  In your case, it's not the pounds you lost but the % of body weight.


                  It's likely with your pneumonia diagnosis, that your blood work was only a "CBC".  This is good since signs of anemia would have shown up.  It's unlikely that you had a "Basic Metabolic Panel" performed, as that is usually done when someone complains of weight change and fatigue.  In any event, talk to your doctor and he/she will know what to order, but more testing might be indicated (IMHO).


                  Good luck.


                    My first thought was high blood sugar, especially since you're hungry all the time. If you're urinating frequently then I would become even more suspicious that could be the problem. As AT pointed out a Basic Metabolic Panel  would look for that.


                    One other thing to remember is that as we age we lose muscle and you and I are about the same age. The past two years I have noticed that when I lose weight I lose as much upper body muscle as I do fat.  For me I can alleviate this by lifting weights or performing other upper body exercises. I'm not sure how much strength training you do if any,  but you may have to start some to keep your weight up.


                      From what you have said I think you feel something is not right. You seem to know your body well. A BMP, thyroid and vitamin d might be helpful. Definitely go see your doc. It might be a slow recovery...but tests should be ordered as a double check. I hope you feel better soon.

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                        How tall are you?


                        Why would you lose muscle not running?

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                          Tom: I'm 5'5" tall.


                          The "losing muscle" is my idea of what happens and that explains why I lose approx. 1 lb per week when I don't run or exercise at all (e.g. when I had surgery, then just when I had started up again and broke my elbow, I could not run or exercise at all for a total of 8 weeks. I lost about 6 lbs), until the weight stabilizes itself after a while.


                          Long version: What I find unusual now is not the weight itself (I've weighed less than that before I had the last 2 kids), or the number of pounds lost now, but that I feel I eat enough, so that I feel satisfied and full, and still lose weight. And the low body fat number, although I don't trust that scale when it comes to the absolute number. But it has been going down consistently when I prepared for my 100-miler last year (I did not pay any attention to it before, so I don't know how it might have fluctuated earlier in my life, and I measured it only out of curiosity, as a scientific project on myself, LOL).

                          After the 100-miler, I ran less, and body fat went up by 2 percent, weight dropped by 2 lbs.

                          Then I ran more again, body fat went down, weight stayed constant, or maybe I gained a pound.


                          Then this spring (I assume when my pneumonia started), the weight started dropping, I felt bad, turned out I had a double-sided pneumonia and pleurisy, and then the pneumonia spread into all 4 lobes of my lungs. More than 2 weeks of no running, weight kept dropping, and body fat also dropped. So that does not fit into the pattern.

                          I am hungry, I eat a lot, run somewhat (around 30-40 mpw currently to build up again for my August 100-miler), it feels very exhausting, and I'm tired often (usually, running energizes me rather). That's why I'm not sure what this could be.

                          For my age, and as a female, I "should" have a bit more fat, and I also don't feel that this is my optimum "race weight". I just don't know why it is not adjusting the way it used to. Sorry, this was a bit extensive.

                          Run for fun.