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running under the BigSky

    our Arctic blast continues, high of 5, low of -20 Sad  I was forced to run on the dreadmill last night and didn't like it- felt very foreign, will get another 6 miles on it tonight


    qotd: how often do you hit a treadmill?  any tips for making the best of it?


    I only get on when the weather approaches or exceeds brutal, I heard one tip to elevate the tm to .5 degrees as this better replicates running on terra firma, not sure if it's true or not, but I do it


      Morning Trailers!  I'm moving a little slow this morning.  Could be not enough coffee or the fact I got my butt kicked in yoga last night (yeah, yeah-- go ahead and laugh.  It was a good workout.   and much needed). I have 4 or 5 slow miles planned for later, while kids are in the pool.


      qotd:  I can usually avoid the treadmill with our weather here and use it only rarely, and not for any 'runs' over 3 or 4 miles (mainly because that is the limit of my patience with it).  When I do use one, it is usually for a quick run where I can more easily watch (and push) my pace.

        I am back from visiting DD and SIL in Florida.  The pooch and I ran 5 miles of trail at a faster than usual pace this morning.  The biking, road 5K, and a couple rest days must have left me in better form than I was in previously.  I expected to be a bit slower today, so it was a pleasant surprise.


        QOTD: I NEVER run on a treadmill.  I absolutely hate it and would rather run outside even in sub 0 F temps.  For some reason I don't mind a rowing machine or stationary bike as much so if I had to stay indoors I would cycle or row.  Fortunately we seldom get much below 0 F here so I never have to resort to staying indoors.


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          Goodmorning all!


          Ended up doing the scheduled 4 miles running, 20 minutes on the bike rollers.   I plan on doing the same tonight and some pushups for good measure.  I've started planning my workouts better and I have managed 3 days worth of consistency, which is way better than I've been for the past few months.


          QOTD: I would say I have less than 5 miles of treadmill time in my life.  We have an elliptical machine, which I rarely use, but when I do it is in front of the TV.  These bike rollers I just bought are pretty interesting as far as the world of exercising in place goes and it is a much more consistent workout than what I would get outside.


          PS - I registered for the NYC Marathon lottery last night...11 bucks just for a shot at spending the $255 race entry.  The cheapskate in me almost bailed when I saw the cost, but I do want to experience it...forgive me for I have sinned

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            Five after work on the trails.


            QOTD: I do not have one, but my in-laws do. I use it from time to time. I set it on the highest incline and run/walk.



              Tough morning run. Misty, foggy, glasses getting fogged up and drizzled on and my light just reflected the fog and mist. Couldn't see at all and almost ran right into the lake. Twice. And a narrow miss of someones trash containers. That could have been my most spectacular crash ever. Made it back home and did an instant weight workout so now I guess I should head to the salt mines.


              We have some of that Montana weather coming our way according to the forecast. Gee thanks.


              QOTD-Never. Ever. Not for me though I do see the value in some situations for some folks. And I won't discredit the workout that you can get.

                I'm in the city for two days so I did 4.5 on the Nike path was getting dark and I was getting nervous as path is secluded so did a very fast run.  Today I was going to use the hotter loaner bike to due am am ride but it's cold and blowing.


                qotd:  I have a treadmill and use it more in winter due to darkness.   Watching TV helps and doing speed workouts or playing little games .. Like hold this speed for  3/10 mile then do this or that etc.   My husband uses it in the mornings for 30 mins and watches Andy Griffith because you always get a little lesson in life from it.

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                  Good Morning,


                  About to tackle "my" mountain again, 6.5 miles up and down. I hope my knee will hold up.


                  QOTD: I think I've never run on a "dreadmill" (love that twist, it describes my relationship with it just perfectly). I just can't figure this thing out. I might have done a mile or so once, last winter, but don't remember. I have walked on a dreadmill, though, and it was not so bad.

                  Run for fun.


                  Thread killer ..

                    I can't get the search option to work for me - last year or maybe earlier this year someone posted picture and a description of how to make the studs for your shoes , could we revisit that ? Thanks

                      I ran about 4.5 last night. Might take a rest day today, depending on how I feel later on.


                      QOTD: I do when it's too cold (single digits for me) or torrential downpours/thunderstorms. I have gotten stuck in a severe lightning storm before and don't take that chance anymore. Occasionally I'll run a few on the TM during lunch since my gym is only a few blocks from my office. I don't prefer it over the road, but I don't hate it either. I'll usually listen to music or turn on the TV.

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                        Did a 3 mile instant run this morning.  Just to sort of a wake up and get the legs losened up.  Not too raw down here at the moment, warm (abt 70*) and humid and I was quite sweaty after the 3 miles.  We're supposed to go over 80* today.  I'll also go to our little core training class at lunch.


                        qotd:  I really try to avoid running on a treadmill.  I hate it and would rather run outside even in minus 0* or even above 105* F.  I have been known to do the stairclimber at the gym for some major climbing training though, but that is only if I'm going to do a long run in Colorado or something.  In that case I use the iPOD and also watch the 10 TVs on the wall in front of me, but it still drives me crazy.

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                        Uh oh... now what?

                          I can't get the search option to work for me - last year or maybe earlier this year someone posted picture and a description of how to make the studs for your shoes , could we revisit that ? Thanks


                          Here's one:


                          anna y'all toob:


                            SRD today.


                            I do a fair amount of TM running - probably up to half of my running in December-March, and then occasionally throughout the rest of the year due to weather/work schedule.  I generally use a random hill setting at a pretty high level to keep variety in effort.  I also like doing tempo runs on the TM - it pushes me to keep a consistent effort for 20-25 minutes.  The tip I've heard on elevation is that 1.5% compensates for not being outdoors and lack of wind resistance.

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                              Hi all.


                              Woke this morning to a heavy ice covering the road, changed my shoe twice trying to find a combo that would allow me to make it to paved road where I figured I could run my planned 10 but after watching my dog fell on his butt I knew it was only a matter of time before I did the same, down to the treadmill for 6.


                              QOTD: I hit the treadmill when I have to. Most of the time it's not due to temp or snow it due to lack of visibility or ice.


                              Endless trails

                                Afternoon trailers-


                                I had a great 8 mile trail run on sweet New England singletrack, temps

                                were in the low 30's then quickly warmed up.


                                QOTD: I avoid the treadmill too. The hardest part for me is just how boring it

                                is, I'd probably use the one in our apartments fitness room if I had something

                                to do. I would much rather run in snow and freezing temps, my first winter of

                                running was brutal but I learned how to do it so now I just embrace it.