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Just signed up for a 30k; I feel queasy (Read 51 times)


    I've never run more than 13.1.  The race is in November.  For road races, everyone always has a plan (Higdon, Pfitz, whatever).  Do I need a plan for this, or do I just RUN? I am currently building up my base miles; July will be my first 100+ mile month. (I've had three 95 mile months leading up to this)


    The course is very close to me and I will be able to run parts or all of it during training.

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      It's trail? Just run baby! Have fun with it.  No goals in mind other than to have fun.  Just my opinion though...

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        It's trail? Just run baby! Have fun with it.  No goals in mind other than to have fun.  Just my opinion though...




        if you have a chance to train on the trails it will be run, you're even better off in my book.

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          Congrats on taking the plunge! I do know that feeling of pushing the button to send in a registration and then thinking "what have I done?" But don't worry. You'll be ready!

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            my DW was very nervous when she signed up for a 30k trail, her longest run up to that point (two months prior) had been 13 miles as well


            she continued building her base, got a few good long runs on the trail in the 15-ish range and ended up finishing her first 30k very nicely


            cliff notes:  you'll be just fine Big grin

              No biggy just head out on the trails for the longer run.  It's your longest so no matter how quick you finish it will be a PR.  That's the great thing about a new distance.

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                What every one else said. You said that your close to the trail, go run on it. You  have till November, that's plenty of time to build up, one idea is to run by time 2-3 hours maybe, not  speed, just work toward time on your feet. Plus you will have the advantage of knowing what the trail is like. Most important have fun!

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                  You CAN and WILL be able to do this distance. Just take it easy and break down the big distance into shorter "races" between the aid stations. If you look at it this way--I.E., "I have only 4 miles to the next aid station. I can run 4 miles!" You'll be fine. Good luck and have a blast!

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                    You'll be fine! Since you can, I'd get out and run on the course prior to the 30K, but IMO there is no need to follow a particular plan.


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                      If you like following a plan or have a plan in mind, I see no reason why you shouldn't use it.  Just do at least 25% of your miles on a trail as part of the plan.  One way or another you want to be trained to complete the run.  I have found "base building" type training to be completely sufficient for longer trail races.  Also, I keep track of "time on feet" in addition to mileage when training for trails.  Try to ballpark how long it will take you and make sure you have built up to be able to handle that on race day.  Good'll do great.

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                        Go for it!


                        If you can run the course before the race, you will know what to expect, and you can train for the hardest parts specifically.


                        Before I ran my first 30k, I had only run a half marathon (road) before, too, so yes, it is possible to do a trail 30k next, and yes, you can do it by "just running", without a plan.


                        I put emphasis on getting used to the steepest uphills of the race course (the race course was "in my backyard"), and on getting the food and hydration worked out. I increased the length of my long runs, but had never done the 30k distance before the race. If I remember correctly, I had run 15 or 16 miles before, not longer.


                        I also scouted out the easier, runable hills, ran them up many times, so that I would get used to running those, and not even think about walking them. But it really depends on the terrain whether this will work in the race or not.


                        Good luck, enjoy the process, and focus on having fun on the trails, not on pace!

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                          Thank you all so much for the encouragement.  A week later and I'm still excited and a just little queasy.   I didn't come back to this thread sooner because I was in the mountains running trails!  Yes, they have 3G at Grant Grove, but although I could log into RA to view my log, I decided not to try to surf message boards on my phone.


                          mtwarden. thanks for sharing your wife's experience.  That's what I was worried about. I think I can get in up to a 15 or 16 miler.  But FTYC said the same thing, that I should be fine with 15-16 I'm hoping you both can't be wrong. Smile

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