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    Morning folks!

    today I got in 4 miles. I ran it with a friend who due to IT band issues hadn't been running outside in over a year. It was nice, although it may have been a bit much for him. I let him set the pace the whole way, and walk when he needed to. I only took him up one little hill (175 feet over 3/4 mile). I didn't tell I'm about the hill until we were at the base of it, and I even gave him the option of turning around and simply doubling back the way we came. He said let's go for it.


    QOTD: Nope, still nothing.


      Good morning!

      I skipped last night's planned run in order to get in a double today with DS.  We did a fast, hilly 3 miles this morning and will get an easier 5 miles in tonight.  I was expecting him to vote for more sleep this morning, but he got up and ready faster than he normally does.  Nice surprise.


      qotd- nope, I got nothing.  (and  add that to the grammar thread! Big grin)


        Hoping to get in 6 or so at Lunch.  Might have to be on the road, and that will make 2 days of road running in a row.  I hope I don't have to turn in my trail card.


        QOTD:  Have you every introduced anyone to trail running, and how did it go?

        Le professeur de trail

          Morning everyone! First day of Spring and I stayed in bed.  Oh well.  Still not getting in a lot of mileage yet.  My body is not ready yet.  Quite a slow process this has been but I am grateful to be running at all.


          QOTD: I have sort of tried - little hints here and there but I have not been successful at converting anyone.  A co-worker is a good road runner (sub 18 5k) and we have run trail 1x but he won't turn to the dirty side.


          Have a great day!

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            Forgot to answer my own QOTD:   2 years ago I organized a trail run for 7 other HS cross country coaches.  Half way through I heard this "yee-haw" from behind me.  One of the female coaches was screaming with joy as she was falling in love with the trails.  When we were done, another coach said he'd never try trials again and that he couldn't relax because he was so afraid he was going to fall the whole time.  All in all it was 4 loves, 2 likes and 1 never again.


              Well just received my REI rebate- $217.00. Hee-Ha! Everyone, stand back! One big thing or a bunch of small ticket items? Decisions, decisions.


              Nice pace run yesterday, good effort. So today will be an eight miler at a more moderate pace.


              AT- I hope no one here is taking our trail cards as this winter has been an epic fail for me on the trails.


              QOTD--Way back in time before it was so cool to run trails I took a few roadies and tri-geeks to the trails. Happy to say I didn't convert them. I think they all underestimated the affect of relentless hills even at a slower pace.  Now I don't take anyone as I want the trails all to myself.


                qotd:  Only my son, so far.  He loves trails.  And as a new runner, he only has one pace-- fast.  I'm using trails to slow him down  on longer runs.  It's a win-win.


                And NH-- one big splurge!  I'm waiting for ours to come in the mail.  Though, I'm sure I can just head to a store and begin using it...


                  Good Morning!


                  5.1 miles along the paved river trail last night with the family. Pushed DS in the stroller, had an easy first and last mile with a few speedier miles in between. Hoping to head over to the mountain tonight for 10 with a good amount of vertical.


                  Northern: Glad to hear the dividend is on the way, kind of like Christmas! Smile I'm afraid ours won't be very exciting this year but always nice to get.


                  Boyjame: Slow and easy is definitely better than nothing, hope it continues to improve! I was there myself last year and understand how frustrating it can be...


                  QOTD: Kind of I guess. I convinced my Brother that we should sign up for some trail races a couple years ago. He was not sure it was a good idea, but is now just as (if not more) crazy about trail running than me.


                  Hope everyone has a good day!


                    Did my planned 5 miles last evening, it was a little toasty.  This morning I woke up to lightening, so I got to sleep in again.  I'm going to go do a little core training at lunch and then I'll do 5 after work.


                    qotd: I've introduced a few people to the trails, so far it's about 50-50 whether they stay with it.

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                      Hey all... super bonk-fest run last night. Went over to French Creek hoping to get in 10 miles or so, but after about 7 I just lost it. I still had 3.5 miles back to the car at that point on my planned route but thankfully I had enough sense to take the shorter 2 mile route back. Hard to imagine one could bonk on such a short run but it felt very similar to a point in a 50-100 mile race where you just can't seem to get to the next aid station fast enough and your progress comes to a grinding halt. I'd run a bit, then just stop and walk, stumble, repeat, blah blah. My upper back  was rather tight and sore as well. During the run portions I really didn't feel that awful but anything to throw off my stride, such as rocks, small hills,  would just set me back to stumbling and walking. I must have been quite a sight. The wind was gusting, it was cold, getting dark, and the dog didn't seem to understand why I was moving so slow. LOL, I sound like a whiner and yes I told myself that last night.


                      On the drive home I couldn't seem to get warm enough and when I arrived home the brief jog into the house set me to shivering. After about a 10 minute hot as can be shower I finally warmed up some, then discovered I felt a headache and cold/crud coming on. I guess it hit me on the trail. Phew. Thought it was my training.


                      QOTD: I told a forumite a long time ago who was complaining of injuries to run more trails. Eventually we became very good friends, and now we run together frequently (on his slow days). He's won several area races on the east coast so it worked out well for him.

                      In dog beers, I've only had one.


                        We've been doing more road then trails recently, with my wife just getting back into running and doing her first 5k and 10k in May and I have my last Marine fitness test in May so I've been working speed some on roads. With that said it was 3 road miles yesterday with my wife and then 10 on tap tonight. The rest of my runs this week should be on trails, which will be nice.


                        QOTD: I have gotten two people into trails, the important one for me being my wife. Last time she started trying to run she was having none of it, but once I introduced her to trails she started getting hooked even with labored breathing and puking! Although she did fall out of running again until about 5 weeks ago. Now roads are more just to keep the base so she can successfully do the trails now.


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                          Good Morning,


                          Heading out for a nice run in the sun. The weather forecast is telling me it's overcast, with a chance of snow, and all I can see is blue skies and sunshine. Go figure. I'll enjoy it anyway, even if this weather is just wrong (according to the forecast).


                          QOTD: Strangely, it worked better before trail running became the big fad. Back then, I converted several friends in college to run on trails with me, and a few of them stayed with it for years (I have lost track of them later).

                          Now, even though I have converted several people to running, they all run on roads or the paved bike path. My running buddy and I lure out other runners to the trails every now and then, but no-one has ever really stuck with it. Must be the trails' fault, certainly isn't ours, right?

                          (Come to think of it, buddy and I consider 10 miles the "short run", maybe it has something to do with that when we take other runners out to try the trails with us? Wink)


                          Enjoy the hump day, trail gang!

                          Run for fun.


                            Good Morning All!


                            Going for an easy 5 mile trail run this afternoon.


                            Xtreme- Sounds like maybe your sugar was low. Sometimes when I run late in the day I have that same problem. I usually take an energy gel or gummy block to help. But it feels like your legs are dead and your heart rate is up, and you sweat alot more. Could be?

                              Hi all - got in 7.5 easy miles last night. Going for 6 after work today. I'm really loving running from work lately, it eliminates my dumb 30 minute bus ride and I'm done running SO much earlier in the evening!


                              QOTD: I've definitely convinced one friend that trails are the place to be.

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                                The pooch and I had a great 11 mile trail run this morning. I found a dollar, saw two beavers, saw some interesting waterfowl, met a couple guys with huge backpacks who said they were training for the AT, and met two pretty girls.


                                QOTD: I think I influenced a few people to start trail running, but I suspect they all might have done it anyway at some point.


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