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Christmas Dailies (Read 31 times)

    I wrapped presents at 5 AM, went out and test fired a potato cannon that I've been working on, then ran what may have been a personal best pace for 5 miles of hilly trail. BTW Marley was super anxious to go.


    Tallahassee, Florida


      Morning all! And Merry Christmas to those that celebrate!   Just heading out for a quick mile to keep the streak going today, then we head to the airport for colder, snowier lands.  Trying to get myself mentally prepared for single digits (and below) for the next week.


      TT- will you post a video or pics of your potato gun in action?  And good to hear Marley was in the mood for a run today.

        TT- will you post a video or pics of your potato gun in action?  And good to hear Marley was in the mood for a run today.


        I have built a bunch of them.  A couple actually launch projectiles at supersonic velocities.  Kind of got addicted Smile


        One of my supersonic ones

        One of the supersonic ones.


        A couple layers of 1/2" plywood easily penetrated.


        A tiny one and a perforated quarter.


        Tallahassee, Florida

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          6 early morning tempo miles. It's a gorgeous day here, so we're going to drive out to Antelope Island so we can hike and take some wildlife pics. I suspect we'll spend the rest of the day drinking festive beverages, eating decadent food and just enjoying each other.


          Jo and I hope you all have a fun and love filled holiday.

            I got in almost 9 yesterday on my old trails in the middle of the city.. It was fun.  Today we are hiking up  Mt Rubidoux and then off to family for barbecue pizzas and tri tip .

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              Just finished breakfast, now DW and I are going for a Christmas waddle since I don't know if my belly will let me run.


              Merry Christmas.


              Glad to hear Marley got out. Nice gun ~ don't shoot you eye out.


              QOTD: Did you get any running presents?


              I got 2 hats (1 for winter and 1 for warmer days) and a Brooks running vest.

              Occasional Runner

                QOTD: Jo got me 3 pairs of Injinji socks, which I desperately needed. I have ridiculous amounts of running gear, so it's hard to buy that stuff for me.


                I was feeling really romantic, so I bought Jo a new Black Diamond headlamp.

                Uh oh... now what?

                  Merry Christmas!


                  Sneaking out, proud of my quietness, barely heard whisper, "Merry Christmas.  Have a good run."  Okay, not so sneaky... creaky knees.

                  Prairie loop, no visible sunrise...


                  QOTD:  Awaiting the call to the room with the presents, then off to the kitchen.


                    Spending 12 less then fun filled hours at work today. I wasn't supposed to work until tonight but management screwed things up so here I am.  On the bright side now I'll be off tonight, get a good nights sleep and have time for a long run tomorrow.


                    I hope everyone has a happy holiday. Keep it safe out there.


                    QOTD: DW and the kids got me a board to hang my race medals on. Now I have to find a place to mount it.


                    Endless trails

                      Merry Christmas, folks (to those who celebrate it).


                      Just got back from 10 road miles in the cold, great day for a run.


                      QOTD: This is the first Christmas of my life that we have decided not to do any

                      presents. My DW and I have no regrets and very much enjoyed the lack of stress.

                      I did get myself a pair of Kahtoola Microspikes.

                        Got in 6 early this morning, I love Christmas morning runs, it's so peaceful and quiet and only passed  2 cars the whole time, one of which was a friend who stopped to wish me a merry Christmas and tell me I'm crazy! (Was 17* out but really pleasant after 1st mile)


                        Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!


                        Trail  Tromper, I thought I was pretty good at making potato cannons but you got me beat. Also just last week 2 kids got arrested for shooting out a window at a nearby school  with one!


                        QOTD I'm not sure yet  it thinking I'm getting a new garmin?


                          Hello Trailers!


                          I'll get out for a run in a little bit to enjoy the trails.


                          QOTD: My family made the decision to not buy presents a number of years ago when money was really tight. We loved the lack of stress and never started it back up again. Now holidays and birthdays are usually celebrated with a family meal and more recently a hike of somesorts.