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    Good Morning Trailers, I still haven't been out for a run this week due to a variety of excuses/reasons. Today I will be sure to get 7 in after work...I believe a Merengue class tonight also (my gf loves groupon). QOTD: Thinking about the recent posts on the addictive nature of trail/ultra running...On a scale of 1-10, where would you put your PASSION level (1-not addicted whatsoever, 10-I forget to groom myself because there is running to be had). I'd put myself at about a 6-7. A lot of my daily thoughts are about running, I'm reading this forum quite a bit, but I don't really let running get in the way of my day to day life and I don't allow running to impact my budget in a harmful way. The worst I do is shirk work responsibilities from time to time in order to research races, read the forums, and stare at my log (like right now).

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      Good morning! I ended up getting in 6 last night. When I got home from work my brain was fried and I just could not get off the couch, but I made myself run and I'm thankful I did! What a wonderful, easy run on a beautiful Philadelphia evening. Tonight I have a frisbee game, so I will be running fast. This is one of the only situations where I love to run fast! QOTD: I'm also about a 7. I do find myself distracted by running sometimes, whether it is catching up on blogs or planning my next long run. But when it comes down to it, I will still put other things first like family. But I've found I can't be my best self if I'm not running (don't catch me after 3 days off). Edited to add: The formatting is weird today....I don't know why it's not including my paragraph spacing, sorry!

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        Morning folks! Got in a little cross training at the gym. 1.5 hours between the rowing machine and bikes. Jamezilla, is that a lemon merengue class? QOTD: I'm around a 5, maybe. I need to up that to an 8 or so to better benefit my training. MTA : anyone else having formatting issues with their posts this morning?

          Good morning Jamezilla, TC and Birdwell. I did 5 this morning. Just as humid today, but thankfuly a little warmer than yesterday. Yay !!! (Day 2 or trying to embrace the sucky weather down here.) qotd: I guess I'm about a 6 or 7. l do run a lot and spend time planing out runs (training and/or races), but I also have a lot of other stuff that keeps me honest and not so run-centric. (I agree with TC, The formatting is a bit screwy today...)

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            The pooch and I had a nice 7 mile trail run. It was already feeling sticky, but the few rain showers felt good. QOTD: Probably a 9.


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              Good morning. Lunch run planned with DW. Should be able to get in 5-6 miles on the Battlefield. Our oldest DD is coming home on Friday, from Portland, OR, for a visit. Our lunch run will likely involve discussion about plans for the week. QOTD: I can't drive down the highway without looking at a mountain and thinking "must be a trail there somewhere". I scan Google Earth weekly looking for signs of a trail that I might have missed in my forest. I've turned 60 min runs into 120 min runs just because I found what looks like a new trail and wanted to see where it ended up. I do continue my daily grooming, so I guess that makes me a 7 or 8.

                Morning all! I'm having the same problem as Jamezilla. My excuse is the end of school year madness (have I ever mentioned that I hate mid-May to mid-June?). It also coincides with a busy period at work. My strength training workout is on the rocks as I forgot a conference call that I have to do instead. I hope to get out for 4 miles during practice tonight. we'll see. qotd: despite the above, running (and exercising in general) is a pretty high priority for me. I would say a 7 most weeks, despite what I'm actually able to accomplish. I think about it a lot, I'm a lifelong runner (since HS) and plan to be competitive as a masters runner (when I am most likely to have little or no competition). And yes, the formatting is 'off' today. No smiley or sarchasm icons.

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                  8 speedy road miles here in Wisconsin. It was a beautiful morning out in the country. It was crisp, cool and I could smell all the fresh chemicals wafting off the farm fields. Remind me not to eat any mass produced foods from Wisconsin. QOTD: I dunno...pretty high a I suppose. But I like to refer to it as PASSION not addiction.

                    Morning, Looks like some t-storm type weather here for most of the day. I'll try to sneak out if possible for some mtn. biking a little east of here and stay in front of the weather, I hope. Decent biking yesterday along with some weights, etc. Oops, I forgot, this is a running forum. runtrail--Your theory regarding masters competition is flawed, I used to think that too. The problem is all the really good runners keep on running while the more recreational ones give it up. So actually your competition is tougher. Sorry! Lace--Are you and your company up in our beloved Penokee range? QOTD--Still addicted but I do like the term passion better too. I used to spend way too much time looking at event calendars. Now I'm just a lifetime runner, I s'pose about a 7.

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                      We seem to be missing the use of the return button today...and the toolbox thingy... And this is a running forum?! CRAP.

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               we're not. That's where the iron is. We're all over WI and MN digging up silica.

                          Good morning! I'm headed out to meet a friend for an easy 4 in the dirt this morning. It's a local multi-use trail which consists of fine reddish-brown dirt, and I always come home filthy. I have an older pair of Brooks Ravennas that I reserve for this trail - they are now brown - anybody know how to clean these up a bit, or do you just let it go? QOTD: I don't consider myself a trail runner yet, but am probably at a 5 or 6 for running in general. I get a little antsy on a rest day. ("I *should* be out there running!")

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                            Lace_up -- funny, you're here and I'm heading to Utah in a couple days. Can't wait for those cool desert temperatures. (where's that angry little face dude?)

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                              had a great strength workout yesterday (after a long 500 mile drive home); we got a little over a inch of rain in an hour last night- so trails are out for a couple of days- hit the track this morning for mile intervals (5) instead- which quite frankly sucks qotd: I concur, lets change that to passion Big grin 7 or 8 for sure

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                                yes the formatting is wacked this morning