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2013 Running Goals (Read 356 times)

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    As per Jamie's request...


    What are your goals for 2013? Total mileage, races, new distances, etc.


    Mine are...


    1. FInally go sub 24:00:00 at Leadville.

    2. 3500 total miles of running.

    3. Top 5 finish in a 100 mile race.

    4. Go sub 18:00:00 in a 100 miler.

      1. Rocky Raccoon 100 buckle (ideally beating my Javelina Jundred time of 27:42), 26(ish) hours Shocked

      2. Sub 11:15 at American River 50

      3. Course PR at Watershed Preserve 12-hour (need to beat 54.86 miles)

      4. Cascade Crest 100 buckle (no time goal, other than to make the 32-hour cutoff!)

      5. 2400 total miles

      Upcoming races: 1/9 Bridle Trails 50K, 1/30 Lake Youngs Nuts Run 50K, 2/14 My Better Half, 3/5 Dupont Trail Marathon, 4/2 Umstead 100

      Occasional Runner

        Betsy- I expect you'll meet all of those goals easily. Good luck in 2013.

          Betsy- I expect you'll meet all of those goals easily. Good luck in 2013.

          Thank you Kelly!  They're probably not as challenging as they could be, but I wanted to be realistic and not run myself the ground trying to do so.  But you know what?  I'm going to change my No. 1 goal Smile

          Upcoming races: 1/9 Bridle Trails 50K, 1/30 Lake Youngs Nuts Run 50K, 2/14 My Better Half, 3/5 Dupont Trail Marathon, 4/2 Umstead 100


            Still fleshing it out.  I was tempted to simply say 75% of whatever Lace Up does, but that's probably ambitious, so here's the working list of dreams:


            1. Do whatever I can to make sure my gal has a buckle with a star and the state of Texas on it.

            2. 200-miler someplace – preferably the Wonderland Trail.

            3. Badwater solo.

            4. Quit rolling my ankle so often.


              1. Finish my first Ultra. I'm signed up for the Hyner 50k in April.

              2. Finish either a 50 mile or a 100k in the fall. I trying to decide between Oil Creek 100k or TusseyMountainback 50 miler.

              3. Be injury free.

              4. 1500-1800 miles running and 2000 miles on the bike. (I see failure looming on this one)

              5. Continue to humiliate the young kids by carrying a solid 4.0 through all my college level courses.

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                1. PR at Shamrock (better than 4:33)

                2. Run 80+ miles at North Coast 24 Hour

                3. Finish Burning River

                4. Finish my third Baker 50M to complete my medal (and hopefully PR - under 12 hours)

                5. Have a good race at Oil Creek whether it be the 50k or 100M (already did the 100k)

                6. Run at least 1,300 miles. Preferably 1,500+.

                7. Stay healthy.

                2013 races:

                3/17 Shamrock Marathon

                4/20 North Coast 24 Hour

                7/27 Burning RIver 100M

                8/24 Baker 50M

                10/5 Oil Creek (distance to be determined)


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                  (I didn't want to start this thread because while I have some goals, I am keeping most to myself - I just like reading what you all are planning to do.)


                  The goals I will share:

                  1) Get healthy (already in process)

                  2) Increase mileage again (already in process)

                  3) Run a race - looking at Hyner 50k again but I have to hit certain mileage/running time to consider signing up...

                  4) and then we'll see after that


                  5) oh yeah...stay healthy.


                  I love seeing some of the ambitious goals you guys have.  It's fun following the various journeys everyone has.  Keep it up.

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                    OK, I'll post my minuscule goals for the year.


                    • Run 1,200 miles
                    • Do most of my races on trails
                    • Complete a 30K mountain race
                    • Stay healthy
                    • Have fun

                      1. Get healthy (heal up a back injury)

                      2. Finish my 4th Hardrock 100

                      3. Have fun.


                        1. Leadville (signed up today). 2. Have fun and staying injury free.

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                          To run pain free.


                          That's it.


                            Modest goals here too.


                            Get my stride back and then work to recapture lost speed.

                            Stay healthy and keep it always fun.

                            Keep my weekly average to LESS than 40mpw.

                            Try to squeeze in some epic runs into an already busy 2013 calendar.

                              Examples would be Teton Crest circumnavigation, Beaten Path, R2R, Pictured Rocks, maybe mtn. bike the Alpine loop in Co.

                            No races to exceed trail marathon length but the epic runs can be any distance.


                            Currently am entered in Hawkeye 25k in Mar, Tahqua 25k in Aug, and Porcupine Mts. trail marathon in Oct.

                            Will also be entering Zumbro 17m in Apr, Keweenaw 25k in July, and looking at 3 different events in Sep.


                            Keep reminding myself-- no more big miles.


                              I love reading what everyone is up to this year!!!


                              I'm hoping to convince myself to lay off the longer distances and go for a local 1/2 marathon series.  I've gotten way too used to running long and slow. After my last 50K (haha- I make it sound like I've done so many) I decided to do harder workouts again and am seeing really great weight loss results :-)  I'd like to continue that to lose some of the jiggle in the jingle that slows me down.



                              1. Race (and race hard) in 6 trail 1/2 marathons that qualify me for the race series and "race" these races hard.

                              2. Do 1-2 high intensity heart pounding workouts (yasoos, crazyass spin etc).

                              3. If I go to Vancouver, I'd like to see how many grouse grinds I can do in a day. 1.8 miles straight up 2,800 feet.


                              Come August, If I have any sort of mileage I'll probably sign up for the quad dipsea again this year and do some long hard runs to gear up for November- but that is not a goal, just if it happens.


                                Mine are simple-

                                1. my first 50K
                                2. 1500 miles
                                3. Train with DS to complete his first HM in May (Ham Run in northern MN)

                                It's great to see everyone's goals!