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    Morning all, I finally had a relatively pain-free run last night, 8 miles and felt strong. I've been dealing with a weird thing on my right heel that felt like tendonitis or something similar. Still going to try and take it easy tonight with 10 miles at a slower pace.


    QOTD: What's your next race?


    I'm doing a 10k this Saturday, my first "official" trail race. Pretty excited about it.

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    Hyner 50k:  4/18/15

    Laurel Highlands 70M: 6/13/15


      6.5 on the road/rail trail this a.m.


      QOTD:  I'm running a 17k (one loop of the three-loop Traprock 50k race in northern CT) on the 13th.  Looks like a fun course, fair amount of climbing but runnable.  My first race this year - looking forward to it.


        Good morning trailers and cocktails!


        Last night was an hour long run in chilly windy conditions along the reservoir with LadyB. Pretty good conditions for February but not April. I decided since it was a cutback week I'd roll my left ankle a few times just to be sure I kept the mileage down this week and take a few spills for good measure. Thankfully the falls were on uphill sections where I wasn't moving too fast. The ankle rolls were mild and I was able to pretty much run it off.


        I think just some strength training and stretching at the gym tonight.


        QOTD: I am heading down to Georgia this month to run the SweetH20 50k at Sweetwater Creek State Park just outside of Atlanta GA. I am looking forward to the race as I wander those trails when I am down there visiting my sister. Maybe I will see RunJasonRun.

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          Good Morning,


          Heading out to meet my running buddy for some miles. Don't know where to run yet, but I'm sure we'll find a great route.


          QOTD: Tussey Teaser #2, 11 miles over the mountain to the lake (first 11 miles of the Tussey Mountainback). This is one of my favorite runs, and something like a "spring benchmark". I am not sure if I'll be able to beat my last year's PR of 1:37, as I have been slower than last year in the previous Teaser already.

          After the race, my running buddy and me will run back, taking a different route and tacking on another 14 or 15 miles to make it this week's long run.

          Run for fun.


            Happy hump day.  Nice cold run yesterday.  Wind chill was 22 degrees and I was dressed for something a bit warmer.  Lunch time run today, probably a tempo run of 5-6 miles.


            QOTD:  Ironmaster 50K at the end of April is my next scheduled race, but there's a trail 1/2 marathon this weekend that I may jump in on, if the stars all align.


              A 3 mile "instant run" this morning.  Squeezed it in between thunderstorms.  It also works will with my cutback week/taper.  Oh yeah, I'm also going to do a little core stuff at lunch today.


              TnC: nice runs.  If you are racing next Saturday shouldn't you be cutting back a little?


              DD2: nice 6.5.


              XT: I agree rolling an ankle once or twice is a good way to ensure a cutback week.  No need to take a spill, that would be overkill.


              FTYC: Enjoy the run later, I could use a jaunt through those mtns you have up there.


              AT: It's already too warm down here for me...  enjoy the cold temps.


              qotd: I'm doing a 50 mile (Hell's Hills) this Saturday.  Maybe only a little "hilly" since it's in the Texas hill country, but it will be like hell, they are calling for high humidity in the morning and mid-80's in the afternoon.  Good thing I'm treating it like a training run.

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                Heading out for 4-5 miles after work with my puppy.


                QOTD: I'll be jogging a 5 mile road race in Cleveland with friends this Sunday.  First "race" of the year, and my first road race in about 2 years.  Crazy.  Smile


                  TnC: nice runs.  If you are racing next Saturday shouldn't you be cutting back a little?



                  Technically....but this 10k is really more of a "fun run" for me. I'm focusing on building back up mileage after taking a few cut back weeks in prep for my 50k (goal race.)


                  Good luck at the 50M!

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                  I Run for Oiselle


                  Hyner 50k:  4/18/15

                  Laurel Highlands 70M: 6/13/15

                    Morning folks!

                    Getting back in the swing of things today with a midweek long run. Got in 11 miles.


                    QOTD: Next official race for me isn't until the end of June, when I'll be running the Black Hills 50.

                      Morning everyone. Got in 6.5 this morning. Toe is doing better. If need be I'll just cut it off!!!! Have to get these last big back to back runs in this weekend for my 100 at the end of the month.


                      qotd: C&O Canal 100 on April 27th

                      Le professeur de trail

                        I ran (more like slogged along) for 4.5 miles this morning.  Is it still winter? It was 27* and it is April 3rd - I think.  I like running in the cold but come on - spring already - please.


                        TnC - good luck this weekend.  You will love love love it.  Once you go trail, you never go back...or soemthing like that.

                        digdug - 17k sounds like an interesting distance.

                        xt - falling uphill? sounds like something I would do.  I once fell walking up stairs in high school.  how embarassing.

                        couch - 11 mile race and then 14-15 more miles? gnarly!

                        At - that half marathon - that is in the same area of the iron master's right? I can't remember the name of it and I am too lazy to go look.  Something something burn...right?

                        Sandy - go get those hills this weekend!

                        mandy - so good to see you running on a regular/semi regular basis

                        birdwell - I have been wanting to incorporate a mid week semi long run but I just can't seem to get in the rythym.  I will need to get up much earlier than I do.

                        tmotmo - have fun this weekend with teh b2b.  You're prob doing a ridiculous 30/20 or something like that.  Ugh!


                        QOTD: Race? no races for me.  But I am entered into Hyner 50k on April 20th.  I won't be racing anything on that day.  Just one long run/hike.


                        Have a great day!

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                          Good morning all ran 14.5 miles last night and my legs felt strong, I felt like I was really pushing the pace, I hope this trend continues.


                          QOTD: Leona Divide 50M on the 27th of this month, going all out for the next two weeks then its cut back time.


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                            I bailed on yesterday's run.  After spending the entire day outside and underdressed for the cold weather I went home and took a 3 hour nap.  I guess I needed it.

                            Today will be 5.5 at Palisades Park after work and some strength training.  I have been doing a strength training routine 3x / week for the past 2 weeks and I already feel like it is paying dividends.  A few days ago, I stumbled, but as my hand stretched out to touch the ground, some unknown ab muscles kicked in and I was vertical again.  I also ran up a really steep section of dirt path, which used to be difficult for me to reach the top still running...It felt just like the "mountain climbers" I've been doing as part of my workout.


                            QOTD: This weekend I will be doing the Lost Brook Trail race (10 miles).  I haven't decided how hard I want to run it because I'm thinking longer-term for the Ironmasters 50k for the end of April.  I plan on signing up for the Ironmasters as long as I'm feeling good after the 10 miler.


                            Trails - I've been dealing with foot tendonitis issues too.  Hope its feeling better.

                            DigDug - nice miles this a.m, I'm going to look at that course...might be within "reasonable range" for traveling to a 50k

                            Taper- I recommend the Sweetwater Brewery and the beer

                            Couch - enjoy the miles wherever they may be

                            AT - I wasn't dressed right yesterday either...brrr

                            Sandy - good luck with the taper and the 50 miler

                            Mandy - nice to see you getting some miles and even a race

                            Birdwell - nice 11 in the AM

                            Tmotmo - glad to hear the toe is coming around

                            boyjame- I'm hoping thats the last of the cold weather too

                            runinaround - sounds like last night was one of the good ones.  It is always great feeling strong and pushing pace.

                            6/21 - Manitou's Revenge 54mi


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                              The pooch and I ran the half marathon distance on the trail.  Marley met and played with a new friend, an Afghan Hound at mile 12 while I took a break so she could get some dog time in.


                              QOTD: No race plans at this time.


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                                Good morning on the West Coast.  I ran an easy 3.5 miles out and back from the house in a foggy windy evening.  I even put on tights.


                                I've been in a bad mood lately not sure what burr is under my saddle but a run helped a little.


                                QOTD:  It is on the down low with my running buddies but I'm registered for a race Sunday.  50k with 6900 feet of elevation gain.  Probably the steepest run I've ever done.  This is my replacement for missing W2C last month.  It is going to be a wet slog I think...I just want to finish. The course is a 13.1 mile lollipop loop twice and then the first/last  3 miles lollipop loop.  Gonna be an 8 hour mental toughness challenge.