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    Good morning!


    It is looking like a great day for a run today! I hope the day is beautiful for all.


    I am not sure what or when I am running today. I am waiting until later.. it is supposed to get up to 72 degrees today.


    I ran yesterday for the last time on my favorite trail. They have put up wetland barriers and marked the trees. They are preparing to pave it. I just can't bear to see it happened . That trail has been like home to me for 20 years (damn...I'm old). I am going to approach a couple of land ownerswith vacant land adjacent to where I grew up to see if they will let me run it during non hunting season. If they don't let me my only trails will be a 30 minute drive. You have no idea how many times I have wanted to pull up stakes and markers on MY trail to delay the project... but if I go to jail...there would be no trail running at all.


    I hope you all ave a great day!


    Qotd: pass

      My day will be full of chores..the old man is returning and I need to make it look like running did not interfere with responsibilities, even though it did (and wine). 


      Moonlightrunner:  That sucks!

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        10 miles this morning.  The first 2 were very very slow, but then I started to feel better so the rest was just slow.  Heavy weekend for me with 20, 20 10, I see a nap in my future today.


        moon: I had been waiting for the county to put in this new trail along a river for a few years, but then was shocked when they paved it.  It's still ok to run on, just not as nice as it could have been.


        QoN: That's the way it should be, panic cleaning just before the <fill in the blank> gets home.


        Happy Easter, (late Passover), etc. everyone.

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        Faster Than Your Couch!

          Good Morning, just finished a nice breakfast after 9 morning miles with my running buddy. We killed.the most technical trails and did lots of ups and downs, just fun. Now back to family chores, but boys want to go outside today, running and biking, so that might call for a second trip to the trails today - yay! Moonlight: sux! I got panicky when they re-routed a few trails here, and rock-armored a short stretch, and that affects just a small fraction of the trails available in my immediate area. I can't imagine having to drive a long distance to get to natural trails, I feel for you! But perhaps that paved path will do every now and then, still? Queen: panic cleaning is always quick and effective - no time to waste time on minute details. As long as it shines, it's clean, right? Sandy: nice weekend, you've earned that nap! Have a happy Easter, or a great late Passover, or just a wonderful day!

          Run for fun.


            Happy Easter to those celebrating, happy Sunday to the rest of you.  Ran 7 easy slow slow miles on the road this morning. I wanted to get 31 miles in for the weekend so I could at least tie Earl.


            Queen - pretty impressive run, any pics of Earl running?

            moon - sorry for you, but new trails can bring fun, just sucks that it's a drive to get there.

            Sandy - nice mileage. Now I feel like a slacker.

            Couch - enjoy the second tip with the kids.  I might be out for a mt. bike trip with DS later as well.


              Ran Tehama Wildflower 50k with Sue and her extremely impressive hound-dawg Earl yesterday. It was really hot, but overall went as expected. Earl beat me by about 5 minutes. Calling him a mere dog would be insulting.

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              running under the BigSky

                Happy Easter!


                will head to the gym and hit the stationary bike (had to send my new mtn bike for a smaller frame), if my heel feels better I'll try walking the treadmill as well


                  Got in a quick 4.5 with the devil dog.