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Is it Tuesday? (Read 36 times)

    The pooch and I got in a nice, but sticky 5 mile trail run.


    QOTD: Yes, but my goal is only to have fun and run frequently and on nice trails.


    Tallahassee, Florida


      Leading a hike later tonight, and hoping fr a brief run or ride beforehand. Let's see how those muscles are doing post the 50-miler Sunday!


      Sorry to all those who are suffering through the heat/humidity.


        Boooring 7-mile jog on bike paths by the Bay. Bonked pretty hard halfway in. Running the day after a major weight session requires more fuel right before the run.

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        running under the BigSky

          got an early morning run, a little short at 3-ish, but some decent elevation gain; it's cooling off great at night-low 50's, but climbs into the 90's in the afternoon evening- so it's early or a sufferfest Smile


          qotd: up to recently (moving/new job) pretty close, this last couple of weeks have taken a hit, but hopefully will get back into full swing soon


            I think I have finally caught up from my sleep-deprived weekend.  Sunday was a SRD, and Monday I did an hour on the stair climber (it sucked being on that machine after the mountains over the weekend.)  Today I did 5 miles after work.  It wasn't too bad temperature-wise because we had a few thunderstorms roll though and is was still raining a bit, but it was about a billion % humidity.


            qotd:  I started out the year with a setback but I have been doing ok since the tendonitis in my ankle healed up.  4 more weeks until Leadville.

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