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Boxing Dailies (Read 243 times)

    Happy Boxing Day!


    I went out for a nice 3 miles in falling snow this morning. More ducks out than people. That lovely grey twilightish sky, all the trees heavily frosted. One other runner in bright red livening up the landscape. I'm going to miss this place--we leave in a little over a week, spend about a week in England where my husband has a conference, then go home to Indiana.


    QOTD: Are you still in holiday eating mode? We are, necessarily, because after a couple of days of indulging we couldn't face the ham I got for Christmas dinner yesterday. So I'm cooking it today instead.

    Occasional Runner

      Going to do 20 miles on my spin bike and then 10 miles on the trails. We're going to get some serious snowfall today. I have mixed feelings about this.


      QOTD: I'm cutting myself off from all the unhealthy food. I ate WAY too much crap and am paying for it now. Gotta get back on track starting now!


        Rest day for me today.  But I'll be walking to work to shake my legs out from snowshoeing yesterday and to make my commute feel slow and relaxed after having a long, four-day weekend.


        QOTD:  Nope.  One of the nice side-effects of making tamales is a pot of chicken stock.  I'll be making a nice, light soup for dinner and staying away from any sort of heavy foods or sweets.


          Hi Folks,


          Taking it slow today, waiting for the cable guy to tweak our wires a bit.  Then I'll do 5 or 6 miles later.


          majope: sounds like a nice run with the ducks.


          lace: have fun spinning and running then watching the snow fly.


          sugnim: enoy the SRD, I took one yesteray.


          qotd:  Actually we ate well these last few days, not too much over-doing it...  well except those Reces peanutbutter cups in the shape of bells...

          Arkansas Traveler - Oct 7

            get a 10 in later today, then back to work for a couple of hours.

            QOTD: be making soup from the turkey, cut back on other junk till the 1st, then party time one more time, 2nd start over.

              Morning everyone,


              Was planning on an easy 4 miles today but I have a bit of a sore throat (GRRR). I'm planning on doing a 50-mile training run this Saturday, so I think I'll take a rest day today to hopefully nip it in the bud. I'm sure the overindulgence in the past few days hasn't helped!


              qotd: my body clearly needs to get back to healthy eating!

              Upcoming races: 1/9 Bridle Trails 50K, 1/30 Lake Youngs Nuts Run 50K, 2/14 My Better Half, 3/5 Dupont Trail Marathon, 4/2 Umstead 100


                I did an easy 4 miles on the indoor track with my wife.


                QOTD: I'm still in holiday eating mode. The good news...I have not gained any weight.

                  Morning folks! I had planned on 8 or so early, but when I woke up, I just wasn't feeling it. apparently I ate too many M&M's and Recces peanut butter cups. And the pound of prime rib probably didn't help. Ugh. I made an executive descision to shift the morning workout to the evening.


                  QOTD: I am swearing off food today. All I will eat is mandarin oranges and maybe a slice of toast. I just need to figure out what to do with all these treats.


                    A rest day here. Ran 13 yesterday, I know it doesn't sound like a lot but it was my longest run since early April. I am still a work in progress but hopeful. So hopeful that I entered a 25k for early March. It didn't cost a whole lot to enter and if I don't feel ready at that point I will just be a DNS.


                    Majope--somehow Indiana just doesn't sound quite as exotic. But I'm sure home will feel great.


                    EDRW--A 50 mile training run-wow, I feel so inadequate. Nice!


                    QOTD--Because I have been eating lighter over the past few weeks it didn't take a whole lot to become uncomfortably full. I really don't feel like or want to eat right now. Must purge. Get back to some sense of normal.

                    running under the BigSky

                      Morning folks Smile


                      I'm getting in 6 miles today one way or the other, it's -7F (windchill -22 ouch), but we are supposed to get up to 17- I'm a little pessimistic about it warming up 24 degrees, but we'll see  Plan B is the gym and the dreaded stairmaster Sad


                      EDRW- Wow- now that's a training run!!!


                      birdwell- sounds like we had the same Christmas meal- a pound of prime rib sounds about right Big grin


                      qotd: I'll be cutting the gut stuffing back, although the fridge is full of holiday food Smile


                      Faster Than Your Couch!

                        Good Morning,


                        Really windy and cold outside today, and freezing rain in the forecast for later. I'll have to head out soon to get in a few miles.


                        majope: The time passed by so quickly. Hope it won't be too much work to finish things up.


                        lace: Nice workouts. Got some snowshoes?


                        sugnim: Enjoy the rest!


                        Sandy: Higher bandwidth? Hope the guy will show up on time!


                        61: Have a nice run, and fun at work!


                        EDRW: Hope the sore throat will stay just that, and go away soon again!


                        Flyer: Indoor sounds really good to me today!


                        Birdwell: Hope you'll get your workout in later!


                        Harrier: Brave to sign up for a race already! The mending seems to have come to an end, now it's more like building up again!


                        warden: That sounds cold, and probably is. It makes the 18F and freezing rain here sound almost cozy.


                        QOTD: There was not much of a holiday indulgence yet. But we still have a turkey left (we got an extra one, and I did not have room in the freezer), so this will be our dinner today. Seems my family is a few days late this year, so yes, we're still in holiday eating mode.

                        Run for fun.

                        Ultra Cowboy

                          Fighting the Christmas cold I seem to have caught. Plan is an easy 4 tonight.


                          There is a hambone awaiting a pot of beans.  The rainy weather makes soup and stews attractive right now.




                            Happy Boxing Day, all.  50 minutes on the treadmill today.


                            EDRW - 50 mile training run?  I hope you make yourself a buckle or medal or something for finishing that.

                            mtwarden - Can you recommend a stairmaster workout or workouts with good trail running cross-training benefits?  I find myself stuck on the treadmill a fair bit and a change of pace might be nice.


                            QOTD:  Absolutely - candy out the wazoo.

                            Le professeur de trail

                              I feel like I am boxing with a cold the last few days.  My kids are battling it too.  Nonetheless, got to the gym this morning, 4 mile run, workouit, home before the storm was to start.  I was not able to run yesterday - first time since before I started running in 2008 that I did not get in a Christmas day run. I kind of new it would work out like that so I snuck out on Christmas eve for 5.5 trail miles.  Might be the last time I will see bare trails until sometime in the spring since today is the second snowfall since after that run.  I've not done a ton of miles on trail in the snow yet so it should be fun I think.


                              QOTD: we have so much junk around from CHristmas (baked goods, candy, etc).  I am trying to consume as much as possible so my kids don't have to.  Good justification right?


                              Have a great day everyone!

                              The incarnation of peacefulness and patience




                                Am still nursing the ankle since I want it to heal so I can do 50 mile trainiong runs in advance of Lake Sonoma like EDRW!

                                Will try for a short ride after work up the local mountain road (Kings Mountain), likely in the rain. If I cannot run I am determined to complete the Festive 500 challenge (500k on the bike between X-Mas eve and New Year's Eve).


                                QOTD: Sort of ... the holiday drinking mode is more the issue. I was too busy cooking to eat too too much, but we drove make all night after making X-Mas dinner at my mom's so I am knackered