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Jemez 50 mile RR (Read 49 times)


    Finally got around to finishing my Jemez 50 mile race report. We forgot our camera at home, so unfortunately the pictures are limited. But I put in plenty of extra words to make up for it... It would have been nice to have a camera along as the scenery and course were awesome. This was my first 50 miler and I am pretty happy with how it turned out, no real low points(besides the crazy weather) and ended up 7th overall.


    Gator eye

      Great race with tough conditions.

      Le professeur de trail

        Great report until I got to the end.  You ran this with only 1800 calories from tailwind??? Is that a typo? If not, that is amazing and you might just have a gift.


        Pictures would have been nice but understandable about the camera.


        Thanks for sharing.

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          Awesome run. You had a great first 50 on a tough course and those conditions sound miserable at the end. I guess they decided the blizzard was too much for the rest of the field. Very cool that you were fast enough to get through.


          So you went with all liquid calories? I could not do that but then again I am an old slowpoke.

          In dog beers, I've only had one.


            Yeah, ~1800 calories of Tailwind was my only "food". It has been working great for me. I had planned for closer to 2200 calories, but continue to find that I have a hard time taking in much more than about 150 calories per hour. I was worried I would start to get behind on calories in the 50 mile, but my energy level felt good.


            Thanks for reading!


              Great run on your 50 mile debut.  Hope recovery goes smoothly for you.


                I have been waiting to read this report. I am glad you had a great run. Congratulations. I am glad to hear the Tailwind is still working well.


                running under the BigSky

                  congratulations on what sounds like a very tough race!  I run in N2's as well, but just not as fast Big grin


                  I had a friend that was running in the 50 mile, he made it in ~ 40 miles before they called him off- he definitely thought it was the right call (he's had to perform RD duties before-obviously not an easy call)


                    I noticed you wearing a vest in the last pic, looks like an ultraspire. Which one is it? How do you like the vest plus handhelds?

                    I've been trying that on a few runs here and there lately and I'm trying to decide if I think it could work out for a longer race.


                      AT - Thanks! Recovery is going well. I am really surprised how good I have felt since the race, hardly any soreness.


                      LB2 - Yep, Tailwind didn't let me down. Good to hear it's working for you as well!


                      Warden - Love my N2's. I'm excited to see what's next for PI, I've heard rumors of some pretty sweet models coming soon! It was definitely the right choice to call the race. I consider myself pretty backcountry savvy and it got scary out there.


                      Birdwell - Vest is an Ultraspire surge. I had it in my drop bag with my rain shell loaded inside, just in case I wanted to carry it with. Turns out I didn't need to carry the pack as I should have just put my jacket on at the aid station. So I pretty much just wore an empty pack to the finish. I think it could work well to use a pack to carry food, etc and use handhelds for fluids. I find the handhelds easier to fill and I usually drink more when using them.


                      Endless trails

                        What an awesome 50 debut, congrats.


                        That's one hardcore pre-race breakfast!

                          Tough race, tough conditions, and you ran an awesome race for your first 50 miler, congratulations!


                            Thanks guys!



                            That's one hardcore pre-race breakfast!


                            That breakfast was not the most enjoyable, but it seemed to do the trick! Next time hopefully I'll remember some salt and pepper.


                              Excellent RR!  Congrats on the high placing and great race in tough conditions on a tough course.

                              Mark O.

                              Rocklin, CA


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                                Thats a great debut...Congrats!  The race report was a good read too!

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