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    Good morning trailers!


    I ran 6 miles and worked out in the gym for a while. Abs and chest this morning.


    I'm supposed to be starting a 100 miler tomorrow morning and I decided to bail on it. My legs and entire body are exhausted and I just don't feel like slugging it out for that long. I'm going to rest up a little bit and see how things go. I was never excited about that race anyway.


    Random Fact of The Day: Enabling airplane mode on your cell phone will make it charge faster.


    QOTD: Are you friends with your neighbors?


    I know mine and we talk, but we're not overly friendly with each other. My neighbors on both sides are marathon runners, so I don't think we see eye to eye on much.


      I'll run about 10 after work. I am very pleased with my running after a significant reduction in running for the month of March and part of April. My easy runs are faster with less effort than before. Maybe I needed the rest.


      QOTD: My closest neighbor is a bit of an asshole. He never waves, never speaks, never interacts, and drinks Bud Light. Down the road about a half mile are my in-laws. We get along great. And, I get along well with my other neighbors on the road. The guy at the end of the road is a turkey hunter, so we talk turkey when we see each other.



        Got in 4 with the Devil Dog in the morning. Trying to figure out when I can go chase Ol Tom down in the Gila NF where El Caballo passed away. Hopefully I'll be working on my hiking muscles this weekend. Have a good one all.



        QOTD: One neighbor is bay shit crazy but keeps to herself and the others I talk to but they are smokers and not outside much. That being said you think its ok to buy my son an air soft rifle or BB gun to shoot the dogs on both sides that bark incessantly?


          Good morning folks!


          Ran 12.4 flat miles along the river trail with the dog last night. My first attempt at a progression run, went pretty well besides the nasty wind and dog that made it more like a fartlek at times.

          Also, I signed up for my first 50 miler this morning! I'm excited and scared to death. haha. It should be a beast, the stats are 52.2 miles and 11, 229ft of climbing at altitude. Just the way I like it!


          QOTD: Wouldn't say friends, but talk to them once in awhile. Most in my area are older retired folks. There is a younger couple across the street that keep things interesting with their yelling and drinking. Went over one New years eve and had a good time, but not really the type of people that I enjoy hanging out with often.

            Hi all,


            Got in 4.7 last night. Windy but felt really nice to be outside.


            QOTD: Not friends, but "friendly". We only moved into our place in August, and we are only renters.  I don't expect to be actual friends with neighbors until I own a place.

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              I'm resting today...iI', in the city so if I ran it would be a rode.


              QOTD;  Not really.  The older lady across the road calls when she needs help.  Our meth neighbor had different hours then us and thankfully just moved out.  Ann down the road runs3 miles in barefoot shoes and barely waves.  I miss the days when neighbors equaled friends.

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              Endless trails

                I got out early and drove to the trailhead for a nice 5 mile trail run, I wish I had access

                to trails right from the house but the 20 min. drive is better than nothing.


                QOTD: We are currently apartment-dwellers, and no we're not friends with neighbors. Wait, does

                the fact that we're swingers count?


                  Morning all!  still not running a whole lot.  Having a hard time getting my mojo back.  Going to yoga in a bit, then need to get some yard work done tonight. The wind has died down and it is a beautiful day.


                  dpc3- yes to the air rifle, but only if he comes to my garden and works on the visiting cats.

                  QoN- meth neighbor?  not a producer, hopefully.  good to hear s/he moved on.

                  Jon- yes, that counts.


                  qotd:  living in an old neighborhood of small houses sitting pretty close together, I feel incredibly lucky to have a great bunch of neighbors.  Friends with the next door neighbors, who is running for a local election.  Am doing some work to aid in that effort.

                    Marley and I did an brisk 4 mile trail run this morning.  The weather was cool and pleasant.


                    QOTD: I too would say friendly, but not friends with the majority.  We live in a row home so we have a lot of neighbors.  Years ago the neighbors were all closer friends than they are these days.  I'd still consider the ones still around then to be friends and a few of the new neighbors as well.  I am glad that the child molester asshole down the street is in prison or at least was last time I knew.  He may be the only neighbor I truly disliked or even hated.


                    Tallahassee, Florida

                      7.6 road miles and almost got hit by a deer that ran across the road in front of me.


                      QOTD I would say that I am friendly, but not friends. We live out more in the country so the houses are little further apart. On the bright side, when I am running on the roads I wave  thank you to every car that doesn't hit me!





                        QOTD: One neighbor is bay shit crazy but keeps to herself and the others I talk to but they are smokers and not outside much. That being said you think its ok to buy my son an air soft rifle or BB gun to shoot the dogs on both sides that bark incessantly?

                        qotd: absolutely not. It is an owner problem, not a dog problem.

                        100K or Bust - Busted

                          qotd: absolutely not. It is an owner problem, not a dog problem.

                          So shoot the owners, not the dogs?

                          2017 Goals: for races not to be exercises in futility


                            dpc3: Air rifle? I recommend a 22 magnum. Let me know how things go in the Gila.




                              Rocky and I got 5.2 miles on the trails this morning, the ache in my right ankle is back but now in both.... not painful but annoying because I want it to go away. I've got one brace for the right one, and another one coming in a day or so for the left one, I just trying to take it easy and hold out until we head down to Tennessee for a vacation in 2 weeks. I plan on taking pretty much the whole week off from running in hopes that things will feel better.

                              Deer smell funny.


                               QOTD: We've got 3 neighbors really, the ones behind us keep to themselves. The ones in front, beside us are meth heads who seem friendly but we mind our own business. The third right next to us have an annoying dog, they're kind of weird... almost snobbish but I think it's more of just weird than snobby. We've talked to them, and I would say they are probably our favorite out of the 3. Other than that, I wouldn't consider them friends.

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                              5k - 24:15 (7:49 min/mile pace) 

                              10k - 51:47 (8:16 min/mile pace)

                              15k -1:18:09 (8:24 min/mile pace)

                              13.1 - 1:53:12 (8:39 min/mile pace)

                              26.2 - (Debut) - 4:48:10 


                              Refurbished Hip

                                Wait, does the fact that we're swingers count?


                                Learning something new about Jon every day... 


                                I've been able to get in some short walks and bike rides lately.  It makes me happy just to get outside.  Running will come again someday.


                                QOTD:  No.  I also live in an apartment, so mostly I am annoyed by my neighbors being loud.  My neighbor next to me died recently.  (He was pretty damn old.)  Now a girl about my age lives there.  I kind of want to tell her, "Hey, the guy who previously lived there died!"  But that would be an odd start to a conversation.  When I go visit my parents, sometimes we hang out with the neighbors because we've known them since I was a kid.