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    The pooch and I had another great trail run this morning. We did an easy four miles. I saw a really big doe with a very small fawn in tow.


    QOTD: Have you ever done or considered doing a "journey run"?  I started running in part because a guy (Bjorn Suneson) who was running coast to coast.  I met him when we were on a coast to coast bike tour.  He was running on the road and pushing a baby jogger.  He carried very little gear, but needed to carry a lot of water since there were often dry sections of 30-40 miles and a few a good bit longer.


    I often think of doing something like that.  Not sure if I ever will though.


    Tallahassee, Florida


      7 on the road/rail trail this morning.  Checked up on my vegetable garden, which I alternately obsess over and totally neglect, and happy that everything is growing so well.


      QOTD:  I like the idea, but I would never do it - too much planning required.  (On a smaller scale, this is one of my biggest hurdles with considering ultras - I don't like the hassle of drop bags, managing calories per hour, hydration, etc.)  I can see doing shorter, multi-stage runs (e.g., Trans-Rockies), particularly if someone else is taking care of the logistics.


        Morning trailers,

        Easy day for me-- I didn't do my plan yesterday, so it has been moved to today.  Strength at the gym and a couple of miles.


        qotd:  I remember a story a couple of years back of a family that ran their own relay race across canada.   Maybe I'm a sadist, but it sounded fun.  Someone was always out running, and they leapfrogged with their RV and camped at night.  I don't think I gave birth to enough kids to cover that, but a small, supported running trip appeals to me.  supported is key, I don't want to push a stroller of supplies along with me.


          Good morning guys and cougars.


          Got up early for 8 miles on the trails.  I was breaking cob webs the whole time.  No snakes yet, but won't be long until I see them.


          TT - I talked to Bjorn 2 years ago when he was running across the US for his 4th time.

          Here is a picture of him along Route 30.  Nice guy.  I follow his Blog when he's running.

          He's now in CO, running for his 5th time across the US.


          QOTD:  I've done a few short adventure runs.  DS and I have a fast packing run coming up.  I have not done anything longer than 3 days, but wold love to do one, just need to retire.

          running under the BigSky

            Morning Trailers!  What a glorious morning here- 50 degrees, overcast and the slightest hint of a breeze- absolutely perfect!  Got 6 miles in w/ a healthy 2000' of elevation- heel is improving daily now and am actually able to lengthen my stride out a bit and run


            qotd: not quite "journey" length, but plan on circumventing Mt Ranier via the Wonderland Trail in three days (it's about 100 miles)- hopefully next year.   I was very inspired watching "Running the Sahara"


              Plan to run 5 or 6 miles on the easy side of green lane reservoir this evening with the leashless beast LadyB. She recently had a 55 mile week which is her highest yet I think. Well, with her wandering it was probably more like 65-70. She only gets credit for my miles.


              QOTD: The only thing that comes to mind is our stage run of the 140+ mile Horseshoe trail years ago. We tackled in over a few months period of time, in 6 stages, using it as a scheduled long run. Dropping a car at both ends made for a long day especially at the end when we were far from home. We also did aid drops along the way as the runs were in the 20-30 mile range. Here is our photo at the end of the trail on top of Stony mountain. We still had 3 miles down the AT to the car but the Horseshoe trail ends/starts here depending on your perspective.



              In dog beers, I've only had one.

                A few comments on the journey thing:

                • Digdug - If done in the style of my bike tours the planning could be fairly minimal.  Just buy what food you need along the way.  The route could even be improvised as you go.  You'd just have to plan ahead in the spots were restock points were far apart.
                • Runtraildc - Based on my long distance bike touring experience, I think support vehicle would spoil it for me.  It insulates you from a part of the experience that I like.  I think you would meet fewer local folks and get very few offers of hospitality.  Those can be highlights of the trip.
                • ATrunner - Bjorn is a very cool guy to meet and talk to.  Glad you met him.
                • MTWarden - That sounds like an awesome trip.  I am not sure what length is considered a journey, but you trip definitely sounds pretty sweet.  I have not seen "Running the Sahara", if it is on Netflix I'll watch it today.
                • XT -  Sounds pretty cool.


                Tallahassee, Florida


                Endless trails

                  Morning, folks.


                  I did 5 easy miles this morning, dew point is starting to creep up a little but otherwise

                  great running weather.


                  I read about Bjorn last year when one of you folks mentioned meeting him, what a cool adventure.


                  QOTD: I think about this at times when I'm out on the trails just zoning out, usually during the times when

                  a run has that 'effortless' feel. I'd like to do it as part of a group.


                    A few comments on the journey thing:

                    • XT -  Sounds pretty cool.


                    We got off trail several times during that journey as we'd miss a blaze and just chug along until we realized hey we haven't seen a yellow blaze in awhile. As we ran through Hershey a few of the Hershey Crispies trail running group joined us and left an aid box full of Hershey's kisses and chocolate milk. THe last leg we had perfect late winter condtions... low to mid 30's with 4-5" of fresh snow.

                    In dog beers, I've only had one.

                      Nice 6.3 this am with my leashed beast Earl.  He still was able to kill a mole...sorry mole I didn't really believe he would get you.  


                      Qotd: Yes, hell yes, and completely yes!!! I always dream of doing this.  Currently Bagge Pants is hiking the AT trail and posting on FB.  I would love to do that but better if I could run it and not have to carry a load.  My husband asked me what I was going to do when I retired, I think he was talking about work but I  thought hmmmm I'm going to hike the AT and then the PCT.  Until then,  Wish I could convince my husband it would be fun for me to run trails while he jeeps them and meets me at points to camp.



                      digdug:  I also checked on my garden and it was doing fine even though I have ignored it.

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                      08/19/17 Marquette Trail 50K Miler



                         Currently Bagge Pants is hiking the AT trail and posting on FB.  I would love to do that but better if I could run it and not have to carry a load.  My husband asked me what I was going to do when I retired, I think he was talking about work but I  thought hmmmm I'm going to hike the AT and then the PCT.  Until then,  Wish I could convince my husband it would be fun for me to run trails while he jeeps them and meets me at points to camp.



                        I really would like to cover the whole AT.  I've run almost all of PA, and all of MD, WV and north 40 miles of VA.  Also ran around Kahtadin and Mt Washington.


                        Through hikers will be starting to make it near me (the 1/2 way point) soon.  I stock soda, beef jerky and candy bars in my car and will offer them some trail magic.  It's a great experience talking to them, and they always love using my phone for a quick call to check-in.

                          Got in seven on the Appalachian Trail, I was a little concerned at first because it was a nice smooth flat singletrack trail, after a mile it turned into all rocks and went straight up the mountain so I felt better! Also saw a little baby fawn that jumped up when I went by him as he was sleepin a foot beside the trail, and about seven hikers, I don't usually see anybody else when I run.


                          QOTD I dream about just going out to the Southwest and running out there for a few days, but that's as much thought as I put into it.


                            Heading out for a run tonight pretty soon. Heading for a trail...I've run roads the last two days...yuck!


                            Qotd: I would love to spend some time back in Colorado. When I lived there I would hike fourteeners...I would enjoy running them now.


                              Did 5 miles after work today.  Very warm, upper 80s.  We're supposed to be in the 90s the rest of the week.  I guess I better not sleep in tomorrow (lower 70s in the morning).


                              qotd: Sounds like fun.  I've done a few 50k self supported runs along trails in Europe.  I'd be fun to string a few of them together and stay in huts along the way.  Who knows, maybe a few years from now.

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                                DH got called in for work, so no run for me today as I had to watch the kids/get DD to her hair appointment.

                                It would have been such a nice day for a heat run, though (86 degrees and plenty humid), and I think missing it won't do me much good. But it's two days off work for me now, so I hope to get more running in (my lungs allowing, that is).


                                QOTD: I dreamed about that many years ago, perhaps running one of the trans-Europe trails, trans-Alps trails, or through the Atacama desert. Nowadays I am not sure if I would like camping out after a long run in the heat or cold, and then run again the next day, or how to manage the logistics without "outside" help, like a crew or a support vehicle. I wouldn't want to carry or lug all my stuff along with me, that would spoil my experience. If carrying (lots of) stuff, it's hiking, not running.

                                Run for fun.