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    I hesitate to start this this morning. It is so unimportant compared to everything that happened yesterday, but sometimes a little familiarity and structure help.


    I was able to get in a little over 5 miles this morning. I ran throught the spring valley preserve, in Schaumburg, IL.  The water was trickling, and the birds were singing. It was a nice peaceful place.


    Thoughts and many prayers to all affected yesterday.

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      Ditto Birdwell.  Running seems so unimportant all of a sudden.  I failed to get up and do anything this morning.  I am taking the events of the BM yesterday rather hard.  Not sure why specifically.  I grew up in MA and watched the BM every year. It was tradition.  It was a good time.   My heart breaks for that area and everyone involved.  The story of the 8 yr boy who died (and his family) is just killing me.  May God comfort everyone involved.


      Have a great day!

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        I ran 6 miles this morning before the gym. I pushed the pace pretty hard, trying to bring any little issues to the surface. None arrived and I felt good, so I think I might be in good shape for my race this weekend.


        I hope you all have a great day!


          I kept to my schedule and ran this morning, while unimportant like Birdwell said it was familiar and the structure that should not be broken.


          Have a good day all!

            I normally take Mondays off, but last night felt a strong need to run. I ran a very fast and hard 6 miles and was glad to see so many other runners out. The run didn't necessarily help lift my spirits but turning everything "off" for an hour was calming.


            I will run tonight, but also feel the same emptiness as many others here. I hope everyone has a peaceful day.

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              Thanks for starting us off, Birdwell.


              I got in some decent miles over the weekend, so I'm a little sore now.  I was planning on taking a rest day, but I may have to go for a short little 3 mile run in my B.A.A. hat later today.


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                Good Morning,


                Last run before the Hyner 50k on Saturday is about to happen. I always do best with a 3-day rest before longer distance races.


                Yesterday's events at the Boston Marathon have left me sad and somehow dazed, it brought to my mind again how vulnerable one is, and how quickly life can change to an extent unimaginable before it happens.


                Birdwell: Sounds like a wonderful morning run!


                Jamie: Just one or two more short runs, then the spotlight will be on! Looking forward to meeting you again!


                Kelly: Good to hear you're in top shape. Keep going, nothing stopping you!


                dpc: Hope you had a good run!


                T&C: Nice evening run, pushing the pace. Sometimes you just gotta do what you've gotta do, regardless of plans.


                Mandy: Take it easy, girl, slow and steady does it!


                QOTD: When, during a race, you find yourself way ahead of your race plan, but feel great running strong, do you slow down and try to stick to the plan, or keep going and deal with whatever comes later on, when it inevitably (?) happens?


                Me: I'm a very intuitive runner, so I go with the flow and deal with the consequences "later". It has worked for me so far, but I'm afraid it might lead to a blow-up in my first 100-miler. I might have to learn to use my head while running, and develop the discipline to stick with a plan.


                Enjoy your day, runners, never give up!

                Run for fun.


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                  I ran for about an hour around town yesterday evening.

                  Plan on doing a bodyweight workout after work.


                  QOTD: Depends on the race.  If it is a new distance or a goal race I will stick to my plan.  If I'm just out to have fun then go with the flow is the rule.

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                    QOTD: When, during a race, you find yourself way ahead of your race plan, but feel great running strong, do you slow down and try to stick to the plan, or keep going and deal with whatever comes later on, when it inevitably (?) happens?



                    When I find that I am way ahead on my race plan, I soon wake up from the dream.  This does not happen to me.  Well ok maybe 1-2 times but they were shorter races (Rothrock I think was one - in 2011 - I blew up going up the rock scramble and never recovered)


                    I try to just enjoy the day and the course but if I have run the course before, I am competitive with myself.  For instance, I have a plan to better my time at Hyner from last year.  And considering my time was conservative last year, it shouldn't be that difficult but once I start believing that, I am in trouble.

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                      Morning Trailers


                      I ran just under 10 yesterday while the bombs were going off. Worked until almost midnight last night and slept in today. So today is a rest day. I've been having a lot of those lately.


                        Hopefully some moderate hill work on the bike today ... bike ride/race in less than 2 weeks!


                        QOTD: If  have run the distance before, I go for it if I feel good. If I have no idea what I am doing (see Lake Sonoma 50 mile), I try to reign myself in a bit and hold on ...


                          6 at lunch.


                          QOTD:  I haven't raced a lot and my races are shorter, so I haven't really had a "race plan" and just run by feel.

                          running under the BigSky

                            sad day indeed


                            I'll hit the gym this evening for some strength work


                            yesterday I almost didn't bring my snowshoes as the snow was settling in town, good thing I did as there was 8-12" of snow in the hills!  I had planned on 6 miles, I did 3.5 and it took me 1:09 to do it!!!!!


                            qotd: In my two races I've always been behind of my planned time Smile


                            does this look like spring?  Big grin



                            Faster Than Your Couch!

                              Warden: The background looks a bit wintery, but that guy in the picture definitely has a happy springy smile on his face!

                              3 hours for 3.5 miles is just insane!


                              11 mountainous miles, a bit more than I had planned, but I started out very fast, and had to pay the price - my belly started a major rebellion, and I had to keep going to reach the porta-potty at the next state park before heading back up the hill. Long downhills always seem to play this trick on me unless I'm laced with Imodium. Sad

                              Otherwise, a nice, fast run, started out in the rain, then the sky cleared up and the sun came out. Lots of wildlife around, and birds singing, I love watching and listening and distracting myself that way.


                              Jamezilla: Have an efficient workout later!


                              Snowden: Hope your life won't be getting in the way of running for the rest of the week. Get yourself some fun miles out there!


                              DD2: Nice lunch run, great way to utilize the break.

                              Run for fun.


                                Howdy trailers.


                                6.1 at lunch in 59 flat.  I wore blue.