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    Morning Trail People!


    I did 14 miles this morning with an average speed of 9 mph...but enough about my morning commute.

    Yesterday I did an up-tempo 5 miles.  It was the first time in a long time I pushed myself at all not during a race and it felt great.

    Today the schedule calls for 5 easy miles, 25 minutes on the bike/rollers, and some ab/core work.


    QOTD: Probably been done a few times before but...How long have you been a runner? Trail runner?


    I'm coming up on my 2 year anniversary of when I started tracking my running and taking it "seriously".  My first trail race was a year ago this coming weekend (1/2 marathon at one of Hasher Rick's winter events).  It was a good jump off into trail far I've completed (2) 5ks, a 10 miler, a half marathon, (2) 50ks, and a 50 miler.  Really looking forward to this coming year!

    4/5 - Lost Brook Trail 10mi  1:15:42

    4/27 - Ironmaster's Challenge 50k

    6/21 - Manitou's Revenge 56mi



      Seven after work. I will do it on the trails. I was thinking about a little road run, but I don't really want to do that.


      QOTD: I think I have been running for about 5 or 6 years now on a regular basis. I guess I have been on the trails for the last 4. I sort of lose track of time. So, I am just guessing.



        Good morning !  Heading out today to the gym for a treadmill run and strength session.  The roads & sidewalks are a bit treacherous with frozen slush and thin ice.  Winter... if the temps don't get you, the ice will (at least for me).


        jamezilla-- I was impressed! Morning run and 14 miles.  Then I got to the commute part.-- sorry.

        LB2- good luck on the trails.  Enjoy!


        qotd:  30 years.  Started running in HS track, freshman year.   I've run trails the majority of those years.  You'd think with that many years, I would be stronger, faster, slimmer, but I run for fun.  Taken some short breaks  (less than 6 mos) during those years for pregnancies or living at sea.

        Occasional Runner

          On the spin bike again this morning. Trying to bring my legs back slowly.


          QOTD: A little over 3 1/3 years. I've been running trails for most of that time.

          4/21- Boston Marathon

          4/25- Salt Flats 100

          5/3- Sinister Night Run 55K

          5/10- Ice Age 50M

          6/1- Comrades Marathon

          6/14- Bryce 100


            Good morning all.  I got in 6 miles yesterday evening after work.  It was my first run in this new snow that we have, about 6 or 7 inches, and I was the first out on part of the trail.  My muscles aren't used to snow running yet, so I'm a little sore today.  But it's noting another few months of snow running won't cure!


            QOTD:  I've been running consistently since the summer of 2011, and I've been running on trails since last winter.


              Lunch time run on the menu today, probably somewhere around the battlefield (can't hunt there).  Pretty cold and windy in Gettysburg today.


              QOTD:  Counting training for triathlons and adventure racing, I've been running off and on for over 27 years (the year I got married, so easy to remember).  Consistently running for 15 + years.  My first trail race was the "Ugly Mudder" (Pretzel City Sports) in 2003, and that's was when I made the switch to mostly trail running.


                Got out yesterday afternoon for 5.4 stroller pushing miles. The wind was down and the sun was out so decided to make it a double day, may do the same again today if the stars align. 3.7 miles this morning around the neighborhood with the dog. New shoes are kind of loud on the cold pavement. Not sure if it is because they are new or the tread pattern, but hope it goes away.


                QOTD: In January it will be 3 years of running. Mostly trails from the start, although lately I have been putting in more road miles than I like.

                Gator eye

                  Howdy all. 9 miles on snow covered roads this morning. Planned on 10 but took a short cut to cut down on running straight into the wind and ended up with 9, what can I say it was fricken cold!


                  QOTD: Been running for 4 years, the first year I spend most of my time walking with a little running, I had a lot of weight and years of sitting on my ass to overcome. The 2 nd year is when I discovered that I enjoyed racing. Last year I discovered how much fun it is to run in and through the woods. I like running on the road cause I have to but always look forward to the days I can get on the trails.

                  Refurbished Hip

                    Good morning!  The dog and I did laps around the dog park last night for 4.3 miles.  I will probably do something similar tonight.  This intense cold can stop anytime now.


                    QOTD: I am approaching 6 years soon.  Been running trails as long as I've been running, but I didn't know there was a sort of difference between trail runners and road runners until I started spending more time on the forums.



                      The pooch and I had great 6 mile trail run. My new mico spikes were awesome.


                      QOTD:  I have been running since age 56 (6 years).  I became a trail runner 5 years ago.


                      Parkville MD


                         I didn't know there was a sort of difference between trail runners and road runners until I started spending more time on the forums.


                        Road runners are constantly checking their watches for split times.  Trail runners check where the sun is in the sky, to see if they need to take out their headlamps.


                        Road runners check for flat fast courses, so they can BQ.  Trail runners look for elevation gain and scenery, so they can brag.


                        Road runners don’t carry water.  Trail runners use a backpack with water bladders, rain jackets, blister care, food and electrolyte tablets...for a 3 mile run.


                        (These are a few of my favorites from a long article i read a while back.)


                          I had a tough 7 mile trail run this morning, felt lousy but got it done anyway.


                          QOTD: I started running in 1998 after quitting smoking. I started running trails soon

                          after I started, but like Mandy I didn't really know trail running was a thing. I really got
                          hooked while living in the Bay Area (of SF) and running/racing on the incredible trails out there.


                          Faster Than Your Couch!

                            Checking in late, but - better late than never. 5 breezy cold miles yesterday, but it was fun. I like the dry, sunny weather, even when it's cold. Some miles planned for later today. QOTD: close to 38 years, if I remember correctly, always on trails. However, except for high school XC, I started racing only 3 years ago, and tracking my mileage 2 years ago. I just run for fun, and always by feel.

                            Run for fun.

                              Will finally be getting out for a run tonight for the first time since Saturday. Feels like longer than 3 days off. Sidewalks are still a little icy so I will tread lightly.


                              QOTD: I don't know the exact time but it was somewhere in 2008/2009 when I began running regularly. So about 4-5 years now. I've been a trail runner on and off but most of my trail running has happened over the past year.

                              My Blog:

                              I Run for Oiselle


                              3/2/14:  NERRC Winter 10k 

                              3/30/14: Love Run 13.1

                              4/5/14: Tyler Trail 10k

                              4/13/14: Healthy Trails 5k

                              5/4/14: Broad Street Run 10M

                              5/9/14: Ragnar Relay Cape Cod

                              5/18/14: Dirty German 25k

                                I got up and ran this was so worth it.  I did 4 miles in 56 wa so worth it.  Running in the snow was a littel hard and I think I was on my tip toes the whole run.  I creasted my big hill to see the sun gasting a beautiful golden pink hue on everything. I then started looking at the tracks in the snow..pretty sure I saw Mt Lion, lots of deer, and a bobcat leaving mud prints on top of the crusted snow.  Later I saw some sloppy tracks that well I may be stretching it but bear??  I've seen bear tracks there before.  Earl was digging the snow and running side to side sniffing.   When I was coming back the steep hil I usually go slowly down had a layer of crested snow so I was able to actually run it.  I stopped and looked into the woods and was like WOW does the woods look clearer and crisper than I have ever seen it.  Earl stared into the trees and seemed to agree.


                                QOTD: Started running in high school did track 2 mile which I sucked and then Cross Country which I loved.  Must have been because it was on trails.  I jogged through college and into my 30 to stay in shape off and on.  When I was in my early 30s I found a trail by my house...thus was born a trail runner but not trail racer until 2007!!  I was still doing road races but training on my trail.

                                Way Too Cool 50K 03/08/14