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Faster Than Your Couch!

    Everybody out on a run?


    I'll do some snowshoeing later, while the kids go sledding. Finally, the snow has arrived, yay!   (and it wasn't disasterous at all).


    QOTD: Will you be playing/singing any special songs for Christmas? Caroling?


    Me: I grew up singing Christmas and Advent songs every year in the evenings during the Advent (the four or five weeks before Christmas) season, and singing a couple of traditional songs on Christmas Eve (when Christmas is celebrated in Austria) before opening presents.

    So I still try to adhere to this tradition and teaching my kids a few songs. But they don't seem to be as charmed by this tradition as me.


    So the one year my DD lost her two front baby teeth right before Christmas, I played "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" on the piano for her, to cheer her up. It worked.

    Run for fun.


      I am supposed to run today, but I can't seem to get motivated. I'll do something, at least ten.


      QOTD: We had a parade Friday night with some caroling, but I left before the singing started.


        Meeting the running partner for 15 later.  It will be nice running at 11AM instead of the usual get up and get going runs.


        QOTD:  Probably not...maybe I'll go to church with my Father-n-law and hear some singing.

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          I went out for a wintry 4 miler. It was supposed to beThey.but due to deep powdery conditions it took longer and I was in a time crunch for plans with my dd...which ended up being postponed. I ran in my new yak trax extremes and I love them! They give me more stability and confidence and they work really well with my winter shoes (water shoes) and don't over compress my feet like my old yak trax.  All in all I think my new yaks will make winter running better for me.  But damn! Breaking a trail with 6 inches of fresh powdery snow was a great workout!


          qotd: We are not a very music oriented family. We will listen to Christmas music for our family get togethers...but there is not likely to be any singing. We are ki d of liw key....boring by

          most standards.


          qotd2: maybe this has been asked...ive been away for a couple of days....How do you feel about xsnow and running? Do you like it/love it/ hate it?  I love it once I get there....but looking out at is easy for me to not go. This morning though..i was so glad i went!


          Happy trails!  Watch out east coasters...I think the storm is headed your way...likely to be worse for you tbn it was careful!


            I'll do 8 in the park today.


            QOTD: My kids are still too small, and my wife doesn't speak swedish, so we won't do any organized singing. However, the little dudes are into traditional and Swedish Christmas carols. We celebrate all of the advents (are they protestant holidays?), plus Lucia on the 13th, so they get plenty of exposure.


            Yesterday we were at a holiday party with lots of 5- and 6- year olds. It was pretty cool to see a bunch of them just walk up to the piano and not abuse it, but instead play christmas songs like Oh Tannenbaum and Jingle Bells. Live piano music really adds to the ambiance of any party :-)

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              Motivation is coming back. I realized I forgot to log a 7 mile run earlier this week. So, I'll do 9 and call it even.


              QOTD 2: We don't get snow here very much, but when it does snow, I get in it. So, I would say I love it considering it doesn't happen very often down here.


              Occasional Runner

                Yeah, I was out running. Jo and I did 15 awesome miles out on Antelope Island. It was cold but we had a great time.


                QOTD: Most definitely not!


                  Slept in this morning, weekends in a Hotel are good for that (yes I'm still in London).  Did some work and then took a late afternoon run along the Thames.  Did 10 miles.


                  qotd:  No, although we do put on some Christmas music when putting up the tree.

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                  running under the BigSky

                    nice 7 mile run in the snow with shorts and shirtsleeves- it was 48 degrees and sunny!  Big grin


                    qotd 1: I'm no singer, but like to listen to carolers

                    qotd 2: depends, if it's very cold and blowing-no, not much, if it's moderate- yes I like running on snow, more work, but a little easier on the body w/ it's  padding


                      Early morning duck hunt with the yellow dog, took a brief swim in the river turned into a Popsicle on the outside, came home took a nap to warm up, then got in a quick 3. Legs are coming back to life. I was getting worried.



                      QOTD: Hell no I don't even like my own singing voice!


                      QOTD 2: Love snow running!


                        Hi all,

                        got in a couple of miles around the neighborhood after a busy day of kid activities.  Was a short run, just to keep the streak alive.


                        qotd:  nope, I'm a horrible singer and it is preferred by all (especially me) if I keep silent.

                        100K or Bust

                          Out for 12.8 miles after I registered for Ice Age 50K. Good thing I registered before running. All three races, 50M, 50K, and HM, were full when I got back and checked.


                          QOTD: I have some favorite albums I'll play, but no singing along.

                          2017 Goals: for races not to be exercises in futility