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Faster Than Your Couch!

    Good Morning,


    The three test miles early today went well, so I'll be running 8 or 10 with my buddy this afternoon. Should be fun, and I'll have a pacer with me, as DS wants to come along on his bike.


    Off to work...


    Sandy: Hope your B2B miles will be fun! Cool I always admire how you can ramp up your mileage.


    QOTD: Except for shoes, do you dress differently for road and trail runs? For running through the hood?


    Me: No. I couldn't care less.


    Have a great day, trailers!

    Run for fun.


      My run switched from am to pm today. Just could not get myself out of bed at o dark thirty today. It is cool and rainy today so it will be nice.


      Qotd: I wear the same clothes and shoes.


      Qotd2: are you seeing much seasonal change on your trails yet? I have seen some brush turning red, the crows are gathering in trees, and the locusts have been calling. To me all those things mean fall is near.

        Will hit the rail trail for 6 later on.


        Couch, good to hear your run went well!


        QOTD 1 I wear the same stuff, just different shoes.


        QOTD2  I haven't seen any change in central PA yet, however I'm ready for fall.

        Brian Runner

          13 on the roads this morning with some friends. Felt like crap the entire way. Now its raining so I guess I'll relax on the couch with a bad movie.


            Yesterday I did my own 50k in Desolation Wilderness. Took me 11 hours... It was too high and too hot, but above all I brought too little carbs, and potentially too few calories in total. (Had 2 oz of peanuts left for the last five hours). I will do some analysis of the nutrition stuff and post pics up on my blog. The scenery is just amazing, and Valerie: NO MOUNTAINBIKERS!


            I'd also like to call out the two lying ultra ladies I met on the top of Mosquito Pass. Just according to plan, my bottles were empty nine miles in. Refill station would be the Rubicon River two miles down hill. When I ran into two ladies in their mid-40s carrying double bottles and wearing ultra runner magazine tees, I thought I'd just check in on the water situation with them.


            One of them told me clearly that there was very little water in the river, and that I ought to make a 2-mile detour to a lake to fill up. Something in how she spoke (probably that she was very loud) made me think that she was one of those park ranger types that will not give you the truth, but will feed you the information that will lead you to the decision they want you to make. So I went down to check the river out and found plenty of fresh, running water. 


            Please don't be that person: respect your fellow adults and let us all make our own decisions.


            QOTD1 & 2: No :-)

            3/8 Way Too Cool 50k WNS

            4/19 Tehama Wildflowers 50k



              Hoping for 15-20 today (did around 13-14 yesterday). Coming back from a week's vacation (interrupted by work) where my bride threw me an incredible birthday party (for my 40th) and we had a week around some incredible friends in Stinson Beach. Rode my bike some, and ran some decent trail miles. Somehow the trails there always inspire me even more than my local ones, even though they are generally quite steep.


              QOTD 1#2: Nope


              Endless trails

                Great miles, Chnaiur, and sounds like a good learning experience too.


                I did another 10 mile trail loop this morning, B2B 10 milers on a recovery week, not
                too bad for me. I also recently bought 
                a box of Hammer Gels (apple cinn.), and
                I must say I'm really impressed, what 
                a great product-not too sweet and a
                good mix of cals/carbs/sodium/potassium. I didn't really need them this weekend

                but I wanted to try it. No more GU gels for me.


                QOTD: The only difference is shoes, and I go shirtless on trails ( I don't want to

                frighten the people I encounter on my road runs). 


                FTYC: Two runs sandwiched with working; someone's gonna sleep well tonight.

                  DH and I did 12 with running group #2 (yesterday's run was with RC#1) in Purisima.  Working up to the day when we go over the ridge across Skyline and down into Huddart Park.  Beautiful misty day in the redwoods.


                  Chnaiur, wonder why the ladies wanted to make you go over to the lake for water.  Maybe they didn't actually know how much water was in the river but were trying to act like they did so you'd think they had run farther?


                  Watoni, seems like any run originating at Stinson would involve some pretty bad ass hills.  Unless you're running to Bolinas, of course. Big grin


                  QOTD 1: No, really no difference in how I dress.  If I were prone to getting poison oak, I'd be more inclined to wear something on my legs when out on the trails but it doesn't seem to be an issue for me, unlike others that I run with.


                  QOTD 2: Poison oak might be getting redder but that's about it.


                    Howdy all.  I got a nice 9 miles in on a new trail this morning.  I had to leave our dog at home because she wouldn't eat her breakfast for some reason.  I didn't see a single human being on the trail, but there was lots of bear poop and plenty of ripe huckleberries along the trail.  I felt a little spooked for part of the run, but in the end, all I saw were some white tail deer, some rabbits, and this butterfly who landed on me.


                    QOTD:  I wear the same clothes no matter where I run.  Just my shoes are different.


                    QOTD:  It's smack in the middle of summer here.  That means the wildflowers have just about died off, there are ripe wild berries everywhere, and the grass and soil are drying up.  I have seem some foliage turning yellow and red, but these are plants that typically turn color in the summer.  There are certainly no signs of autumn here.


                      Nice runs, everyone.  Chnaiur, that's a serious Saturday solo run.


                      18+ this a.m. - ran 6 on the roads to meet up with my Sunday a.m. group, ran 6 on trails (doing a course check for a new local 10K in September), then 6 home.  This is a lifetime longest run for me - I feel happy.  Also my second run in the new Leadville 1210s - I haven't run in anything other than Mizunos for over 10 years, and these fit like a glove and feel good.


                      QOTD:  Sometimes I'll wear longer socks on the trail to minimize scratches from thorns, etc., and I usually limit the summer hat to the trails to ward of flies (which seem to avoid the roads).


                      QOTD:  No, no sign of autumn...


                      Endless trails

                        That's great, good for you.


                        18+ this a.m. - ran 6 on the roads to meet up with my Sunday a.m. group, ran 6 on trails (doing a course check for a new local 10K in September), then 6 home.  This is a lifetime longest run for me - I feel happy.  Also my second run in the new Leadville 1210s - I haven't run in anything other than Mizunos for over 10 years, and these fit like a glove and feel good.



                          Sandy: Hope your B2B miles will be fun! Cool I always admire how you can ramp up your mileage. 


                          Not so fast....  This morning, unbelievably, I started having a bit of an issue with my hip so I shut it down after 10 miles.  My hip is just kind of bugging me so hopefully a few days off will take care of it.  I could have run through it, but didn't think that was a good idea for just a training run.  I may be doing a 3 week taper afterall.

                          Next up:

                          Grindstone 100 mile, Oct 7


                            Update: Did just over 14.5 in just under 2 hours ... elevation gain was modest (about 1800 feet). Felt good, but tired from yesterday and a long week generally.

                            running under the BigSky

                              had a great run/hike up to Casey Peak w/ my DW, a little over 14 miles w/ over 4000' of elevation gain (the majority of it in 2 miles!)


                              surprisingly we found the remnants of a old lookout (mid-30's) up top, pretty neat perched on the edge of an abyss






                              qotd: don't run roads, so yes everything stays the same Smile


                              qotd 2: the wildflowers are about done, the berries are starting to come on, the mountains are drier, the days are shorter-summer is waning

                               “Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up, it knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve. It doesn't matter whether you're the lion or a gazelle-when the sun comes up, you'd better be running.”                                                                           


                              Faster Than Your Couch!

                                Just a quick evening report. I ran 8 with my running buddy, and it went very well, too, and later another mile with my kids. I could have run another 4 or 6 miles, maybe more, but I did not want to push it. Glad I'm back on my feet again!


                                QOTD2: I closely observe nature, and I can see some changes, but nothing out of the usual for late July.

                                One of my games is to run from one red leaf on the ground to the next. Early July, this may take a mile, mid-July a hundred, or a few hundred feet, and by late July, the red leaves are within a couple feet of each other already. Shocked  I am always disappointed by that, as I love summer, but this happens every summer, and then there are still several nice weeks to run, so I have learned not to panic. Smile

                                Run for fun.