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    Ok I’ll start us up today.  Pea soup fog this morning in London, typical I guess.  Could barely see 10 feet in front of me.  Slept late but still managed to squeeze in a quick 5 miler before my meeting started.  Not bad I guess.


    Have a good day everyone.


    Qotd:  I got nothing.  Pass.

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      Good Morning,


      Good Morning Sandy, you beat me by a minute. There must be some advantage to time zone travel! (just don't take the rowboat - see below!)


      Just realized one of my favorite jokes in conversations about travel has been nixed: a British woman just crossed the Pacific Ocean successfully in a rowboat. No more laughing at mapquest, when their "directions" suggest to go from Los Angeles to Tokio by jetski or rowboat. Clown


      I had a wonderful, quick run yesterday on my new wheels. I got myself a pair of Cascadia 7's because I noticed that my current pair is somewhat worn out after more than 1,000 miles on them and heavy abuse over rocks and mud. I always notice this when the inside of the ball of my left foot starts hurting, as it gets pinched between the insole and the side of the shoe. And I really wanted the same shoe that I've been running in during my training for the 100-mile race.

      So I started out browsing around the internet for a good deal on the shoes, after all, they are a retired model and should be on sale. I checked more than 100 places, but could not find a pair in my size.

      Desperately, I called my LRS, and, would you believe it, as the only ones in the whole wide world (www), they still had one single pair in my size left. So I instantly drove downtown to pick them up, and even got a fairly good deal on them! Smile

      Yay for the LRS!


      On my run, it was wonderful to be "running on clouds" again, even though the Cascadia is quite a great shoe for rugged terrain, don't be fooled by its comfy cushioning.


      Planning on a few miles later, after breakfast has settled.


      QOTD: Got the mittens out yet?


      Me: Yes. I use them as soon as temps drop into the forties.


      Enjoy a wonderful day, runners!

      Run for fun.

        Morning folks!

        Got in 3.5 easy, at a brisk 40 degrees F.


        QOTD: not yet. I will wait until we're in the low 30's. My hands generally stay pretty warm.


          Good morning, trailers-  slept in this morning and lingering over my coffee.  Am planning to  get in 5 or 6 tonight with the running group.  First time it will mostly be in the dark and I haven't found my good running headlamp yet .


          On my run home last night, I passed a runner wearing homemade, minimalist shoes.  Think tire tread bottoms with straps (and duct tape at chafing points, I think).  I've seen some version of these before; is this the new trend amongst barefoot runners?  might need to go visit that RWOL forum to go find out...Evil.  They did not look comfortable, IMO.


          qotd:  still looking for the headlamp!  It has only dipped into the 40s once or so.  My threshold is usually the 30s, and I get those thin stretchy gloves.

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            I'm still laying in my bed trying to decide what I want to do this morning. Probably an easy trail run here at the house with Jo.


            QOTD: I wore my running gloves for the first time yesterday but it was a little premature.

            running under the BigSky

              Morning all!  I'll hit the hills this evening for 5-6 miles, perfect running weather is holding nicely (highs in the 60's) Big grin


              qotd: it has to be really cold before I break out mittens (near 0), I have a couple of pairs of gloves that get me from the 30's to near 0- mittens are clearly warmer than gloves (they're really warm when worn over a pair of gloves!), but normally too warm for me for running



                I had all intentions of getting up for a morning run today to take advantage of the perfect 45 degree conditions, but once the clock struck 11 PM last night, I knew it would be better for me to get the extra sleep instead. Thus, I will head out after work for 6-7 miles.


                FTYC: I knew I should have bought the cheap 7's while they had them online! I'm going to check my LRS but not holding out hope with a size 11.5 foot. Same goes for the Ghosts, now I'll prob be forced to buy the new ones Sad


                QOTD: Nope, the farthest I've gone into winter gear is a long sleeve tech shirt and capris.

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                  SRD for me.


                  QOTD:  Absolutely - started wearing them a couple of weeks ago.  Anything below 55 or so and I'm wearing mittens.  I have a strong preference for mittens over gloves and I'm always surprised what a limited selection there is for running mittens - stores have 10x as many styles of gloves as mittens.


                    Today is SRD, although it shouldn't be considering I took the weekend off. I did have a great run yesterday. I fought with spiders on the first loop and took it slow. Plus, I am a little gun shy with all the snake bite/snake killing going on around here the last couple of weeks, so I am watching my step closely. The last two loops were run at a leisurely pace, and I averaged 9:32 per mile with the spider fighting stops included. I am pretty happy about that, but it was only 5 miles.


                    QOTD: No, not yet.



                    Endless trails

                      Morning folks,


                      Nice 6 miler this morning, getting a bit chilly at 6:30.


                      sandy-not much to see in London anyway, fog is probably ok.


                      ftyc: nice wheels.


                      QOTD: Last week it was 38 one morning, I used my thin gloves for first few miles.


                        Another work induced rest day again. I'm doing what we call a reverse 24. Started last night at 11 pm and will work until tonight at 11 pm. At least I got a 4 hour nap this morning but I think 5 hour energies will be my friend today.


                        LB2 - Snake bites? Was this trail runners and hikers getting bit or hunters, and what kind of snakes were they?


                        QOTD: Anything below 50 I start to consider gloves. I hate cold hands and that's the first part of my body to get cold.


                          i know I risk bannishment here but I ran the roads this morning and I am sorry but it was enjoyable. But I promise to be on the trails the rest of the week. Really.  I need to check the weather but I'll plan on mountain biking tomorrow morning. Love this season and our weather right now is incredible.


                          QOTD--I run hot and also tolerate the cold easily so it will be a while before those go on and if they do it's only for the first mile or so and then I'm hot. I get by with cheapo painters type gloves-about a dollar to a dollar and a half per pair.  I'll be running in shorts for a long while too but I do confess, I wore a long sleeve tech shirt the other day.



                            LB2 - Snake bites? Was this trail runners and hikers getting bit or hunters, and what kind of snakes were they?




                            My cousin got bit below the ankle, probably a ground rattler (pygmy rattlesnake). She lives next door to my parents' house. She went out barefooted to dump out some dog scraps. As she was walking along some stepping stones, the snake bit her. After a night in the hospital and 3 vials of anti venom, she came home. I am glad it wasn't our primary poisonous snake that lives down here, the cottonmouth. Every bite has its terrible side effects, but a cottonmouth is just a nasty, nasty bite that often leaves lingering effects forever. You can google some "cottonmouth bites" and see what I am talking about. She should make a full recovery.


                            Wandering Wally

                              Something around 6-ish planned for after work today.


                              QOTD - No.  My hands get pretty hot when running.  Even in mid-winter with the temps hovering around 10F I'll end up taking my gloves off and stashing them in my pockets.  For now, if my knuckles get cold, I'll pull my hands up into my shirt sleeve for a few minutes.

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                                5 miles for us.


                                QOTD: Not yet but a couple times I wished for my thin gloves.


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