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    Morning folks got in 6 on the Custis / W&OD bike path this morning. I grew up on the east coast and now when I come back for work or a visit the humidity always surprises me. Now living in the NM it kicks my ass. Have a good day all.



    QOTD: Do you have any rituals while traveling? I make this trip I am currently on twice a year and I don't do anything in particular but my old boss also makes this trip and hits the same eat establishments and drinks the same beer while out here.

      Morning all. 10 planned after work today. Will have my RR for the OSS/CIA 50 later this afternoon.


      dpc3: Gotta love that humidity. I've never really run anywhere else but the east coast (live in PA). I wouldn't know what to do without it!


      qotd: Not really. I actually try to mix it up if I travel to the same place more than once.


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        Good Morning,


        About to head out for a longer run. Humid here, too, but manageable (I hope).


        dpc: Nice morning run. Living in NM is great for elevation training, something that is totally lacking here in PA.


        tmo: Have a fun run later! Can't wait for the RR!


        QOTD: No, when I travel, I like the change, and I keep this going by not incorporating rituals. When I was in my early 20's, I had a boyfriend whose family would travel to the same destination at the same time of year every year. They would stay at the same hotel, go to the same places to eat on the same days of the week as the previous years, eat the same entrees every year, and they did the same activities in that same order, every year. For 20+ years! Shocked Not exactly my lifestyle.

        Needless to say, we broke up after the second year into our relationship, when I dared to suggest a different activity... Evil


        Have a fun day, trailers!

        Run for fun.


          Morning people-

          got 6 planned for tonight with the running group.  I'm going the humidity drops a bit, but that be a lot of wishful thinking.

          qotd- both!  I like new places, food, beer but also like mixing in old standbys (sentimental value).

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            Morning Trailers!  Had a nice, easy run along the Yellowstone- 6 miles.  I just about stepped on a rooster pheasant- I'm still not certain who was more startled Big grin


            qotd: when traveling to smaller towns I'll tend to hit what I know is good, in bigger towns I try to mix things up and discover new places


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              Morning all,


              7 after work the humidity.  I'm reading Scott Jurek's book "Eat/Run" and he talks about training during the hottest part of the made me feel like a wuss for waiting for the sun to go down, so I'm going to subscribe to that line of thinking for as long as I can stand it and run as soon as I get home.


              QOTD:  Something I picked up from my Dad is to always seek out the local beer (good policy!).  When I used to travel for work I would always ask the hotel person what the town/city/area was known for and try to do that.

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              A man may never run the same trail twice for it is not the same trail and he is not the same man


                Hi all,


                Quite humid again here in Philly. Last night I ran 4 miles in the most humid part of the day, and felt like crap! Hoping it will break later on. Planning on 6 miles after work.  Maybe I'll get lucky and it will storm during my run, I haven't had a good rainy run in awhile.


                QOTD: I always explore a new place by running around it. Then I report back to whomever I'm traveling with about all the stuff around town that looks fun. Oh, and I also try the local beers.

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                  Early day at work so no run...maybe after but we'll see.


                  QOTD:  I married Couches old boyfriend.  When with my husband we do the same thing when we go somewhere.  Camping...we always camp at this spot it's the best, beach, rise walk, beer cribbage, Baja, day trip to the desert (same spot), into town, to the light house.   It rarely bothers me but sometimes his anxiety over worrying if our camp spot would be available etc..


                  When I travel I use to google ahead and see what was going on in the town.  Now I just google local trails and drink a beer at whatever hotel they stick me.

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                    QOTD:  I married Couches old boyfriend. 



                    Big grin

                    6/21 - Manitou's Revenge 54mi


                    A man may never run the same trail twice for it is not the same trail and he is not the same man



                      Good morning everyone!  I'm planning 6-ish miles after work this evening, but I don't have a route planned yet.  I'm trying to think of somewhere that will have a lot of shade at that time of day since I'm pathetic in the heat.


                      QOTD:  I don't really have any rituals, but when I visit new towns, I like to see their cemeteries.


                      Have a great day!

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                        did 5 easy from home last night as a recovery run after Sundays long run. Windy.  Had a 30 acre grassfire earlier in the day that threatened one of our employees houses but the helos and bombers saved it.


                        Anyway, the run felt hard for 3/4 of it but during mile 4 I loosened up and felt faster on the last mile.  Went to bed at 8 pm and slept hard until 7 am this morning.


                        I like to travel different places and have new experiences when I do travel like FTYC.  Of course there are places you come to rely on, but I hate to get in a rut!  I have 2 conferences a year I attend and the itinerary is consistent each year.  I always seem to tweak something to make it different.

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                          10 miles along the coast in Athens.  Kinda warm, but much less humid than home.


                          qotd: always mix it up wrt food and beers. I'll also mix up the runs, but admit I have standard 5 miler routes in many cities around the world.

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                            Took a break from running. Went for a 31 mile bike ride instead. Nice ride and had a couple of pooches run along with me for a short distance barking encouragement. Either that or they were telling me I'm fat and need to ride more Smile.


                            Sugnim - Do you visit them at night? Just wondering if there's something you're not telling us. Like your a vampire Surprised.


                            QOTD: If I go to the same places repeatedly I get bored. Generally we just go with the flow when traveling. The two things that we used to almost always do was stop at a Cracker Barrel Restaurant and a Sonic. That was when they were new and we didn't have any in our area. But we don't always do that anymore either.


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                              10.2 today, 6.1 road miles with Weston the dog, and 4 more on trails by myself.  Sounds incredibly selfish..

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                                I ran some distance this morning. I really don't know how far, but it was sluggish. The humidity is really bad down here right now, and I don't expect a break until sometime in late October...


                                QOTD: We do have a bit of traditional trip that we have made a couple of times to east Texas in early February. There is some race over there that we have grown attached to, but the name escapes me... Sandy Beaver 100 or something like that... Anyway, only a couple of folks on here will get that joke. We have made the trip west to Rocky Raccoon for the past couple of years, and we do have rituals on this trip. We go to the same liquor store and stock up on beer that we can't get in Louisiana. We stay at the same fishing camp on Lake Livingston, which has just been completely remodeled in the last month or so. George HW Bush built it in the late 60's, which is kind of a cool thing even if you don't like the Bushes. We rock on the back porch and watch eagles fly by. And we sample our beers.