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    I ran five miles on forest trails to get to a small beach where my dad and my kids waited for me.


    QOTD: I'm a serious guy, so here is a serious question ;-). Are you extroverted or introverted? How strongly? This distinction isn't about social skills, but about where you draw your energy from: social interaction or solitude. My hypothesis is that ultra-runners will rarely be extroverted.


    I usually score as a weak extrovert, but I think I'm actually is a weak introvert. I believe this will limit the distances I can race. 7-8 hours of solitary running per week is the most I can do without getting bored and feeling lonely. I believe that means I will not do any 100-milers. The training needs to be worth it in itself.

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      Hot, hot, hot here today.  Did not get the early start that I was planning, so started my 12 miles in the woods at 87 degrees and ended at 92 degrees + humidity.  I envy those who can run well in the heat.  My body does not like it at all.  I had to walk some hills late in the run that I normally have no problem running and my breathing was way to deep for the easy pace I had set.  Might have to do a night run this weekend since forecast is for continued hot and humid weather.


      QOTD:  I'm more of an ambivert.  I enjoy large groups and parties and I'm usually the one to strike up a conversation, but I also enjoy being alone to read or for long runs.


        Good morning folks.  I'm thinking I'll do an easy 3 miles after work this evening.  Maybe 5.  Nothing big, just a shake out for my legs.  It might rain this evening, and I'm hoping that it does since it is supposed to be in the 90s here by Friday.  I don't do well in the heat.


        QOTD: I've never taken a test, but I would say I'm introverted.  I'm not a fan of large social gatherings, and I really prefer to run by myself.


          I've been putzin' around here and for some reason not digging into any projects that I need to get going on. The older I get the worse I become in time management. But then again it's my time so I don't care. Smile  An easy 5 yesterday and today I'll try for a muddy 4. Just running short and easy this week. I have a trail type triathlon on Saturday up north so I guess I'm psyching up for that. Originally my plan was to burn that, be real competitive but now I'm just gonna participate and relax.


          QOTD--Big time introvert.  I can play the game in social settings or business but I gain strength being alone or with a few close people.

            Mornng all. Got in a track workout this morning. Also running 8 tonight with the trail group.


            Chnaiur: I agree with your hypothesis. Also, great run...and to a beach no less.


            AT: The humidity does suck here on the east coast. I've been trying to get out during the hotter parts of the day to 'try' and get used to the heat. It is brutal.


            Sugnim: Heat heat heat. It was like that all weekend in PA. Get your cool runs in now.


            QOTD: Introvert. I like keeping/being by myself. Easier to think that way.

              Did 7.5 muggy miles on some trails. I agree AT- runner, was not the best morning to run, I was up early and still was 80* and dew point of 70.


              QOTD I can be both, I enjoy my time to myself or I can be more social, however I prefer my alone time which I don't get enough of.


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                Morning trailers,


                I did 7 last night...tough run...the type of run where you don't want to do it the whole way.  Hoping 7 tonight will be easier.


                QOTD: I'm an introvert.  I get some anxiety before social situations.  For me, I think this is rooted in my lack of ability in making on the spot decisions.  I always have a better answer 5 minutes later, better still after a run.

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                  SRD, and my last work day before full retirement!


                  QOTD: Introvert


                  Tallahassee, Florida


                    Track workout this morning with a new group, mostly triathletes.  5 x 1000 at 5k pace, felt good, and my nagging hip/butt injury didn't really bother me, which was nice.


                    TT:  Congratulations!


                    QOTD:  Introvert.

                      Hi all,


                      It's quite sweltering here in Philly today. I have another frisbee game tonight, so no running for me. Yesterday I got in 5 at lunch (peak heat time) and had to walk most of the last mile. I am forcing myself to heat acclimate though, as I hate this in between period where I can't deal with the heat.


                      QOTD:  I am definitely an introvert, though I have extroverted social tendencies. I've argued with my boyfriend about this, who thinks that I am an extrovert simply because I like social situations and have no problem talking to new people. I've debunked his theory though, because there are weeks when I don't get enough "me time" and tend to freak out. I NEED alone time to function.


                      I agree with the idea that most ultrarunners are introverts....I have a hard time believing a lot of extroverts would enjoy spending hours and hours on end by themselves in the wilderness. I'm not saying they wouldn't do it, I'm just saying they might not CHOOSE to do it or get pleasure from it.

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                        SRD, and my last work day before full retirement!



                        That's awesome.  Congrats.

                        6/21 - Manitou's Revenge 54mi


                        A man may never run the same trail twice for it is not the same trail and he is not the same man


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                          Heading out this afternoon for some trail time barring any thunderstorms.


                          TT - Congrats on the retirement!


                          QOTD - Introvert.

                          Run!  Just Run!


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                            I am off today since I moved today's run up to last night. I gotta write some checks.


                            QOTD: Extrovert.


                            running under the BigSky

                              6 miles in the hills w/ my DW, ran w/ her for about half and then picked up the pace a bit, exactly what my aching legs needed!


                              qotd: introvert, I can play an extrovert when needed Big grin


                              TT- congrats, I've got two weeks and I'll be retiring as well, semi-retiring actually, as I took another full time job; but I will be collecting a pension Big grin


                                It got up to 75 yesterday! I was really slogging through my run. In the middle of my run I heard the ambulance and fire sirens. I HATE when I miss a call during my run. As I was running home I smelt something...yep ammonia. Ammonia leak. I tried to high tail it home, but I just couldn't. Ended showing up to the call 30 minutes late when things were pretty much getting wrapped up. But let me tell you, if I thought I was hot running in 70's weather was hot I was damn hot stuffed into fire gear with my nasty running clothes on.


                                No running today. I slept in really late again. I've been doing that a lot lately. Either I need the sleep or I need to force myself to get up.


                                QOTD: Introvert. I love running alone. I love the nights when I am the only one at work. I don't really ever enjoy going to social functions. It was very un-like me to join the volunteer FD and be around so many people. But it took months before anyone even knew I had a boyfriend. I've been there about a year and a half and only a few people there "know" me.