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    The pooch and I had a nice 4 mile trail run this cool morning with a light rain falling.  I was surprised that we ran a very good pace (for me at least), since I didn't feel like we were working very hard.


    Tallahassee, Florida

      Plan on an easy 6 after work.


      QOTD Are you as healthy as you think?

      So I was at the doctors last week for a check up for my high cholesterol, turns out I also have high blood pressure, a heart murmur, and I'm skipping heartbeats. (Don't think the murmur and skipping are  that big of a deal). So I guess I'm not as healthy as I thought.


      Endless trails

        I went out for a walk this morning wearing my running gear. I did a little joggy jog to see if I felt any issue with my calf, no

        problems but I'm still in rest mode so I didn't push it. When I got home I had a good leg/core workout. What a great way to start the day!


        QOTD: This past winter I had back pain, hip pain, chest pain and now calf pain. So, no, not as healthy as I thought.

        Occasional Runner

          Back to training this morning. An easy 6 miles followed by an intense core workout at the gym. I have a funny little pain in my right hamstring and my left knee is pinging me every now and then, but otherwise things are in good order.


          QOTD: Well...I have chronic Lyme Disease, anemia and high blood pressure. I think I know the state of my health.

            I think I'm gonna head out for a few miles during lunch to see how my legs are doing. I've had a NEW pain on my right leg (they just keep popping up), on the outside of my calf. Basically my whole right side needs a lot of work. I think this new pain is just from running fast (for me) on hilly trails, which I haven't done in a long time.


            QOTD:  I guess I don't think I'm healthier than I am. I definitely drink more than the recommended amount and my eating habits leave something to be desired.

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              Howdy!  I'm back at work part-time this week.  Stupid work.  I'll go for a mini walk later this afternoon.  Maybe I'll be able to make it to a mile soon!


              QOTD: Well, I just had hip surgery at age 31.    I'm anemic and I eat too much crap.  But I have a healthy BMI, exercise (sometimes to excess), eat a decent amount of fruit and veggies along with the other crap, my blood pressure is normal, and my resting heart rate is in the 40s.  So overall I'm not doing too terribly.


                Ran 8 miles two times last week. First time felt like crap with stuff in my lungs, the one yesterday felt fine but irritated my lungs. I'm leaning toward running Wildflower 50k just for the company and scenery, but will take it very easy if I do.


                QOTD: Dunno. Starting to feel more aches, and my lungs are acting up more and more frequently. I've been quite sick and lost several weeks of training three times the last six months. It could be random, but it has given me some pause and self-doubt on whether I can maintain this training volume.

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                  4.5 miles recovery run in the rain. It went well, but my legs are not as stretchy as they used to be - I've been slacking on my stretching lately, and it shows.


                  Muppy: Skipping some heartbeats, and enlongated Q-T phases may be normal in endurance athletes. Usually, the heart gets back into a normal rhythm as soon as exercise starts, or when the person is "moving around", so that the heart rate goes above resting rate. You might check with a cardiologist.


                  QOTD: I've had some checkups lately, including a stress test and cardio ultrasound, and everything is great. I think I'm in better shape than expected. I've also not been ill this winter, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I won't be getting my usual spring-flu this year (actually just a cold, but it can be nasty).

                  Run for fun.


                    Nothing today, working late. I just had a lady drop an "MF'er" in here. That was nice to break the monotony of the community/technical college day to day workload.


                    QOTD: I think I am pretty healthy, but I need to have a check up to make sure.



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                      Afternoon all,

                      Planning on getting some miles in after work...legs are feeling fresh as far as I can tell walking around.  6-8 miles.


                      QOTD: We have a $0.00 copay for an annual physical from my job's healthcare plan...I need to take advantage of that, but I feel pretty durned healthy

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                      Gator eye

                        Rest day today but I got some decent miles in this past weekend



                        QOTD: Probably not, I have a few running related health issues but I am still way healthier than I ever was before I took my first jog.


                          Hi trailers!  Got in just under 4 sluggish miles last night after a day of yard work.  Today, just got back from a yoga class that humbled me (often does).


                          qotd:  pretty healthy, no complaints, except for some winter weight that seems to have creeped in.


                            Today is a rest day, but I'll do a little walking this evening.  Just need to stay lose, because if I sit too long my hip starts bugging me.


                            qotd:  I don't know, my abdomen was kinda screwy for a while and it still isn't 100% (that could be why my hip is bugging me today), but in general I'm ok.  But I also eat too much crap and need to lose the proverbial 5 pounds.

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