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    Morning, late risers.


    I did a speed work pyramid today.  400-800-1200-1600-1200-800-400.  Walked for 2-4 minutes between each hard effort.  It's one of my favorite speed workouts because they way back down gets easier mentally.  But I still hate speed work.


    QOTD:  What is your favorite speed workout?  OR - If you don't do speed work, what is your substitute?

      Morning folks!

      I think it may turn into one of those weeks. After finding out about my foot yesterday morning (likely deep bone bruise) I came down with a bit of stomach flu yesterday afternoon. So no workout today.

      This wasn't how I wanted to take a cutback week, but I guess it will work. Hopefully it will be a quick bug, and I'll make it to the elipticals at the gym tonight.


      QOTD: I remember doing pyramids on swim team growing up, they hurt. All speed work hurts. I do enjoy 800 meter repeats on occasion.

        AT- great must be the day of speed. We will see how it holds up.


        I actually did some speed work today also. Did 4x400, 3x600, 2x800 at or below 6 minute mile pace. Will get in 7 to 9 miles on trails later tonight with a new running group I found.


        I'm in great spirits today. Putting this past weekends race behind. Looking forward to some great training in the next two months. Have a good day everyone.


        QOTD: I love track work. 400 repeats are probably my favorite from track and field days but I also enjoy LT workouts, 10 miles with the last 5 at 10K pace.


          Morning folks!


          Well it was back to reality for me today. Got up at 4 and slowly moved about the house to get ready to run and for work this morning. I got in a quick 5k. Now I get to listen to our upper management talk about sequestration and other nonsense all day long. I'll be the guy holding a gun to his head by the end of the work day. I can't take all the "sky is falling bull shit". Deal with it and do your job the best you can until Congress get their collective asses together or we vote them all out. OK I am done with my rant for the morning.


          Have a wonderful day all.


          AT: Nice speed work



          QOTD: My favorite speed work is when a run comes together and I run faster then I expected. I really need to work on incorporating speed work into my routine but I can't stand running around a track.


            6.5 on the road this morning.  Love that it's getting light earlier.


            QOTD:  AT's pyramid workout is one of my favorites - I like knowing that the middle is the most painful and that it gets progressively easier to handle.  I also do 5 x 1000, 8-10 x 800 - pretty much anything that adds up to 3-4 miles of 5k-pace running.  I enjoy speedwork - reminds me of my high school track days, helps with turnover and overall speed.

            Refurbished Hip

              Hiya Trailers!


              My chiro wants me to run 3 miles after work today.  Smile  Second run in 114 days.  I think I scarred NorthernHarrier for life by sending him a photo of my bruised leg yesterday, but that's just a pretty side effect of the Graston treatments I am enduring at the moment.  I'm supposed to see significant improvement after 6 visits and I've been 3 times, so my fingers are crossed.


              QOTD:  I've probably done a handful of tempo runs over the past 5 years, but that's about it.

                I'll be doing 6 easy miles later, likely 2 to the gym from work, 3 on the treadmill, and 1 home. Sometimes that's the only way to squeeze it in my day.


                QOTD: I hate speedwork. If I do speedwork, it's usually on the treadmill, there aren't many tracks accessible to me in the city, and Garmin speedwork annoys the heck out of me.  Love hill repeats though.

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                  morning all, strength training on tap today


                  I'm hoping one more day of warmer temps (calling for high 40's) and most of our mud (and ice) will be gone


                  qotd:  I haven't incorporated any speedwork into my routine, I'm thinking maybe some mile repeats at a quicker than race pace

                  Occasional Runner

                    Just got back in from 8 miles in the Wasatch. Its snowing this morning, but it was still a lot of fun.


                    QOTD: Hills are my speed work.


                      Just strength training and stretching on the schedule for me today. Rolled my ankle pretty good last night during a 6 mile run that turned into a 4.5 mile run and 1.5 mile walk. Usually I can jog off ankle rolls but not last night. Ironic considering I just sent in a race app but I suspect this will be a short term thing (a few days).


                      QOTD: Tempo runs or progression runs are my favorite.



                      Mandy: Yay for a run even if it's a short one. Graston... oh, it hurts so good.

                      In dog beers, I've only had one.

                      Le professeur de trail

                        Morning trailers!  6 mile mile this morning at somewhat tempoish pace - or at least a bit faster than the norm for me.  It felt good.  I need to do that more.  When I started with the ultra thing a couple years ago, I slowed everything down.


                        AT - that is quite the speed workout.  I may have to try that sometime.

                        birdwell - I had some sort of bruise on the bottom of my foot after my first 50k.  It was a weird pain between the tendons in my forefoot.  Never did completely go away until I took nearly 2 months off a year later (for another injury).  I ran with it for that year - only bother me on longer runs and when a rock would catch that portion of my foot.  Take care of it.

                        tmotmo - good to see you are ready to ramp it up again for your April 100.  We're excited for you.

                        dpc3 - just daydream about the mountain trails all day and once in a while shake your head yes in agreement with everyone

                        digdug - yes I like that it's lighter earlier too but this too shall pass - in 2 wks!

                        mandy - YEA! for mandy.  You go girl!

                        tnc - That is quite a way to spread your miles - maybe you could incorporate speedwork? Ha - sorry I had to say that since you don't like it.  But reality is I am with you - speed is not my fav.

                        mtwarden - "life things up and put them down"

                        lace - still have lots on snow in the mountains? are you sick of it yet?

                        xt - take care of the ankle


                        QOTD: I am not good at speed work.  My most recent is to do 1/4 mile intervals on the indoor track at the Y.  It's the only way I can tolerate inside.  I do like the pyramid idea...I might try that.  We'll see.


                        Have a great day!

                        The incarnation of peacefulness and patience



                          After two days of recovering from 50k Saturday, I thought I'd try an actual run today. 6 miles. Started feeling pretty good after about 4 miles, though I can tell my legs are still tired.


                          qotd: I've done all of one speed workout recently if you don't count hills. 2 minutes hard, 2 minutes easy X 8. What made it particularly fun was I doing it going around a 1.2 mile trail loop. The fast interval could be down, could be up, could be mixed, could be flat, but was always different.

                          Pinhoti 100: Finished :D


                          Dirty Girl

                            Can't decide if I want to run or rest today. My legs are restless.

                            Ran 50k on Saturday. Rest Sunday. 6 miles yesterday. Now restless legs today, lol.


                            qotd: my only speed work ever is just trying to run a certain "course" faster then I've run it previously. I seriously don't like structured runs Wink


                             4/13 Bull Run Run 50 miler- DONE!

                            Ultra Cowboy

                              Last night I did a flat 8 miler (closer to 9) down the railroad tracks,  past the Homeless halfway house, along the river, loop 2 miles around the wetlands and return.  Had more of a feeling of uneasiness than in previous runs in that neighborhood before.  It was a rather mechanical run.  My calves felt sore in the last 2 miles, but I finished strong.  Long straightaways where you can see 1/2 mile ahead of you seem to be mentally tough since you don't have the sensation of speed that twisty trails in the trees gives you.


                              Doing a group speed workout is enjoyable since the competitive nature of the task spurs me on...

                              I'd say 2 man 200:200 relays is fun, as are Daily doubles (800x2, 600x2, 400x2, 200x2)  it is gratifying to see your paces speed up..

                              But man I need competition and a cheering section to really make it "fun".




                                Still taking SRD's.  Hope to do a few miles on the bike today after work.


                                qotd: I typically do 4x400, 2x800, 4x400.  All at 1:35 per lap and 1:35 in between.

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