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Faster Than Your Couch!

    8 miles over ice and through mud. It was fun, although I took a hard fall when one of my spikes got stuck on a tree root in the middle of a very steep, rocky and rooty section of the trail which was glazed over with a thick layer of slick ice. Going down felt like being dragged over a waterfall, or river rapids. Like in those Disney movies, where a lost dog falls into a river and swims down over the waterfall (now I hate Disney!).


    20 feet down, I knew that "painful" does not fully describe the experience. It also has quite a scary element to it.


    Gathered up my handheld way down and continued my run.

    When I got down to the road, which was also under a thick layer of ice in some parts, I saw a tow truck load up a pick-up truck which had slipped on the ice and hit a rock. The right front wheel was completely destroyed.

    I was happy to be wearing my spikes!


    Sorry, no time for personals today, but I'll read through the thread.


    QOTD: something like 800m-1600m-1600m-800m-800m intervals with 1 or 2 minutes recovery in between them. Not much choice around here, the 800m is the only flat loop in my hood.

    Run for fun.


      Hey people, always late if at all these days but what the heck.  Did a pace work session on our perfect 10k loop we have here. I don't race it but I focus on turnover and tempo. Fastest lap in about a year for me without really trying so I'm happy. I'll probably take tomorrow off than do another uptempo run on Thursday and then decide if I want to head to the race in Iowa Saturday. Do I really want to drive 3 hours to come in DFL?

      Badger game tonight. Season is winding down and I have tickets for one more game after this one. Favorite sport to watch in person.


      QOTD-- I LOVE speed work!!! I have done all kinds and distances. If you are looking for that elusive endorphin rush, that's where to find it. Right now I'm doing mile intervals on the roads where the miles have been marked on a certified course. Once the snow and ice are gone I have two areas in the woods where we have measured half miles so I do a bunch of halves weekly. When I was a competitive road racer I would spend a lot of time at a couple local tracks doing a variety of work but now that I'm a geriatric runner I keep it a little simpler.  Speed work pays off. Just have to learn how to keep it fun. And you have to do it on a consistent basis.


        Evening folks,


        Life keeps gettting the the way of posting and reading here but I have been able to keep getting my runs in. Did a little over 14 miles on the mountain today. Mostly ice and snow with some mud mixed in. The good thing is that I found some more trails that are good for training. I didn't think there were any decent trails this close to home and I now realize why I overlooked them. They stink for mt biking so I was never on them.
        Overall they aren't even that nice for runninig since they go straight down the mountain then turn around a go back up and aren't very long. But for training purposes it beats driving 30 miles to get to nice trails.


        QOTD: The only spped work that I do is on a treadmill and are random in nature. I know I should do more speedwork but I hate it. If I run short it's to do a tempo run.


          4 miles around the hood with the dog today. I'm getting really sick of all the wind around here lately!


          QOTD: Don't do any formal speed work, but would like to start. Every once in a while I will add in some fast stretches if I'm feeling good. I run a lot of hills though, so maybe that counts...

            Week 3 or 4 of not pulling my lazy ass out of bed to run pre-work.  This is why I changed my schedule to 9 to 5:30. But I will continue to set the alarm and do it one of these days.  Which leads me to 6 miles on treadmill tonight.


            QOTD:  No speed workout. But what Rocky said, if it was a group then it would be fun competing with each other.


            Rocky:  One and a half more weeks.  Let's try to say hi.  I have a black jeep with a rack on the back with red gas cans and a bummer sticker "the woods is my church".  I will be sitting in a chair drinking a beer after the run.

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