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    Morning all!

    thank goodness this is a 'short' week.  Went out for a brisk 3 miler this am in my attempt to add doubles to my training.  Will take DS out with the running group tonight for another 5.


    qotd:  I know this has been probably asked before, but do you run mostly solo or with others?  Until this year, I ran solo for a long time (since DH gave up running).  Last year, I 'resolved' to run more with others to push my speed.  And I've found the occasional group runs to be quite fun.  still running mostly solo-- It's my only quiet time.

    running under the BigSky

      Morning, was forced to run on the treadmill last night, winds were howling at 20-ish mph (putting the windchill near 0 Sad)  it's moderating today so have a 8 mile run in the hills planned.


      qotd:  I almost always run alone.  Occasionally I'll run w/ one or two others, and while enjoyable- I think I prefer to run alone for the most part. Running with someone faster does tend to push oneself which is definitely a plus.

        Morning folks! An hour at the pool for me. did a few sprints and other boring things.


        QOTD: Solo. None of my friends who run have schedules that match mine. The is a running club in our town that I'm debating joining for a little variety. They do the runs at odd times (for me at least) so I'm trying to figure out how to work it in.


        I agree with mtwarden though, it's easier to run fast with someone else.


          Short weeks are good.  I will do a light 5 miler today. Throw in a couple walks to keep it easy. Mile intervals on tap for tomorrow so I don't want to trash myself a day early. I have 3 pairs of shoes with me incl. screw shoes and both yaks and micro-spikes in the car. Yeah, I'm ready for spring. We have so much ice around right now it is lethal.


          Man cave tonight. Had to have a friend do some welding on my universal gym so I put it back together last night so that and free weights followed by watching the Badger basketball game while doing the elliptical gig.


          QOTD- Generally solo.


            5.5 on the TM yesterday; will probably run on the TM again today.


            QOTD:  Almost always a solo runner, although I recently started running with a group that meets for trail runs on Sunday mornings.  I find it fun and motivating to run with other people, as long as there are others with a relatively close pace.

            Occasional Runner

              7 Miles this morning.


              We have single digit temps again today. Getting tired of it.


              QOTD: almost always solo until I joined up with the Happy Utah Mountain Runner's. I run with them whenever I can. There are a lot of high level ultra runner's in the group and I'm a better runner when I go out with them. Plus, they always have beer afterwards.

              Le professeur de trail

                Morning trail peeps.  5 miles in brrrrrr weather this morning.  Felt pretty good though - no wind so it was tolerable.


                QOTD: Alone most of the time.  This is how I prefer it but I also agree that an occasional run with others might inspire.


                Have a great day!

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                  Good morning everyone.  5 miles along the river planned for after work.  It's always fun to see the look on my co-workers' faces when I leave the office in running clothes & shoes.  Hahaha.  (I'm just glad I don't know what they say once the door shuts behind me!)


                  QOTD:  Alone.  I don't like to chat while I run and no one except for my dog seems to understand the pleasure of enjoying a peaceful run together quietly.

                    Hello all! Back from a wonderful snowboarding trip to Vermont. After taking off M,T, & W this week, which is also week 1 of my 50k training plan (whoops) I am recovered from boarding and looking to get a nice 7-8 miler in tonight.


                    QOTD: While I enjoy the company of others during runs,  I definitely prefer to run alone. It is my therapy, my meditation, and my "me" time that I cherish so dearly. I like going at my own pace and taking breaks when I need to, not worrying about others paces etc. Having said that, I still participate occasionally in a local trail running group and a beer running group.

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                      Morning all!  7 miles done in the local 'hoods last night.  That will be my weekday MO until the spring thaw most likely.


                      QOTD - I run alone.  The very occasional group run is fun and I do enjoy the company of other runners.  I still mostly prefer to be by myself though.

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                        I hope to run 6-10 good trail miles either at lunch or after work.


                        Funny with the QOTD: I hardly ever run with anyone in my hood, but I do love participating in a group run in Marin on the odd Thursday morning early (5:30 am, so have to leave the house at 4:30am). Last night I had too much work so I shut off my alarm when it went off at 4am ... maybe next week


                          Hello all!


                          It was a balmy -21 degrees with the wind chill here in upstate New York. I was supposed to run 10 miles but decided to do 5 on the treadmill at unit PT this morning. I'm planning on on venturing our to finish up the day with 5 miles when the temperature creeps up into the low teens.


                          qotd: I normally run by myself. But when I am able, I love to run with my wife.


                            Easy three this morning. No complaints.


                            QOTD: solo.


                            Trail Monster

                              Easy hour later.


                              QOTD: I run alone but I like to run with a small group. Just having some conversation makes long runs go by faster. I signed up for a half this weekend just so I can do my long run with other people (well most of it. I'm scheduled for 18).

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                                Today was 6.65 miles (according to the garmin) on the roads at lunch time. I did my town loop route. Not too much interesting to report. I did see a lady walking a black lab in town and the lab was carrying a white rabbit. A stuffed toy one to be specific. The UPS truck buzzed by me 2 or 3 times. I suspect it was the same dude each time. Wonder what he thinks about the crackpot road runner he keeps seeing? Does he post about it on the UPS delivery forum? Hahaha.


                                Best run in awhile in terms of aches and pains and niggles as they simply were not there and I felt like my old self. Um.. I mean self of 2-3 years ago.


                                QOTD: I usually run with my leashless beasts or alone. Once every other week or so with my buddy Angus. Mostly when he needs a super slow day.

                                In dog beers, I've only had one.