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    I got early to the woods this morning and got in a tad under 7.  I swear I thought it was fall.  It was 55* and no humidity.  This after 75* and high humidity last week at 6am.  I could get used to this.


    QOTD: You are running on a trrail you have not been before and come to a fork in the trail.  Left looks well groomed, not so technical, flat, lots of light, etc.  To the right, the trail goes up, roots/rocks, looks ominous and dark.  Which do you choose?


    For me it depends on the day and my mood.  I have come to situations just like this and the decision is all based on what I feel at the moment.  That's kind of how trail running is for me.  (more times than not I chose the technical and ominous - just to se what I see)


    Have a great day!

    Refurbished Hip

      I'm supposed to run a 5K marathon tonight.  (And by run, I mean jog very slowly.)  Better go have a doughnut to carb up...


      QOTD: Depends on my goal for the day, the season, how far I'm running, etc.  I suppose the "good" answer is supposed to be the technical trail, but sometimes it's nice to just run easily in the sunshine too.


      Follower of Forrest

        Ended up skipping yesterday's run after indulging in the "Lumberjack Special" for dinner at a local diner.  I did hit my pushups workout though, so not a total loss.  Today, I'll get 9 on the trails after work unless I have to work late again...then it gets moved to the street.


        QOTD:  I let my GF know where I am going to run, then run what I told her.  I would go whichever way I planned and if I didn't know which way that was, I would choose the path that looked more frequently travelled.  However, I would go back and run the ominous trail next time...I'd let the GF know that I was going on a different trail, it's where abouts, and how long to wait before calling someone for help (100% of anticipated run duration has been my rule of thumb).


        I'm the "Safety Guy" at work...some of that leaks into my personal life and I am a bit more cautious now, or at least my risk taking is more calculated.

        4/5 - Lost Brook Trail 10mi  1:15:42

        4/27 - Ironmaster's Challenge 50k

        6/21 - Manitou's Revenge 56mi



          The cute ute and trailer are loaded and two springers and I are headed to the shack to get my last weekend back. The trailer has cinder blocks then a mattress and then a mountain bike on top. Hopefully the mattress arrives intact. Wink  The weather up there will have highs of just over 60F for the next few days. I could like that a lot.  If I get my tail moving I might still get a short whitewater canoe ride in today in the U.P.


          boyjame--nice morning weather!


          Mandy- enjoy the Full Moon 5k. Grab your bike and head up my way Saturday. Smile


          QOTD--I'd probably take the more runnable option and hope it loops around and comes back on the technical trail.

            Morning! SRD for me. I WISH I were running today, the weather is absolutely perfect here. But alas, I did 2 workouts a day for both Tuesday and Wednesday, and have a long-ish run planned by the beach tomorrow, so my legs are definitely in need of a break.


            QOTD: It also depends on my mood and amount of time I have that day. If I feel crunched for time (most days) I will take the easier route, but when I don't have a specific time limit I would take the harder one.

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              7.7 on the high school x-country course this a.m. - planned to do a track workout with a group, but track was closed for resurfacing so I just ran loops with another guy.  Weather was awesome - 60 and no humidity.


              QOTD:  depends on the day and how I'm feeling - I'd say it's about 50/50 which one I'd choose.


              Faster Than Your Couch!

                Good Morning,


                Fall days here, too. Perfect for a run - just I'm not running today again. Still on the BIRD plan. Sad

                Too bad, because kids are in summer school, or at work (volunteering/shadowing at a vet's office), and I'd have all the time in the world, with perfect weather. Grrr.


                Jamie: Nice morning run. Maybe summer is over already?


                Mandy: You can never be too cautious on those long distances. Hope you'll take your hydration pack and some salt-dipped potatoes with you (maybe they won't have those at the aid stations)!


                Zilla: Good job working on it!


                Harrier: Sounds gorgeous to me! Have a fun weekend with the dawgs!


                T&C: Lots of running. Enjoy the rest day!


                DD2: Good to have a plan B! Nice run!


                QOTD: Depends on how I feel that day, and the amount of time available. I guess I'd mostly choose the uphill trail, but if I was already tired, I'd go for the easy route.


                Have a great day, everyone!

                Run for fun.


                  Good morning.  I had a nice 6 mile run at 5 am today.  No one was on the trail, and I saw a beaver in the river.  It was surprisingly hot out for that time of day, so I think we may be in for a very hot day today.  I'll be in the pool after work, I'm sure.


                  QOTD:  It depends on the weather.  In this heat, I'll take the ominous & shady route.  On a cold winter day, I'll take the open & sunny route.


                  James: I want to know what the Lumberjack Special is.


                  Mandy:  Glad to hear you're running again.


                  Couch: I'm guessing you are feeling better today since you have pie on the mind.  Smile

                    Did 6 last night at blue marsh lake, and try for 5 or so tonight.


                    Jamezilla, I did the same thing last week, was planning on running after going to the Chinese buffet, I got my money's worth and no running that night!


                    QOTD   Depends on time and mood, however when in doubt I go with the easier softer way!


                      Not decided whether I run today. My feet are feeling a bit iffy (that muscle on the outside of the foot). Could be a 6-mile jog, or just a 30-minute bike ride.


                      QOTD: I plan my route ahead of time. Typically the algorithm is to go as remotely as possible, so that would probably point to the gnarly trail. Although I wouldn't change the plan during the run, I would remember that gnarly trail and see if I could include it next time I'm there.

                      3/8 Way Too Cool 50k WNS

                      4/19 Tehama Wildflowers 50k



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                        James: I want to know what the Lumberjack Special is.



                        2 large pancakes

                        2 sausage links

                        1 pile of bacon (4 pieces if I had to guess)

                        2 pieces of taylor ham (AKA pork roll - kind of like canadian bacon but way's a regional thing)

                        2 eggs over easy

                        2 pieces of wheat toast


                        Jamezilla, I did the same thing last week, was planning on running after going to the Chinese buffet, I got my money's worth and no running that night!


                        It's all about priorities Big grin

                        4/5 - Lost Brook Trail 10mi  1:15:42

                        4/27 - Ironmaster's Challenge 50k

                        6/21 - Manitou's Revenge 56mi



                          Jaimie, looks like we had the same weather.  I did 17 on some tired legs.  I was hoping for a great day since the weather was beautiful, but 3 miles in I knew it would be a mental run to push myself to the finish.


                          QOTD:  My answer might sound funny, but it would depend on the direction of the trail.  I look at maps all the time, so I have a good idea of where I am and where trails might end up, so I'd take the trail that goes away from civilization and avoid the one that might put me near houses or roads.  If all things were equal, I'd opt for the ominous trail.


                            Finally got back to running today. Got in 8.1 miles in the hills above lovely Branson Mo. I though that the trail section would only be about 4.5 miles and it turned out to be 6. That was mostly hiked with DD and DW, then I ran back to the motel. After not running for the past 10-12 days it felt good.


                            Jame: Sounds like I have to get back to Pa to enjoy some nice weather.


                            Zilla: You really need to quit being so safety minded, you're missing out on a lot of excitement Black eye, and bruises!!! Actually I try to keep safety in mind most of the time but i do take a lot of calculated risks. If I calculate that I can survive doing something stupid, I do it Big grin.


                            Muppy and Zilla: You guys sound like my motto: "I run, therefore I can eat"


                            QOTD: If I'm not to tired and have the time it's going to be the ominous looking one. If not that day I'll come back later to conquer it.

                            4/20/13 Hyner 50k

                            9/28/13 Bald Eagle Megatransect (Marathon)


                              I plan to run after work today, should only be about 96 deg.  What is all this crazy talk about "fall weather"?  You guys are just trying to drive me nuts.


                              qotd:  As others have mentioned there are all sorts of considerations, how tired I am, where I am in training, if I'm supposted to be hurrying back for some reason, etc, etc.  But all things being equal, of course I'd take the right trail.

                              Hog's Hunt 50k, May 10 (maybe)

                              Bighorn 100m, Jun 20


                                Sort of a slow stumbling start to my 8 mile evening loop at French Creek last night, especially running down the rocky Boone trail where I staggered among all the rocks tripping and slightly twisting my right ankle but once I hit the dirt road at the bottom things felt better and I managed to cruise through the next mile or two before climbing up the green Lenape trail where a mountain biker passed me on the climb but we were soon back on this tail and I shouted "thanks for the incentive to push" at his back as he started to pull away in the flats at which point LadyB and I continued on to the high point of the orange trail near the water tank where we had mostly all downhill to finish up the run and I started to think about how lucky my day had been as I hadn't yet fallen or severely twisted an ankle even though I was certain I had set a PR record for toe knocks and trips on the rocks which of course led me to falling just a few moments later on the trail but I quickly dusted myself off and after a minute of movement the searing pain caused by a scrape to my left knee lessened and we just sort of cruised it in from there with a stop just before the finish for LadyB to drink and cool off in the Six Penny creek.

                                Phew. Not sure what's up for today. I may do a road run over to the track and do some frickin' strides as the turnover in my legs these days has one gear only.


                                QOTD: Hard to say. Depends on the circumstances as others have mentioned. However the uphill section you mentions sounds a lot like the trail I ran up to the Great Notch in Acadia.

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