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Happy Father's Day Sundaily! (Read 35 times)

    Good morning folks! I think it's Father's Day where I am. It's been a long day at least.


    SRD for me.


    Happy Father's Day to all the dads, and to all of those who have dads, or father figures somewhere.


    QOTD (inspired by a forum member, in another post, who feels these Questions of the Day need to be taken much more seriously. So no more trivial crap from anyone. Got it?)


    What's your favorite kind of donut? 


    There's only one place in my town to get freshly made donuts (or doughnuts, whatever your preference) and the make these long twisted donuts with chocolate icing. They get me every time.


      morning all!

      Happy Father's Day for all the dads out there!  I am heading out shortly for a 10K trail race in a state park I"ve been wanting to explore for a while now, so this seemed a good occasion.  And for mid-June, weather is rather cool and non-humid so I'm taking advantage of it.


      qotd:  twists, either cinnamon sprinkled or glazed.  Oh, who am I kidding?  Any donut is a favorite. We have a small family-owned bakery on our way home from the pool.  It's a required Sunday morning stop after practice (and my run).


      Faster Than Your Couch!

        Good Morning, and Happy Father's Day!


        I slept in today, and now it's off to work. Planning on a run later in the day, summer heat training.


        Birdwell: Enjoy the rest day, and all the pleasures of Father's Day!


        traildc: You sneaked in on me. Good luck to you for your race! Hope you will enjoy the state park run in nice weather for the season.


        QOTD: Unfortunately, I don't like donuts. Never have. I am trying so hard to like them, because they look so good, but I just don't.


        Have a great Father's Day Sunday, trailers!

        Run for fun.

          I took pity on Marley and took her for a leashed hike.  She just looked so anxious to go I couldn't leave her home.


          QOTD: Dunkin Donuts Double Chocolate.


          Tallahassee, Florida


          Endless trails

            Happy Farther's Day, dads, step-dads, and any other dudes who've

            stepped up to the plate.


            Not sure what I'm doing mileage wise today, I need to do something to

            work off the awesome fish n' chips I had yesterday after the beach.


            runtraildc: Which 10k are you doing?


            QOTD: Donuts are serious, birdwell, much more serious than silly running.

            Double chocolate, anything else is an inferior waste of a good donut.


              I think it's Father's Day where I am. It's been a long day at least.


              I can relate... left Saturday evening flew all night and now for the next 4 hours I'm sitting in the Frankfurt airport. Missed my connection to Athens, thanks United.


              This was a SRD anyway.


              Happy Father's Day everyone.


              My DD just called me from Austrailia (she was there for a race) and a little later I'll talk with my DS in PA, my DW in TX and then call my DF in CA, talk about being spread out!


              qotd: in honor of being in the area, I'll take a Bavarian Cream please. And yes, this is serious business.

              Arkansas Traveler - Oct 7

              Brian Runner

                Slept in a little this morning. Heading out for a run soon. Will do somewhere between 2 and 25 miles depending on how much ambition I have.


                QOTD: Anything sold by Krispy Kreme or Fractured Prune is awesome in my book. Can't get either fresh in my area without a significant drive, so they kind of remind me of going on vacation.


                  Good morning all.  Planning 12 miles on a local trail.  I'm supposed to be training on roads, but since this is an old rail trail, I figure it's a good compromise.


                  QOTD:  I kind of think doughnuts are disgusting.  I'll hide now before anyone starts to throw things at me.


                  Happy father's day to the dads on the board!


                    Morning trailers.  Short trail run this morning.  I'll have all 3 of our kids home for a party this afternoon, now I just need to get the back yard and pool ready.  DW skipped her run and has been cooking all morning.  The house smells wonderful.


                    Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there.


                    Couch - You don't like donuts, how Un-American Wink.


                    QOTD:  Me luv-um donuts.  Joe's Donuts in Sandy, OR.  The strawberry filled Bear Claws are a s big as your hand.  On Saturday you'll be waiting outside in a long lne.  I know Voodoo Donuts are more famous, but we when we visit DD, we always stop at Joe's..


                      It's a chore day.  I ran 22 yesterday on the Tahoe Rim Trail.  We are running all the segments this summer.  I have run 4 and this one has been the best so far (Tahoe Meadows to Spooner Summit).  Beautiful views and an awesome trail.  Packed sand.  The sun was shining yet the temps was probably 60.  Everything was fresh and green up there.


                      QOTD: Jelly filled!  I rarely eat them.  Save my empty calories for beer and wine.





                      08/05/17 Sierra Crest 50K

                      08/19/17 Marquette Trail 50K Miler


                      under a rock

                        Had an awful 3.7 trail miles today. My back and right leg are just a wreck lately. Going to see the sports chiro tomorrow to get it worked out.


                        QOTD: anything creme or frosting filled.


                          :Morning everyone and Happy Fathers Day to you all out there. I'm luck my father is in town from PA before my folks head over to the Grand Canyon and Sedona.


                          I am planning on running today just don't know how far and when. Have a good day all and enjoy.



                          QOTD: I like the glazed cake donut or cream filled. Birdwell this is way to serious of a question for Fathers Day, geez.

                          running under the BigSky

                            Happy Father's Day everyone!  Had nice and easy 6 miles along the Yellowstone; beautiful, cool morning (low 50's) and lots of wildlife to view


                            qotd: haven't ate a donut in years (lots of years!) Big grin  I have to agree w/ the Queen- save my empty calories for other indulgences!


                              Happy Father's Day to the fathers, and hello to everyone else!


                              Got in 20 hot miles yesterday. Haven't suffered through the heat like that in a while. We need rain so I can get back up to the high country where it's much cooler!

                              10 miles this morning with the dog. Felt pretty good overall.


                              QOTD: I love donuts! My favorite is just a plain old glazed donut, can polish off a dozen in a day if they're sitting around. I will eat pretty much any donut though. Now I may need to make a donut run....


                                Haven't been here for a while....I see some new names and faces on the forum...nice to see it is growing.


                                For the summer I have no internet or tv..I have my phone but I really suck at typing anything longer than one line on it.


                                I have not run for a couple of days.  I pulled a groin muscle (moving heavy objects at my second job) and it tends to make my hip ache when I run hills.  I might fun a short trail tonight and see what happens.


                                I am babysitting the grand baby today...then I will head over to celebrate father's day with my dad.


                                Happy Father's day to all the dads and dad figures.  Gotta go...grandbaby decunstructing as I type!