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    Morning folks! Slept in (on accident) this morning, so i missed the core class at the gym I had planned to attend. I decided to hit the strength/cardio circuit for a while instead. Felt pretty good.

    i spent an hour last night studying the course for the Moab Red Hot on google earth. I think I found the entire course so hopefully I won't get lost out there, it looks easy enough to follow, at least from the air.



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    i am a bit of a map geek. I love maps, I think Google earth is better than sliced bread. I love studying them and searching out new places to go.

    I try to study and map out each route I do off road in some way or another.

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      I got in 6.25 mile this morning.  I appreciate that it is getting light earlier again.  It's nice to run just before and at sunrise.


      birdwell - way to come back from sleeping in.


      QOTD: In lieu of Birdwell studying Google about the Red Hot course, how much time do you spend trying to study a race course ahead of time? (or a new trail if you do not run races)


      Have a great day!

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        7 miles this morning. Another day of "easy" leading up to Moab. My long run from the weekend is still lingering in my quads a bit.


          URD.  Unless I feel particularly better this evening in which case I'll try to sneak in a few miles.  Dr. tomorrow, which I hope will come up with a quick & easy fix to my gut problem & get me back on the trails again.  Not only am I missing running, but my dog is too.  She's been antsy lately, and I'm pretty sure it's because we've barely logged any miles the past 3 or so weeks.


          QOTD:  Almost none.  Maybe a couple of minutes for a new trail, but really not much to speak of.  There's a map & compass course that they periodically hold in my town that I'd like to check out sometime, though.


            6.2 on the roads/rail trail this morning.  A little icy but low 30s and pleasant running weather.


            QOTD:  Like birdwell, I love maps and have trail maps all over my car, office and house.  For races, I don't really "study" them other than to be generally aware of big climbs and aid station locations.

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              Morning all.  Rested yesterday and planning on about 70 minutes this evening.


              QOTD - Shockingly little time.  About the only thing I do is look up where the trailhead is so I know where to park and how to get there.  Other than that I just go with the flow once I get there.

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                Did a short run last night-- 3.5, but speedy and with extra hills.  needed to get out and it felt good to switch things up a bit.  Slept in this morning and skipped the planned yoga class, but will get out with DS after work for 4-5 miles.


                sugnim, I think I can relate to your dog.   Antsy, but for me, because my miles haven't been very interesting.  Need to get out someplace new....spring needs to get here (at least the longer days).


                qotd:  Yes, I always study the route, new or not, mostly because I love maps and  it's all part of the planning and build-up.

                  Good morning all. Looks like everyone got some great runs in.


                  I did an easy 6 on the trails before work. It was 41 degrees, I actualy wore shorts. Crazy stuff. Can't wait for spring.


                  qotd: For my one 50m race I spent a lot of time looking at the map and course descriptions. Made a laminated note card with the splits that I wanted to be at for each aid station. Feel like it really prepared me for the race.


                    Putzin' around home right now, cleaning out the car, doing a few small chores before heading to work for an hour or two. Trying to attend to things before heading out  on my little adventure vacation.  Will probably do a short run after lunch then weights, etc later.


                    QOTD--Well it stands to reason that we outdoor enthusiast would also be map freaks. And Google earth is fun to play with but most trails I run are hidden under the forest canopy so the satellite only gives me an overview in relation to roads or lakes, etc. Not really much help in my mind. In general for my trail running and races I like to wing it and develop the map in my mind as I go along. Sometimes it may take several exploratory outings but that's part of the fun. When I explore a totally new area where I may be connecting trails and logging roads I will carry a basic map, compass, and sometimes a handheld mapping GPS so I'm not wandering for days.  In races maybe a quick look at a map overview and then just wing it.


                    See ya in a couple weeks.


                      Morning trailers.  Did 6 miles with some 800's mixed in for  a speed work day.  I need more speed work.  I enjoy hills more, and have been neglecting my speed days in favor of hill repeats.


                      QOTD:  Love maps and Google Earth.  Google just updated a section of Michaux forest from last summer.  Too many leaves in the way, so now I have to scroll back to an older view (a great feature), that was shot during fall months, to see some of the trails.


                        Good morning!


                        Yesterday my running buddy and I went for a run...well...I ran most of it.  More than I have run anything since my surger and some time before.  There were 50 mile and hour wind gusts, and the snow was crusted over with ice.  We had a great time. The distance was short...but it will be baby steps for a while.  I wanted to do two loops, but my running partner does not wear a coat or a hat or anything.  She was crying next to the car when I was ready to start the second loop!  I coaxed her out for a little more...but in the end I gave in and we retreated to the car.  She had a great time, and so did I. I love my running buddy (an english pointer) but long bouts of winter running are not her strong suit.  German Shorthairs do much better in the cold...but other than that....she loves to run!


                        Today she and I will head out again later.  The wind is gone so she should last a little longer today.  Hopefully I will be able to run a little more each day...and every day I get out there.


                        qotd: I never look at maps.  I can't read them, they make no sense to me.  None. My mind simply does not translate a map into useable information. I am a worthless navigator on roadtrips and often get lost on unfamiliar trails. Then I panic, and get more lost. I wiould never run without a cell phone or if I were running in areas without coverage I would make sure someone knew where I was so they could send out a search party.

                          I haven't posted in a while; too busy running Smile. Taper time now though. And I can already tell this is going to get interesting. I went out for an easy 6 this morning and what felt easy was faster than usual. Heart rate ended up a little higher as well (I generally only look afterwards).


                          qotd: I like to look over maps before a run, but only take one with me if there are lots of intersecting trails and I don't know the area. Races though... different story. I have been somewhat obsessed with maps and elevation profiles of the Cheaha race course, despite having already run all but ~4 miles of the course. Tomorrow my Forerunner 310xt should arrive!!! I am eagerly anticipating being inundated with data.

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                            I'll Rest today after last night's 9 miles From the river to the "peak" and back down.  Good run on tired legs.


                            Did experience that annoying "twitchyness" of Restless Legs syndrome when I crawled in bed though.  Mighta been the Apple juice I drank before bed?  Dunno...


                            QOTD:  I'm a bit of a topo map junkie.  Must be my hunting brain analyzing shady, and steep spots.  I tend to obsess over where the big steep parts are and how I'm going to conserve energy on the climbs.  Distance/time between aid stations etc.


                            This is the annotated course map I'm perusing now...




                              SRD today.  But I will be a plane for 14 hours starting this afternoon.  Yay !!!!


                              qotd:  I usually look at the maps and elevation profiles, but mostly to get a feel for what to expect.  I usually don't bring a map along.  Here's a little treat for you Goggle Earth junkies out there.  After I ran WS I tied to tell my DD about the trail before she rode Tevis, this would have helped, she only saw this after she rode it though.   Glad I didn't see it before I ran it...

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                                Haven't posted in a while.  Too busy not running.  Today marks day 100.


                                QOTD: I like to look at maps.  That doesn't stop me from getting lost.  Smile