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Trails near Detroit (Read 144 times)


    Ok I found the trails in Stony Creek Metropark while I was up on my House Hunting trip, so what other trails are out there say within an hour of Detroit?

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      The metroparks SW of Detroit will probably be your best bet.  Closer options include River Rouge park (Mtn bike trails) and Belle Isle park (more on the manicured side of things, but there are trails near the nature center /northern part of the island). 


        Maybury State Park, Northville - 5ish miles of nature trails, and a 6 mile MTB loop.  


        Pontiac Lake State Park, White Lake - 11 mile MTB trail, plus a network of nature trails.


        Island Lake State Park, Pinckney - 6M loop, 9.3M loop.  Can be "combined" to run 14 mile loops.  MTB trails.


        Potowatomi, Hell - The Hotel California of trails (to me), MTB trails, equestrian trails, nature trails.  The best in the area, IMHO.


        Also, if you are on Facebook, check out RUT.  There are often weekend group runs, we like to put on fat asses, and otherwise make sure to say hi to one another and chat for a bit if we run into one another on the trails.


          RUT?  Is that a MI version of GUTS?

           Never run, if you want to never run, don't start because you'll never stop.


            RUT is a local ultra group that was founded out of our LRS, RunningFit, and stood for RunningFit Ultra Team.  Due to insurance/liability issues (as I understand it), the RunningFit needed to stop sponsoring the group.  However, we have just become a merry band on trail running misfits, and we put on our own FAs and group runs.  

            Are you moving to Detroit proper, or suburbia?  We have a pretty good mix of east and west-siders, and are spread through about 5 counties.  


              I'm moving to the Royal Oak Area, I wanted what I call semi-urban.  I use to live in Queens NY and like having the ability to walk to services and stuff but also wanted a single family house with a small yard.

               Never run, if you want to never run, don't start because you'll never stop.

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                little off topic,


                Scrapster, how tough are the trails in Pinckney? I was thinking about signing up for the 50k trail race in April.


                The hills look tough in the course description but are they also filled with roots, rocks, water?  Most of my training will be on gravel and paved roads so I'm not sure it is the race for me if the trails are to ruff.


                  Describing trails is just so difficult.  Without knowing where you train or the trails you've run before:


                  I can tell you that the MTB trails that the Trail 50k is held on in April are among the toughest in the area.  They are rocky and rooty, and are *really* rocky and rooty for MI.  The hills can feel relentless, but in reality, there are a number of places on the course to stretch your legs and really run.


                  The 50k course is 2x the half marathon loop + a 5M lake loop.  There is one long climb in the HM loop about 2 miles from the start/finish that feels like a killer.  There are no water crossings where your feet get wet (Randy lets you use the bridges in this race).The trails are designed to drain well, and even during Mudstock, the MTB sections of that course were still surprisingly dry.  Weather will be your biggest variable.


                  The first two years I ran this course, I did the HM.  I remember being scared the second year, because of how hard Poto was.  My running buddies all decided to be crazy and run the marathon the third year.  Last year, we all did the No Wimps, and I ran an 8+ minute HM PR on Saturday, and jogged the 50k with friends in 17:00 slower than my 50k PR on Sunday, all two weekends after I ran a super muddy 50M.  

                  So, um, I guess the answer is that the 50k is absolutely finishable, and the trail is (in my mind) 100% runnable (there is no section of the trail were you would have to walk due to the nature of the trail).    


                  I hope this helps.  :bigsmile:

                  ETA:  There is a FA out there this Saturday.  BYO everything, a snack to pass is always appreciated, and peeps will be running anywhere from 5M to 50M.

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                    Thanks Scrapster.


                    I'm not use to rocks and roots, so maybe I'll just give the half a try this year and see how things go.


                      Oh, cripes.  I didn't want to have to pull it out, but here it is:

                      Just doooooo iiitttttt.  

                      The 50k, that is.  You have plenty of time to train this winter for the distance if you are new to ultras.  Also, I am a firm believer in biting off more than you can chew.  It's really the only way to see what you are truly capable of.