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    The pooch and I had a nice 8 mile trail run.  It was in the upper 40's and windy.  Great running weather!


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    Tallahassee, Florida

      Morning all. Have 10 planned for later today. Waiting for it to warm up a bit. Enjoy the weekend.


        Got in 7.5 on the road/trails this a.m. - cool, drizzly and windy in CT, had to get an early run in before a long day of kids activities.


        QOTD:  any shorter races planned this spring/summer?  I know most of you dig the longer stuff, but do you run 5Ks or 10Ks (road or trail) for a change of pace, chance to run faster, chance to race with family, etc.?  I'll do a few 5Ks on the road and trails this summer for all of these reasons (plus the fact that I'm not part of the ultra club to begin with).


          Sunny, indeed!  Just came in from the garden -- funny how you go away for a few days and the weeds take over....But it's fun to see what is also coming up.    got  3 or 4 planned for later, after DS and I volunteer for a local race packet pick up.  We have a 10 miler race tomorrow so we'll take it easy today.


          qotd:  I'm not part of the ultra club either so I"m thinking about some 10Ks to work on speed.  (and run with family, mostly older DS).

          Occasional Runner

            I ran 100 miles yesterday, so I'm taking today off. My feet hurt.


            QOTD: I have a 5k and 10k trail later this summer. They're part of a race series in Park City and they sound fun. I'm eager for them.

              Due to the fact it is spring and it is awesome weather I will get out there for at least 7.  Tomorrow is the long run which we have been trying, and failing, to get to maybe tomorrow.


              QOTD: I haven't for awhile signed up for a 5k or 10K.  Funny you brought this up because I was talking with a friend yesterday.  I ran a 50K last June and dropped out at 24.  My co-worker correctly called me... "You loser!  You couldn't run or walk 7 more miles!"  She was right so I was wondering, run the 50K and redeem myself or run the 25K and have fun actually trying to race it?

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              Ultra Cowboy

                No run scheduled for today.  There are 22 longbeards that have my attention...


                I will sign up for 5k and 10k's on the day of the race if it is convenient.  One race is actuallly a 3k or 10k on 4th of July.  I don't race it but make sure to pace someone.  It is more rewarding than having a PR.


                If any of you come out to the Wine country, check out Empire Runners for races.




                  Ran a nice easy 7 in the sun yesterday. Not sure what's on tap for today but the sun is out again. Maybe a hike, maybe a run, maybe both before work.


                  QOTD: No other races planned. Races are few and far in between here unless I want to hop on a plane and puddle jump.


                    Tee shirt and gloves running weather here this morning.  At the start it was about 35* and the humidity was under 70%, which is really good for around here.  Perfect.


                    Did 21 miles on the hilly trail up in the park.  Felt great the whole time.


                    qotd:  Nothing planned, but I may get roped in to running a 2 mile leg of an X-C relay.

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                      Ran 5.5 this morning. My head lamp was dying because I forgot to recharge it, So I just turned it off and ran down the center of the road in the dark. Was fun and my speed really picked up.


                      QOTD My next planned road race is a 7k later this summer put on by  local  running club. It's a nice way to see if I improved at all since last year.

                        Good day!

                        im going to get out and run sometime today. Not sure how far, or for how long. Yesterday's travel really took a lot out of me. I don't know how some of you do multiple flights in a week.


                        QOTD: I'll definitely be running some short races. They're much easier (logistically) than anything else.

                        i haven't heard of any short trail races down in my area, so most of mine will probably be road races.

                        (Most will probably be spur of the moment too)


                        also: there's an Ultra club? is it a dive bar in Mexico, one of those chic hipster places in L.A. or a hippie joint in Colorado?

                        who was it that said "I'm not sure I'd want any part of a club that would have me as a member"?

                        That's how I feel. Big grin


                        Endless trails


                          who was it that said "I'm not sure I'd want to be part of a club that would have me as a member"?

                          That's how I feel. Big grin


                          Groucho Marx


                          Endless trails

                            Easy 10 this morning, recovery week and all. It was raining when I started so I had

                            all the trails to myself, didn't see a single person.


                            Awesome, Lace! You rock.


                            QOTD: I did alot of 5 and 10k's when I started running, I'm not really into it anymore.
                            This years goal is a 50K and 50. If things go right next week we may be moving to

                            a hotbed of trail race activity and trails galore-fingers crossed.

                            running under the BigSky

                              got 7.5 in the hills this afternoon, was hoping to get in 15, but just too sloppy w/ mud & snow


                              despite all the snow and mud, it is now officially spring- I saw this lone prairie-crocus in a meadow! Big grin





                              qotd: nothing in the 5-10k range in the works for me, most of the 5-10k trail runs here are in conjunction w/ longer ones and I'm usually going to opt for the longer ones


                                6.2 mile run/walk with the dog and DS in the stroller along the river trail for me today. Calf is a bit messed up, so pretty much no running for me this past week. I thought it was just tight, but I'm thinking it must be some sort of strain. Trying to take it easy, but don't want to lose too much fitness. Angry


                                Lace - Nice job on finishing Zion, looking forward to the RR!


                                QOTD: I would like to enter some 5ks and 10ks but they always seem to get in the way of my scheduled training runs. I'm going to try to run one this year, but we'll see. I would like to get some more experience racing and pushing myself outside the comfort zone.