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Refurbished Hip

    Bike commute to work for me.  Hip held up great!  Now I just gotta get home.


    QOTD: Whatcha doing this weekend?


    I'm tired and am looking forward to a quiet weekend at home.  I need a new saddle for my bike, so I might go shopping.  Otherwise I'm going drink a few beers, go for a hike, and clean my messy house.


      7 on the road this morning - felt stiff and sore but just ran slow and enjoyed the beautiful cool morning.


      QOTD:  kids' soccer games x 4, kids' birthday parties x 2, 10k trail race on Sunday.  May try to watch a movie and/or a horse race, but otherwise plan to be outside enjoying the weather.


      Endless trails

        I took an extra rest day today, still feeling a little run-down.


        QOTD: 20 mile trail run on Sat., easy 7 on Sun. and the rest of the weekend

        fighting with my DW.

        Gator eye

          4 easy miles down the road


          QOTD:On Sat. I'm spending the day on a nice long run through the woods with other like minded people. A bunch of nice people decided to set up tables of water and what not along the way so we don't have to carry a lot of stuff during our run. Should be fun.

          On Sunday I'm going to drink large amounts of beer to make up calories I lost on Sat.

            4 easy.

            This was my second consecutive day running at 5 a.m.

            I'm slower in the morning that I am on my evening/night runs.

            It's a little frustrating. Just trying to get back in the groove.


            QOTD: Cleaning, yard work, a little hike Saturday morning, maybe a movie.


              I was a slacker this morning. Slept in a little and skipped my morning swim followed by a short road bike. When you're tired one should listen to one's little voice.  So a little core, stretching, and instant weights. I'll try to talk DW into a fish fry at the Vintage Brewery tonight.


              QOTD--Up early tomorrow and mtn. biking with my bud in the Kettle Moraine for about 3hrs. I'll have to resist the urge to nap after that as I have a whole list of things I need to do that haven't been getting done as I am usually up north every wknd.  Sunday will be a longish trail run and hopefully a road bike in the evening.

              running under the BigSky

                bike commute to work, otherwise a SRD


                qotd: headed to Missoula for the Pengelly Double Dip tomorrow am; Sunday I plan on hiking w/ my DW and grandson and then home

                Occasional Runner

                  I'm doing a double today. I started my day with a 6 mile tempo run and then worked out at the gym. I'll head out soon for some trail miles with the pup. We'll probably do 8 or so.


                  QOTD: Jo and I are heading to Pocatello Idaho later today so I can help sweep the SMUT 100k course for Luke Nelson. We'll camp tonight then I have to come back to Ogden for an obligation to a sponsor Saturday night.


                    I joined the bike commuters today and rode into work.  I'll ride into Gettysburg for lunch, then home at the end of the day.


                    Good luck to all racers and pacers (and sweepers) this weekend.


                    QOTD:  DW's chorus had 2 concerts this weekend, so I get to usher.  Friday happy hour is at out house tonight.  Pool is open and we'll have a fire in the pit.   Beautiful day here today.


                      SRD today.


                      Qotd: flying to Nashville to help out my DS with some stuff.

                      Arkansas Traveler - Oct 7


                        4 miles planned tonight while DS1 is in the pool.  Weather is astoundingly beautiful here so an evening run won't be it's usual June slog thru the heat and humidity.  Gotta enjoy this while I can.


                        qotd:  kiddo's swim meet tomorrow am, maybe a day on the Bay on Sunday.    Lettuce and bok choy need to get picked from the garden.  Looks to be a relaxing weekend.  Looking forward to it.


                        Follower of Forrest

                          Morning trailers!


                          Ended up doing 5.5 mile loop of trails at an upbeat pace...I felt like I was just getting warmed up when I was finishing.  It was a nice run and there was nobody to be found in the park.


                          QOTD: I think I will end up doing the 16 mile course preview on Saturday.  Sunday I will be attending a wedding which should be a good time.


                          Have a great weekend everyone and good luck to anyone racing!

                          6/21 - Manitou's Revenge 54mi


                          A man may never run the same trail twice for it is not the same trail and he is not the same man



                            Just got home early this morning from our long vacation.  I jumped on the scales this morning and only gained 3.4 lbs over the past 3 weeks that we were gone. Considering all the sitting that I did along with reduced running mileage I'm happy it's not worse.  Now back to the grindstone. Planning on a 6+ mile run later today.


                            QOTD: First is cleaning up the three week backlog of mail that awaits. Cleaning out the vehicle, changing oil, trying to fix DS's car that broke while we were gone.  Looks like the grass also needs to be mowed and the kids and DW work the weekend so no help there.  I'm sure I'll find a hundred other things that need done.  The water heater also broke down while we were gone but DS did a bang up job and fixed that so that's one less thing to contend with for now.

                              I did 6.5.  I had decided to go right where I usually go I was approaching this intersection Earl went right.  I'm really that dam dog reads my mind....stop it!! stop it!!  This trail was suppose to take me to the bottom of the hill but it keep try to go back up hill , so lot's of meandering and turning around.  It was a slow run but who cares.


                              QOTD:  We are taking the boat out first time this summer.  Will be drinking some beers.  Sunday is the long run, hoping to join the group for 26 in the canyons to prepare for pacing 06/28/15.



                              Who's the biker chick that keeps posting here???


                              Jon:  fighting's not fighting thata's harder!  Don't be a slacker!

                              08/05/17 Sierra Crest 50K

                              08/19/17 Marquette Trail 50K Miler


                              Refurbished Hip

                                Who's the biker chick that keeps posting here???


                                I just keep waiting for the admin to kick me out.