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    Good morning! Getting ready to shove off to work. I took some PTO I only work today and Friday.


    It will be a no run day. I ran a very cold but fun 6 miler yesterday and I am experiencing pain in the arch/1st metatarsal area of my foot...and I might have broken my little toe on the same foot. I will ice it at work and hope two days of rest will make it better.


    qotd#1: What is the side dish you most love to have at Thanksgiving? Mine is a tie between the dressing (we do not stuff the turkey) and the green bean casserole.


    qotd#2: What is your favorite pie or other Thanksgiving sweet? My favorite is....all pie! I can never decide so I will have a small piece of all 4 I am making....pumpkin, sour cream lemon, chocolate pecan and # 4 yet to be determined. I am looking for yummy ideas!


    Happy trails!


    Faster Than Your Couch!

      Good Morning,


      got out for my morning run today and stopped dead in my tracks. There were two inches of snow on the ground. Even though this would not stop me on any other day, today it did, because with the schools closed an me having to get to work early, it would have meant too much of a time crunch. Aaaargh!


      We had planned to drive to my in-laws for Thanksgiving dinner tonight, but I might re-think that plan due to the weather. Maybe drive tomorrow during the day. Sad thing is that I have only two days off work, and that would make me waste a whole day on traveling. Decisions,decisions.


      moonlight: Good luck with the foot, I hope it will get better soon again!


      QOTD1: I love all Thanksgiving sides. I could do without the turkey, though.


      QOTD2: Pumpkin!


      Have a great (snow?) day, everyone!

      Run for fun.


        Morning trailers!  Was all dressed and ready for a run during swim practice last night when DS told me about his band concert (and need for new dress pants & shoes).  Got in a store run instead of a trail run Joking.  The freezing rain has just started here, so I'm heading to the gym for a strength workout shortly.


        qotd:  brussel sprouts (with bacon!)

        #2:  Pumpkin, of course,  then a fruit pie-- this year it will be blueberry (from my berries picked this summer).

          We started out from daughter and son in law's house in a pouring rain and Marley pretty much mutinied Smile  She would have run if I insisted, but she definitely didn't want to.  We are usually both all weather runners, but I wasn't that motivated either so I relented and headed back with less than a mile in.


          QOTD1: Tough call, but right now I am craving sauerkraut.


          QOTD2: I like all of the pies, but I guess I'll say apple.  I am looking forward to baking them with my daughter.  We have baked together since she was a small child and baking the holiday pies together is a holiday tradition for us.  My son in law baked his traditional cranberry bread last night.  He has baked it for every thanksgiving since he was a kid,  It is quite delicious too,


          Tallahassee, Florida

            1.7 miles, was a beautiful day to run, snow flurries floating in the air and out of nowhere somthing went pop and had severe pain in my back, and I had to hobble back home.


            Hope everyone has safe travels, it's gonna get ugly on the east coast.


            moonlight hope that toe gets better!


            QOTD1 My aunt makes some kind of stuffing with pineapples in it!


            QOTD2 My favorite is peanut butter pie, will settle for pecan pie though.


              Early run with some light snow coming down.  Weather is supposed to change to freezing rain and then rain. Now just hoping DD #1's flight makes it in to Dulles airport without any problems.  Will be first time in a while that all of our young adult kids are in the house. DW's been humming all week.


              Safe travels to those heading out for the holiday.

              Speedy recovery for those with aches and pains.


              QOTD-1:  Sweet potatoes with butter, brown sugar and melted marshmallows on top.

              QOTD-2:  Pecan.

                I let laziness win yesterday and now I'm in a terrible mood this morning! I hate when that happens. Need those endorphins STAT. Going to the gym at lunch to run a few on the treadmill.


                QOTD: Sweet potatoes, for sure.


                QOTD2: Pumpkin pie

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                  I'll head out tonight for 5-6 miles, this time I'll be wearing two lamps and try not to tumble!  temps have moderated to close to normal- thank goodness


                  qotd: I like them all, but stuffing is tops


                  qotd2: for thanksgiving- pumpkin, don't be shy with the whipped cream either Big grin


                  Endless trails

                    I guess that PA/MD area snow hasn't made it to MA yet. I did 6 road miles

                    this morning, great run, cold but not bitter cold like Sunday nights run.


                    moonlight: hope the foot pain isn't serious. I've been having metatarsal pain in

                    my left foot and icing it daily, it doesn't bother me during running though so I

                    kinda think its just tendonitis.


                    QOTD: Love stuffing with a little gravy.


                    QOTD: My mom makes a killer lemon pie, we just had early thanksgiving last

                    week and her pie is still the best.

                    TT: Great pie (and cranberry bread) story.


                      I don't think I will be running in this mess today. Plus, I am a pall bearer for a funeral at 2.


                      QOTD 1: I think dressing with the cranberry sauce.


                      QOTD 2: Buttermilk pie is my favorite, but I won't be disappointed with sweet potato pie.



                        7 road miles with some snow, slop, ice, and everything else. Great fun! I guess I better decide which shoes to put some screws in for trails tomorrow. This just seems like an early start to winter.


                        Moonlight--bummer on the foot. Big event for you shortly so I'd suggest a no run taper. Or lots of ibuprofen.


                        QOTD 1--Cranberries.


                        QOTD 2--Any pie will do but I suppose pumpkin for tradition and yes Warden, tons of whip cream!

                        Le professeur de trail

                          Yup snow it is! Had a nice 5 miler in a lightly falling snow early.  Love the faint sound that snow makes when hitting the ground.


                          QOTD 1: I like everything


                          QOTD 2: See answer 1.


                          Have a great day!

                          The incarnation of peacefulness and patience



                          Gator eye

                            Got all dressed up this morning with thoughts of 10 on some back roads and two tracks when I stepped outside I almost fell on my ass, we got a little freezing rain during the night. Thoughts of 10 miles on the treadmill sent a shiver down my spine so I put on a pair of old shoes with screws in the soles. It was kind of a slow going with a shorten stride so at 3.5 I felt I push my luck enough and turned around, that put me at 7. For the last 3 I jumped on the treadmill at a steep grade for some hill work.


                            QOTD 1: Cheese and crackers. Is that a side?


                            QOTD 2: Blueberry pie rules!

                            Uh oh... now what?

                              Getting dressed to go play at cleaning the park; paused to look at the weather, then the ship traffic, now ... Sitting here listening to the fog horns of ships in the strait; watching them on a web site; noticing how much closer they icons are than usual; big ships; 294 meters long, 352 meters long--two more fog horns just joined in--ships passing in the morn' and so on... eerie feeling listening to them--100,000 tons of stuff, one inbound, one outbound---and now the icon for one has gone off-screen... and some of the honks have ceased...hmm, they change tones? Much deeper bass tones now. Along with my meager knowledge of tides and fogs, am I supposed to learn fog horn sounds too? Ah... the outbound Arnold Maersk reappeared on the screen. The MSC Fabienne has passed and heads on toward Seattle. OOCL Atlanta, 323 meters long honks her way to the open waters of the Pacific a hundred miles westerly.


                              The island is socked in and 36º.


                              QOTD 1:  We haven't decided on anything for this year yet.


                              QOTD 2:  Kathy will bake a pumpkin pie.  I will bake either a Dutch apple or mince meat--like Christmas shopping on the 23rd and 24th, we won't decide until tomorrow at the grocery store---assumes some stuff is still on the shelves.

                              Occasional Runner

                                I logged about 8 miles on the Wasatch trails behind the house. I screwed off a lot because I've had a couple of intense runs over the last few days. I left the trail for a while and explored in the woods. I found some deer and followed them for a while. I spent a half hour scanning the cliffs for mountain goats (I saw 9 on saturday). Just a typical morning for the most part.


                                QOTD1: Lumpy mashed taters and gravy.


                                QOTD2: Pecan.