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Faster Than Your Couch!

    Good Morning, and Happy Earth Day!


    I ran 3 recovery miles yesterday, and if things work out, I'll do a few miles today before the rain hits. Still nice and sunny outside, so I should take advantage of this!

    Week 1 of my self-concocted training plan for the OC100 is also starting today, it should be a rest day... Roll eyes .. is it bad to start adjusting and switching around the plan from day 1 already? Wink


    QOTD: It's Earth Day - any projects planned?


    Me: I'll take my boys out on the forest trails, we'll pick up garbage along the road and trails. I don't expect to find much, people are pretty good about this in my area, but on my runs, I've seen the occasional beer bottle or can, and I'll remove them.


    Have a great start into this new week, trailers!

    Run for fun.


      Morning all!  SRD for me and hope to get in some yoga later today.


      FTYC-- doesn't the 'self-concocted' part of the plan automatically mean you get to adjust the plan to your whims?  Smile


      qotd:  I work for an environmental nonprofit, so most days are earth day, I guess.  so no special plans.  Maybe I'll plant my beets and some radish.

      running under the BigSky

        Morning everyone


        Had a great run in the snow yesterday- snow depth was only 2-3 inches and just perfect for running (like running on cushioning!), the snow was coming down lightly and it was very hushed- magical!.  I'm hoping to head to the same area this afternoon for 6 miles


        qotd: didn't realize it was Earth Day- whoops!  I always pick up what I find along route, but like you it's not much.

          Slept in this morning so plan on 2 hours on the horseshoe trail after work, should be 55* and sunny!


          Couch, that's a great way to help out and teach your sons!


          QOTD Not doing anything special, but my son and I take care of a section of the local rail trail so guess that counts.


            Good morning!


            I will head out for 4-6 without The Pointer because I want to run during the warm of the day and I don't take her out  if I think there will be other people.  But she will get her run in when I go over to my parents to do lawn and garden work. Is  want to be outside as much as possible while it is nice since it is supposed to snow again at the end of the week.Undecided


            qotd:  I really did not have anything planned...but you've inspired me to pick up any trash I see today when I'm out.


            Everyone have a great day!

            Le professeur de trail

              Morning all! Moneding is right.  My legs are a bit sore.  Feet are really sore.  If it weren't for my stupid feet, I would have been out running this morning.  Working on a RR from Saturday.


              Couch - self concocted plan huh? Sounds interesting.  Would you ever consider sharing it? or general plan?

              mtwrden - one of these days you won't be running in the snow...maybe?



              QOTD: Ummm...I need to cut the grass at my home...does that count? Honestly I have no plans for earth day.  I do like to think I do some good things for the earth all year so I am not broken up over not doing anything extra special today.


              Have a great day!

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                Morning all!


                I'm thinking a nice easy 5-6 around the neighborhood today.  I bruised the heck out of my foot on my Sunday trail run...not a lot of pain, but a good amount of bruising and a little swelling.  This is making me think that easy road miles are the way to go as I rest up for Iron Masters this weekend.


                QOTD: I planted a pine sapling for earth day about 20 years ago when I was in elementary school.  That tree is now about 2' tall Undecided...the spot I picked is a little too shady for the tree, but it is hanging in there.  No big Earth Day plans...but I am a supporter of the Earth so I guess I'll figure out something.  Thanks for the reminder!

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                  Hi all,


                  This morning I spent time scouring my apartment for 1) my Garmin charger and 2) my passport. I found the Garmin charger, thank god, because I have a race on Saturday and like knowing my pace and distance. I tend to go out way too fast without knowing my pace. Unfortunately I didn't find my passport and it looks like I'm gonna have to pay about $200 to get a new one with all fees. Lesson learned...


                  Today is a SRD, maybe some yoga in store for later.


                  Happy trails!


                  QOTD: I might take my dog out for a lunchtime trail walk. We have a really nice, short trail near my house and he loves being off leash. Other than that, no specific earth day plans.

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                    Morning folks decided to take it easy this weekend and easier then I had planned but here is the break down from the past couple of days.


                    Fri: 3 road

                    Sat: 5.5 trails with my son riding along with me

                    Sun: 4.5 trails with my son riding along with me

                    Mon: 4.5 bright and early road miles.


                    Hope everyone is well and I look forward to reading RR's soon.


                    QOTD: No projects, it 's earth day every day as I work for a conservation organization.

                    Ultra Cowboy

                      If I can clear out this chest congestion I'm going to do an easy 5 tonight.


                      QOTD :





                      Just here for the food

                        Mending is the word of the day. I finished my first 100 on Saturday at the Indiana Trail 100. Took the day off today and I'm trying to re-learn walking. I don't ever remember being this sore in my life. I don't even want to look at a pair of running shoes for 2 weeks.


                        I'll try to get a race report up later, but for now- more sleep!


                          There wasn't a single cloud in the sky yesterday and I just couldn't bring myself to run on the tree covered trails so I took to wandering around neighborhoods. Today the sun refuses to pop out so the trails it is!


                          QOTD: ...I have a truck full of recycling I need to take care of. But other than that I have no Earth Day planes. I regularly pick up any trash I see on the trails because it really frustrates me to see it there.


                            Either SRD or a short run exploring some new trails to me. They are by our new place, and although supposedly for horses only, the horse folk around run and walk on them as well. This might make it possible to run trails to my favorite trail network and skip the road entirely ... Smile

                            Brian Runner

                              Only a mile run yesterday and a half hour on the indoor bike following Saturday's run at Hyner. Probably just a hike/walk today, or maybe some time on the bike. Still feeling pretty beat up... but all this sunshine is too good to pass up.


                                SRD for me today.


                                FTYC: It's always good to start off a new training plan with a rest day...  LOL.


                                qotd: nothing planned today, but any day I tend to pick up trash along the trail if I see any.

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