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here come's the sundaily? (Read 35 times)

    Morning folks! The predicted "less than 1 inch" snow accumulation turned into 6+ last night.

    The sun is supposed to peak out later today. We'll see.

    I want to be a TV weatherman, getting paid for being wrong sounds fun.


    SRD for me, other than shoveling snow.


    QOTD: I got nothing


      12.2 in 2h28m on the trails this morning. 34.7 for the weekend. May try for an easy recovery run this afternoon. We'll see.

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        morning everyone  Smile


        we got ~ 2" of snow last night, looks like some light snow for today- I'll be headed out for the hills in a little bit for a 11 mile loop


        qotd: do you keep track of mileage on your shoes?  if so, is there a certain mileage you retire them?


        I use the training log here (and previously at RW) and keep track of mileage, I usually retire mine from running at ~ 500 miles- something I read some time ago about shoes breaking down internally?????


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          Good Morning,


          A wonderful day again in Central PA, sunny, and cold, but warming up. I might hold off my rest day until tomorrow (rain in the forecast), and run a few fun miles on trails today, around 10 miles.


          Birdwell: Have fun shoveling...


          ASU: Nice morning run, great weekend. Enjoy some rest!


          warden: Have a great run on your loop!


          QOTD: No, I only have an idea when I started with the shoes (month). I use them until they feel squishy, fall apart, or start hurting my feet, then I know it's time to retire them. I usually get around 1000 miles out of my shoes.


          Have a fun day, everyone!

          Run for fun.


            7 miles on the crunchy trail.  Took a good fall from a root I overlooked.  Didn't fall into the stream, so not bad considering.

            have a good day, trailers!


            qotd-  not in my log, but do retire them by estimates and wear

              Marley and I had another nice 5 mile trail run.  It was 25 F, clear, and calm when we set out on some tougher than usual single track trail.  We got a good look at some young eagles, probably the ones that hatched out last year in the nest we watch.


              QOTD: Yes I do keep track, but don't always retire them at a particular mileage.  Most are retired before 500 miles though, but usually have some wear left in them as general wear shoes.  I base when I retire them on the mileage, how they feel, whether they have obvious damage like tears in the fabric, and how badly I need some kick around shoes.  Most of the time, how they feel is the deciding factor.


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                6 snowy miles and a great workout at the gym. Vegetarian chili in the's going to be a great day.


                QOTD: No, I rotate through too many pairs to try to keep track. I wear them until the begin to break down.


                  Did an easy 6 this morning.  I was really muggy and warm, about 70*.  Uuuuugh.  We're supposed to get up to about 75 and have thunderstorms, I guess this morning was just a muggy prelim.


                  I'm still taking it slow and just trying to maintain some sort of conditioning.


                  qotd: I don't keep track of shoe miles, just get new ones when they "feel done", but I also rotate a few pairs.

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                    DW and I did an easy 8 on the AT today.  Got chased by two stray dogs.  When we stopped, they wouldn't come to us, and neither had a collar.  They were in a section that's not too far from some cabins, so hope they make it home.  I contacted the Park Ranger just in case someone is looking for them.


                    QOTD: I write the first run date on my shoes in pen.  I always have several pairs in rotation and having the date on them helps keep the "sole mates" together.  When I feel they are losing support or cushioning, I'll take them out of rotation by crossing out the date.  I probably get close to 500 miles on them.


                      7.2 mi on the trails this morning following yesterday's snowstorm in CT.  I have concluded that running in deep snow is really, really difficult.  Very.  This route normally takes me about 70 minutes and took me 2 hours today.  On the plus side, I made the first (human) tracks on much of it and it was beautiful and peaceful.


                      QOTD:  I don't keep track - I occasionally start when I get new shoes but end up losing track.

                      running under the BigSky

                         I have concluded that running in deep snow is really, really difficult.  Very.  This route normally takes me about 70 minutes and took me 2 hours today.  


                        you won't get a lick of argument from me Big grin

                          Ran 4 died sometime after 9.3...I"m calling it 17..   There's a piece of property I always run and today the owner put up quite an angry sign basicially telling us to GTFO!  The sign also said you need permission to run there.  So I ran into him (he rides a KTM) asked if he was the owner and recieved my persmission.  He said the sign was to target a few that abuse.  So that is cool.


                          Speaking of watch.  A Garmin that only last about 5 hours now, would you replace the watch or just the batttery?  Does anyone have comments on the 110 garmin?


                          QOTD:  Use to track shoes through RW but I  just don't care anymore.

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                             I have concluded that running in deep snow is really, really difficult.  Very.  This route normally takes me about 70 minutes and took me 2 hours today.  On the plus side, I made the first (human) tracks on much of it and it was beautiful and peaceful.




                              8 miles today, utterly killed me the last few miles. I think that's because (a) I had breakfast, but didn't get out to run until almost lunchtime, so should have eaten more before I went, and (b) ran an utterly bewildering 5K yesterday (see "Garmin died before race started" down in General Running) that may have taken more out of me than I thought.


                              But I finished the 8 miles, and burned enough calories to declare a Pizza Night.


                              QOTD: Yes, I keep track, right here on my RA training log. But like TT, I don't retire at a set mileage. I leave that to the shoes, and replace when I start having trouble. Okay, quicker than that if I don't like them. And I might hold onto shoes I love for a tad too long. But it can be anywhere between 200 and 500+ before shoes get replaced.

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                                22.6 today consisting of 3 laps.  7.8, 7.8, and 7.0  . 2600 feet of elevation gain roughly  The route was billed as 9 miles so I had to add more mileage at the end.


                                Beautiful 27 degrees this morning, warmed up to 32 at 6:15am , and was 42 when I finished at 11:10.  The high was supposed to be 60 degrees.  (I'm sure it was warmer in the sun).


                                Spent a lot of time watching my surroundings since we have had a missing Hiker since last Saturday.  Didn't see any Buzzards circling so I don't think he is in the park.


                                Don't track mileage.  I just know when they are DONE.