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Le professeur de trail

    Afternoon all.  I got out early today before DW went off to work and got in a nice 16 miler.  I ran a local urban trail (mostly pavement and gravel).  I parked at 5:30 and saw no one.  I wonder why? I was coming towards the end and realized I had run right into a 5k in progress.  The end of the race (and my run) follows a steel bridge.  It was funny as people were cheering me on (despite not having a bib, having my nathan pack on, and having gaiters on).  For a second I thought about going through the chute with my hands up.  But I veered off to the right and ran down to my car.  I don't missed the 5k days at all.  I have had fleeting thoughts about doing one but seeing it from within (yet without) I don't miss it.


    Gatsbybird - you need to post a RR - pictures all always good or at the very least a nice description of the sights.


    Have a great weekend! I am off for a week at the beach.

    The incarnation of peacefulness and patience




      A real trail run for me this morning!  8.2 miles in the hills...1640 elevation gain.  I thought I'd die on the way up, and then on the way down thought I'd surely die (why did I think downhill would be easier?)  I feel fine now, but I know my calves & quads will be feeling it tomorrow so I think I'll just go ahead and schedule a rest day!


      QOTD: Like Fraggle, I run with a couple of running groups when it works with my schedule, but I'm not officially a "club" member.

      PRs:  5k, 10/3/2015,  26:56;  10k, 11/26/15, 57:04; 10-Mile, 10/25/15, 1:34:50; HM, 6/04/16, 2:08:30


        Well, work killed my cycling race (1 of only 2 planned for the year, and we were going to stay for Father's Day), so that is a bummer. I did ride for 30 minutes this morning before a call and got a short climb in.


        Hoping now to run in the early evening ...


        Nope, barely run with other people, but the folks on the Ninja Run and at SF Running Company have certainly made me a better runner when I can run with them


          Got in a slow 6 during the heat of the day.


          QOTD: No but wouldn't mind finding a training partner or two.


          Endless trails

            Late afternoon entry for me. Jamie, we must be on the same training plan, I

            did 16 this morning too. Nice 5k time, jamezilla.


            QOTD: I'm part of the Trail Animals Running Club, TARC.


            Faster Than Your Couch!

              Good Evening,


              7.5 miles in the early morning before work. I just love running into the sunrise!


              DS is fine again, all himself - he was so off that he was hardly recognizable, but fortunately, we got him back!


              Just figured out that I'm scheduled to work next Sunday when I wanted to run the HM, the last of the Tussey Teasers. Bummer. So again I won't be able to complete all of the Teasers in a year - and I was so sure I'd win the Grand Prize for that!


              QOTD: I'm a member of the local running club. At first, I signed up only to receive the reduced race entry fee, but became a more active member over time. The meetings are fun, and I enjoy the group runs and races, including volunteering and kids' races for my little one.

              Run for fun.


                14 on the trails...including about 5 with my dad, which was great!

                Nice warm summer day!