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Finally Fridaily!!! (Read 39 times)

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    Good morning Trailers!


    I went for an easy 6 miler and then a great core workout at the gym. I miss the gym while I'm traveling. It's good to be home!


    I was pretty pumped to receive a performance bonus from Hammer Nutrition yesterday! I didn't even know that was a possibility because it's not mentioned in my contract. That gives me a bit more motivation for the future!


    QOTD: How do you feel about the use of trekking poles in trail races?


    With the exception of races that require a lot of hiking (Hardrock) I think they should be banned. I've been speared 3 times in the last year, it's just a matter of time before somebody pokes my eye out. They also provide a mechanical advantage. I've noticed that some RD's are starting to ban them. I'm curious to see how all that plays out.


      Morning all!


      12 mile bike ride into work and lunch time run planned.


      Lace: Good to see you got away from Cheese Curds for the weekend.


      QOTD: They seem futile to me but I am indifferent to their use.


      Have a good day all.

      Le professeur de trail

        I got in an easy 5 this morning.  It was nice out.  I enjoy the cooler temps.


        lace - bonus? awesome!!! And I think your buddy Leon used poles during Hyner.

        dpc - have a good ride


        QOTD: I have used on training runs but never during a race.  I considered for Hyner but in the end I did not.  I wonder how much they might actually help.  Maybe too much of a distraction? But I have no issues with others using them if they use them right.  It might be an issue if everyone used them.  Most prefer not to.  I do think it depends on the race.  Hardrock - yes.  But I don't know enough about other races.


        Have a great weekend!

        The incarnation of peacefulness and patience



          TGIF. Nothing flashy today. Some light foam rolling and SRD.


          lace: what does your 'core work' at the gym entail? Give us your trade secrets!


          dpc: enjoy the lunch run


          jame: good run and yes the temps around this part were nice this morning after the storm yesterday


          qotd: I have not used them or ever considered them. I think they should be banned for trail races just like those cheating belly putters in golf!!!!

            Morning all. I'm going to run (literally) to the Apple store at lunch to get my iphone screen fixed. It got smashed on the road when I fell on my run last weekend in Cape May. That'll teach me to run on the trails more often Wink   Later today, I'm heading up to NY and camping at Harriman state park for a folk festival across the Hudson river. It will be nice to be where I grew up, I never appreciated the beauty of the Hudson Valley until I moved away to Philadelphia.  I am hoping that I'll get up early enough tomorrow to get a quick trail run on the Appalachian Trail before heading to the festival.



            QOTD: Have never used or considered using poles, not too much technical stuff going on around here. I have seen a lot of hikers use them during my AT ventures, but I don't have an opinion on them.

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            Occasional Runner


               lace: what does your 'core work' at the gym entail? Give us your trade secrets!



              No secrets. I try to work on my abs, back, chest and shoulders at least 3 times a week. I think it's essential for maintaining form during really long races. When your form breaks down, your pace slows and you run a risk of injury and prolonged recovery. A strong core also provides stability on the trail.


              I won't use free weights because they have a higher risk of injury. I stick with weight machines.

                I had a great, but wet 8 mile trail run. Marley's soleus muscles have been bothering her so she is on vet ordered rest for a week and is taking an anti inflammatory. It felt funny to run without her. On the plus side I was able to run much closer to wildlife without her there


                QOTD:  I'd favor banning them.


                Tallahassee, Florida


                  Good morning everyone!  It's a big, puffy cloud day here in Missoula.  I'll be out of work a bit early today to go to an appointment with my partner for our son who will be born this October!  Afterward, the day calls for 6-8 miles in the hills with the dog.  This weekend, I'll have to train on the road.  Blah.


                  QOTD:  I think they're fine if they help older or injured folks stay active.  I"m not really a competitive runner, so if they somehow give another racer an advantage over me, that's fine with me.  But I've really only ever seen older folks, or injured people use them on hikes.


                  TrailTromper: I know what you mean about feeling funny running without your dog.  I did a trail race last weekend on a course that I'd been training with our dog on.  The terrain felt more difficult, and the miles longer without her humor and energy bounding along at my side.  I hope your pooch feels better soon.


                  Happy Friday!

                    12 road miles last night, softball games tonight. Long trail run planned for tomorrow 18-20.


                    Lace- congrats on the bonus, you earned it.


                    QOTD: No opinion on the poles.


                      Hi all!

                      Short run and strength training planned for tonight.  between now and then, I'm responsible for a gaggle (that's math for 10) boys between the ages of 10 and 13 to celebrate the end of the school year.  can't wait-- it'll be fun!  really.


                      sugnim-- congrats to you and your partner!  I'm sure October can't come soon enough.  Boys are fun.  really.


                      good luck to all the racers out there!


                      QOTD:  no opinion.


                        Morning all!


                        SRD for the dog and I today


                        Got in 8 miles down to the river and back last night. It was pretty enjoyable( for a road run....) until the wind kicked up and created a nice dust storm to run through. Dog got to cool off in the river so he was happy.


                        Lace - Congrats on the bonus!


                        TT - Hope Marley heals quickly. Definitely weird to run without the dog, although kind of nice once in a while.


                        sugnim - Congrats!


                        QOTD: Not sure. I've never had any problems in races, but could see it being an issue. I just started using them last year for backpacking. I was amazed how much they helped when carrying a heavy pack uphill or over rough terrain. I haven't tried them running yet, but have been considering if I should use them for Speedgoat. I'm guessing there will be a decent amount of hiking involved there. Not sure I want to carry them the whole way though.

                        Wandering Wally

                          Resting today.  8.8 miles yesterday on the trails.  Have 18 miles planned for tomorrow.


                          QOTD - I'm indifferent.  I don't think I would ever choose to use them.

                          Run!  Just Run!


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                            SRD today.  Hoping for run with oldest DD tomorrow.  She's back home for a visit.


                            QOTD:  I've used them a bit to see what the deal was, and I used them in 1 race.  I did notice a bit of help late in the race on some very steep climbs, but not a fan at all.  The race I used them was a small event, and I picked them up at the 1/2 way point and no one was anywhere near me.  I've seen people using them at some Pretzel City events (short races), and was hit in the shoulder bu one on a climb.   I'd have to say they should not be allowed, more for safety reasons.


                              A lot of stuff done already and now to mow and then squeeze in some more mtn. biking. The troubled youth graduates tonight and then we head to Moab. I'm ready.


                              QOTD--I love trekker poles for backpacking and have used them for years. An incredible advantage when toting a pack long distances over hilly and rough terrain. I would think it does offer a mechanical type advantage in long ultras. I have had to call out to people ahead of me regarding the dangerous way they are handling the poles. Ban them in races.


                              BTW--cheese curds are good!


                              Tmotmo-- yes, ban those putters too.


                              Endless trails

                                I was up at 4:30 this morning, decided to bag out on my run due to weather. By 9:00

                                I noticed my attitude slowly slipping, so after my DW asking me twice if I was going

                                running I got my ass out there. Did 5 trail miles and felt mucho better.


                                QOTD: I don't have any experience in dealing with poles in races, but if I were an RD

                                I would lean toward banning them. More so for the safety of other runners than the

                                mechanical advantage.