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Slacker sundailies (Read 33 times)

    Morning folks!

    SRD for me. I did something to my foot yesterday so I may take a few days off. Hoping its nothing major.


    QOTD: what's sleeping in for you?

    for me anything past 6:30 a.m. Is sleeping in. My wife says I don't know how to enjoy my weekends.


      Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


      18.4 miles, ~2700ft of elev gain for me and the dog yesterday along the foothills trails. Decided to stay low to avoid most of the fresh snow that fell last week. Felt pretty good, but found out Perpetuem solids are not for me! Nasty chalky paste! I've been experimenting with fueling strategies lately, so far efs liquid shots are winning.

      10 planned for today, but not looking forward to it with the wind howling outside.


      Birdwell: hope that foot doesn't give you too much trouble!


      Qotd: anything past 6:30-7 is pretty rare for me


        10 on slushy trails this a.m. - slippery but warm-ish.


        QOTD: anything past 7:00 I would call sleeping in.


          Happy Sunday.   DW and i got in 10 miles on some hilly trails.  I feel about 80% recovered from whatever bug I had.  Still felt like I had a monkey on my back during our second long climb.  40 degrees and windy here today.


          Top of first climb.


          Creek crossing at bottom of second climb.



          QOTD:  Late for me is 8:30 or so.  I normally get up at 7:30 and can be at the office by 8:15 (4 miles away).


          Just here for the food

            9 miles today with 1100' of elevation gain. Recovery pace of 15:00 after yesterday's long run.


            It was soooo nice to see the sunshine, finally.


            QOTD: if I can make it to 8:30 I'm a happy man. 6:30-7:00 is the norm. The 2 year-old is a morning person Sad.


            Endless trails

              3 mile trail-clearing hike followed by 5 mile trail run, in rain and snow covered trails. Nice

              and warm, though, almost 40.


              QOTD: Anyhing past 6:30 is sleeping in, usually I'm up by 5:30-6:00.


              Endless trails

                3 mile trail-clearing hike followed by 5 mile trail run, in rain and snow covered trails. Nice

                and warm, though, almost 40. Had a nice 13 miler on same trails yesterday.


                QOTD: Anyhing past 6:30 is sleeping in, usually I'm up by 5:30-6:00.

                Ultra Cowboy

                  Did my peak long run for my training cycle preparing for my 50K.  24 miles with 2560 in Elevation Gain.  I'll run another 8 tomorrow, and do my normal weekly runs, then Taper on Sunday and the week following.   It is kinda rewarding hearing the comments from the training group when I double loop and add miles after the run.  They are training for the HM in my sig.   I should be WELL prepared for that..



                  Sleeping in is past 7:30am.  That is usually the time I have to leave for work.  I seldom see the value in sleeping long except in the case of illness.   Believe me though I am far from a morning person.  My earliest mornings are usually Sundays to be at the trailhead by 6;00 i need to roll outta  bed by 4:30 am and be on the road by 5:15 am.  yeah it takes me that long to get alert..


                  Come to think of it, I'd be glad to wake up early so long as I can have a nap at midday..



                  Occasional Runner

                    Just got back from Zion. I logged 10 miles this morning before leaving town. I ran with the RD for the Zion 100 and we covered a flat and fast section of the course. Good times.


                    QOTD: I never sleep past 5:00 AM. Ever.

                    running under the BigSky

                      got a good strength training session in this afternoon, my 8.5 mile run yesterday morphed into 13.5- lots of snow still up high Big grin


                      qotd: 6:30-7:00, I can't remember the last time I've slept past 7

                        The pooch and I did a nice muddy 5 mile this morning.


                        QOTD: Anything past 6:30 is sleeping in.


                        Tallahassee, Florida


                        Faster Than Your Couch!

                          6 miles, then a bear hit me, and I decided it's time to call it a day. I haven't taken my ?bacillus etc. supplements for a while, and I realize that I can't run without them, bears everywhere! Courtesy of my gallbladder surgery! Sad


                          I am also fighting an arthritis flare-up, which makes the running painful on my knees and ankles, and a very, very sore throat. While I know the sore throat will be over soon, I am a bit worried about the arthritis, those bouts can take months to eventually heal off. I hope it won't interfere with my 50k in April, and with the training for maybe a 100-miler.


                          QOTD: I'd say anything after 7:00 is sleeping in. I am usually up by 6 a.m..

                          Run for fun.

                          Uh oh... now what?

                            To the end of the road and back.  I sort of think the free fitness club thingie (old age has an occasional benefit) might be of some use.  I have figured out how to do things (three weight machines) just for the right leg.  I will try to develop an ab too, just one.  I've never had an ab before.


                            QOTD:  5:15ish, put the coffee pot on, turn on the heaters, get back in bed, put cold cold feet against someone's back, try to sleep through the screaming; 6:15ish, get up -- first nap is about 11:30... naps iz gud