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Endless trails

    Hi everyone,


    Well, I toed the line to my first 50k this morning. My training had been sub-par so I wasn't

    even going to race, but then decided I could at least do 4 loops (26 miles), and call it a

    good training run. It went well, it was a relatively flat course, no major climbs. I felt like

    I was getting more comfortable with the distance, that was the benefit of today's run.


    QOTD: Coffee.


      Low_O2 its all clear and thinking a Crest Trail traverse should be in the near future, what do you think?

      Brian Runner

        No run this morning. I did help cut some new trail though, a steep 1,000ft climb up the powerline at a local park. So that was my 4 hours of cross training.


        2/3rds training

          Went out for my first group trail run with the Northern Arizona trail runners association (just NATRA for short).  we ran a ~7 mile loop outside sedona in this beautiful redrock valley just below devil's bridge (pictured below with yours truly).  Cool, small group of folks, one of whom was at the zion 100 last week.