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It is Monday!!! (Read 37 times)


    Woo-hoo!  8 miles this afternoon and no belly problems!  I'm so excited!  I'm feeling like myself again.  This past month has been awful, but I'm feeling better & spring is on its way.


    QOTD:  I've always tried to learn a bit about the animals & plants that I live among.  I think I learn more about them while hiking than while running, but I do appreciate them when I see them.

    Ultra Cowboy

      With the day off, I'd hoped to get some miles on my horse as well as my own feet.  When my daughter was invited to two birthday events Sunday and Monday she was out as my exercise rider.  My second choice Jockey had to work.  So I ran solo for the second time on a newish trail.  I expected an 8-8.5 mile course but it turned out to be 9.8.  Still was a good followup to Sundays hilly hikefest.. Only 1000 feet of elevation gain.


      QOTD:  I knew most of my "woodscraft" prior to running as did many of the folks who answered before me. I enjoy dropping knowledge bombs on the less initiated inthe ways of the wild.  You can have loads of fun with Raisinettes on the trail..